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North America » United States » California » Oakland June 25th 2022

Here are some facts: The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened 2.45 million air passengers on Friday, the highest daily number since February 2020. The number was however below the 2.73 million screened on the same day in 2019. The high traffic was despite weather and staffing issues resulting in travel disruptions. On Friday, U.S. airlines canceled 711 flights and delayed more than 6,000, according to FlightAware U.S. travelers are already facing a difficult summer as airlines expect record demand and as they rebuild staff levels after thousands of workers left the industry during the pandemic. We have all had flights cancelled, delayed or both. My long-haul trips usually are cancelled or changed with advanced warning. Local trips are often changed ... read more
Southworst has issues!
Go with the Candy man!!!

North America » United States » California » Oakland July 15th 2020

It was the strangest trip I have ever taken. Coronavirus was and still is a dangerous threat in the country. My girlfriend Chloe and I constantly looked at the news to see if we would be allowed into California and let back into North Carolina. We had to check different locations to see what was open to explore and eat. We had direct flights that was switched last minute to one stop. We were originally scheduled to fly into Houston then San Francisco however we changed it due to Coronavirus explosion in Houston compared to Dulles (Washington DC). We got to the airport and was told by United that middle seats was starting to get booked and people would sit near each other. This concerned Chloe and I very much, however a lot of people thankfully ... read more

North America » United States » California » Oakland June 23rd 2020

This is a great story, please read! Other bicycle facts: If you've ever ridden a url= bike, you know that it can be tricky to get one moving. So just imagine how hard it must have been to ride a bike that stretched for 135 feet and 10.7 inches, making it the longest bicycle in the world. Crafted by Santos and the University of South Australia in 2015, a group of cyclists did manage to ride the bike—which was much wider than normal in order to com... read more
Funny helmet
Let's ride!

North America » United States » California » Oakland July 31st 2018

Another crazy day... but the travel went a lot better this time at least. I was so tired from the ordeal getting out of LAX to my hostel yesterday that I fell asleep around 8:30pm. That worked in my favour for my early bus out to San Fran lol. So I head off to North Hollywood to catch... sigh... a Greyhound. I know last time I was like NEVER AGAIN, but I guess the caveat is if a bus starts at the given location (like the route started in LA, not some weird line that went like Miami-LA-Seattle or whatever), then I'm ok to take it. The bus ride itself was totally fine and surprisingly uneventful. We drove through a huge chunk of the state that was crazy hazy with the various fires burning - that ... read more
Batting practice
... ok
Estrada warming up

North America » United States » California » Oakland June 29th 2017

Today we drove 730 miles. We left Salt Lake City at 4:00am and arrived in Oakland at 4:00pm. I took a photo of the Bonneville Salt Flats. It doesn't look great because the sun wasn't out yet. But I love the way the salt looks like snow. At around 11:30am we arrived in Tahoe City. We stopped at Commons Beach and took a walk along the shore of Lake Tahoe. It is really beautiful! We got to Oakland, checked into our AirBNB rental and then went to explore. We bought some groceries at Trader Joe's and ate some great pizza from Arizmendi Bakery in Oakland's Lower Hills neighborhood. It was delicious! Tomorrow morning, we take a tour of UC Berkeley and then we'll head out to do some sightseeing in San Francisco!... read more
Nevada mountain range w/snow!
Commons Beach on Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City
Lake Tahoe

North America » United States » California » Oakland June 6th 2016

Geo: 37.805, -122.273Today is the day we fly to Copenhagen, Denmark to begin our six week vacation through the Baltic area of Europe followed by a Transatlantic cruise back to Boston. Well, problems have already started. At 10am we get news from Norwegian Air that our 5:30pm flight has been changed to 7:20pm. I call the airline and ask if that will affect our connecting flight from Stockholm to Copenhagen. I already know the answer. This is a test. The agent says "Your connecting flight is not affected." I know it's not affected. I'm affected! That flight now leaves 10 minutes before we even get to Stockholm so I can guarantee that we won't be on it.Now he gets it and verifies that we're on the next flight leaving 5:15pm, putting us in Copenhagen three hours ... read more
Killing Time at an Airport Chili's. We've Got Cash
Oakland International Airport
Here's Where Our Problems Start.  Ends Up 9pm

North America » United States » California » Oakland January 17th 2015

Saturday, 17th January 2015 I had still a couple of hours left in Hawaii before my afternoon flight back to mainland USA. The last couple of moments was spent by the beach again, catching the final glimpse of Waikiki before embarking on my journey back to San Francisco. It was nearly 9pm in the evening when my flight landed at Oakland International Airport. From the airport, the BART brought me straight to downtown Berkeley where I met R at Paris Baguette for our bus journey home. I was happy to be back to a familiar environment again. Happy that I was exactly half-way through my USA trip as I welcomed my new travel adventures in the coming days.... read more
Last glimpse of Waikiki
Souvenirs from Hawaii
Inflight meals

North America » United States » California » Oakland December 29th 2014

We have made our flight in the morning and arrived at our motel where we will be catching up with our tour. We will miss the drive over of the Golden Gate Bridge but luckily we are back here later to have a look at it. We now have a 2 hour wait which is nice for a change. Will upload some iPhone photos. ... read more

North America » United States » California » Oakland December 3rd 2014

Our last full day in San Francisco and with the wet weather (continuing) and traffic, we decided to relocate tonight to make it easy to get to the train station on time... So we booked into the Inn @ Jack London Square. Let me tell you, it's a lovely location. Nice room, well appointed and comfortable. But let me begin the day again. So with all the best of intentions, we woke at 6am, then rolled back over and snoozed, before we finally got up and about at 9am... Of course with teenaged daughters it took a while, but we got to breakfast before it was done :) Then we headed back into San Francisco's city centre. Of course it's stills raining (I think that's just our luck in SF!) So we hurried around and found ... read more

North America » United States » California » Oakland September 30th 2013

Vandaag ben ik naar de East Bay geweest. Dit is een verzamelterm voor het gehele gebied ten oosten van de San Francisco Bay, een gebied zo groot als de provincie Utrecht met tientallen steden en 2,5 miljoen inwoners. Uiteraard kan ik dit in één dag niet verkennen op de manier waarop in San Francisco in 10 dagen heb verkent, maar ik heb wel 3 belangrijke plaatsen aangedaan. Ik begon de dag in Oakland, met een bescheiden 400,000 inwoners de derde grootste stad in de Bay Area en nummer 47 in de VS, maar het is wel één van de belangrijkste havensteden van het land. Dat blijkt ook wel uit het feit dat er teams uit Oakland meedoen in alledrie de grote nationale sporten in de VS: baseball, basketbal en American football. Dat kunnen een hoop grotere ... read more
USS Hornet Museum
Uitzicht over het flight deck
Parkeren alleen voor Nobelprijswinnaars

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