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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Venice Beach September 30th 2019

Day 23: Farewell LA hello Hawaii On our last morning in LA I headed out early for breakfast at one of Delia’s suggestions The Butcher Daughter and was not disappointed. It was probably my favourite cafe so far with its scrumptious vegan food and seriously nice decor and vibe. It was on Abbot Kinney Blvd and there was a fabulous market being set up. Knowing how much my family like all things vegetables 😆I told them to come and meet me. That gave me the chance to try a juice sampler much to the amusement of everyone. It was hard to choose only 4 juices from the incredible selection!! We then had a wander along the market before heading back to the bungalow to pack. I really wasn’t ready to leave and would love more time ... read more
Cool cafe - I want this in my house!
Yummy breakfast

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Venice Beach September 25th 2019

We started the morning at 5:30 to get ready to hop on the train. The Uber picked us up at 6 and we got on the train at 6:30. The train ride was about 3 and a half hours. When we got to New York we got an Uber to the airport. At the airport we waited in a lounge and then got on the plane. When the plane landed we got an Uber to the house. When we arrived at the house in Venice Beach and we looked around and then went for a walk on the beach. The beach was really nice and had los of palm trees and lots of shops. On the beach we got ice cream, I got the chocolate ice cream with a vanilla swirl and chocolate chip cookie dough. ... read more
Venice Beach
SantaMonica sunset
Venice Beach

Die vergangenen paar Tage waren eher ruhig, ich war oft mit Leuten am Strand und in der Umgebung vom Hostel. Mittlerweile habe ich so viele Leute kennengelernt, es ist kaum zu fassen. Viele kommen in dieses Hostel, da es das günstigste in der Umgebung ist, aber das ist super, denn deshalb ist hier immer was los. Ich war fast jeden Tag mit Freunden am Strand, tagsüber einfach die Sonne genießen, Abends den wunderschönen Sonnenuntergang. Zum ersten Mal habe ich den Saint Patrick´s Day gefeiert, wenn ich auch morgens erst fragen musste, was genau man feiert. Auf jeden Fall wird hier ein riesen Hype daraus gemacht, denn alle laufen in grünen Klamotten und Hüten herum, alle Bars und Restaurants haben Specials und Happy Hours. In vielen Städten gibt es sogar große Straßenfeste, davon habe ich hier allerdings ... read more

Von meinem Hostel in Seattle bin ich mit der Straßenbahn zum Flughafen gefahren, wo ich erfahren habe, dass mein Rucksack als Handgepäck zu groß ist, deshalb musste ich in gegen einen Aufpreis als Gepäckstück aufgeben. Das war aber nicht schlimm, denn so bin ich mit kaum Handgepäck gereist. Der Flug nach San Francisco ging schnell vorbei, jedoch musste das Flugzeug nach Los Angeles 20 min auf der Startbahn warten. Das wäre kein Problem, wenn meine Knie nicht den Sitz vor mir berühren würden. Endlich in Los Angeles angekommen war ich aufgeschmissen, da ich mich nicht mit dem WiFi vom Flughafen verbinden konnte und deshalb keine Ahnung hatte, wie ich zu meinem Hostel gelange. Also habe ich am Flughafen so ziemlich jeden Menschen in einer Uniform angesprochen. war wollten mir alle helfen, doch keiner wusste wie und ... read more

L'incident de la voiture survenu à San Francisco nous a retardé dans notre programme, et avec Anna nous avons eu moins de temps pour visiter Los Angeles. Nous avions trouvé une auberge de jeunesse à Venice Beach, station balnéaire branchée de L.A. On y vient notamment se faire les muscles en plein air. Plusieurs instruments de musculation sont à disposition. On dit que c'est ici qu'Arnold Schwarzenegger s'entrainait dans les années 70 pour devenir monsieur Univers. Au bord de la plage, des bodybuildés sculptent ainsi leur corps sous le regard des passants. C'est aussi la capitale du rollers à 4 roues ! Il y a une longue piste bétonnée qui longe la plage, où se croisent les vélos, les rollers, les skates... Tout cela donne une ambiance "vintage" des années 80, proche du jeu vidéo "GTA ... read more
"Muscle Beach", c'est ici qu'Arnold Schwarzenegger s'entrainait comme un forçat !
Cette "rue" a acceuilli les tournages de "Blade Runner", "Minority Report", "Le dernier samouraï" entre autres
Le décor du journal "Daily Planet", qui a longtemps servi pour la série "Lois et Clark"

Arrived LA safely after a massive flight ex Perth. Surprisingly, not too tired! Easy entry into US. Guess they don't give a stuff what anyone brings in ( probably cos they have it all here anyways). Walk along Venice beach after a little rest in our tacky 2 star Cadillac Hotel. Saw it all along the boardwalk! Got conned by a would-be famous black singer selling CD's. Lots of homeless. Gorgeous Italian dinner. Got a hug from a dinky-di Italian Restauranteur... Pickup mustang tomorrow & head north up the pacific. Night night Xx... read more
Venice Beach Boardwalk

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Venice Beach November 29th 2014

First day: We are staying near Venice Beach so our first day was spent checking out the wild and eccentric area of Venice and the Beach. Lots of interesting things to see and people to watch. Video tells the story. ... read more

Eccentricity-Deviation from the normal, expected, or established. Venice Beach is known for its eccentric artsy types. If there was a word that makes eccentric look normal, that would sum up Venice. Summed up for Brits it is like Camden, on steroids and cocaine but with a lot more crazy mixed in. Everywhere you look you can see art, on the walls, on the floor and people selling their own works of art along Venice Boardwalk. Whilst at breakfast I saw one man practicing some form of martial art, as my week in L.A went on I realised he did this all day every day. Another man I saw was painting a picture on a canvas. Then he suddenly stopped and decided to draw on the wall, then on the floor, once he finished his canvas picture ... read more
Artwork o the side of a hotel
Baywatch beach

Saturday - our goodbyes to Blake and Suze, have had such a great week with them, sightseeing, shopping, restaurants, bars etc, lots of fun and laughs! Blake and Suze left by 7.00a.m. as they had a 11.00a.m. flight back home from John Wayne Airport, we left a little later around 8.15a.m. - John wanted to check out an RV to hire for our trip next year - so did that enroute to dropping car off at John Wayne. Our limousine driver was there to collect us and take us to our accom in Venice Beach. Everyone keeps telling me about all the weirdos that live in Venice, they are NOT wrong!!! We are literally 20-30 metres off the beach, fantastic position - coming up to the apartment block looks very, very dodgy but once inside great ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Venice Beach September 7th 2013

I had always believed Venice Beach was a place full of posers, muscle men, roller blade skaters etc and so I persuaded the other 3 that it would be a good place to spend Saturday people watching and for a spot of sunbathing. as it was only 4 miles away. We chose to eat breakfast outside on the porch this morning it was a beautiful day... quick catch up with news from home and into a cab with our beach towels ready to see what it had to offer. Each day we meet new guests at The Channel Rd Inn and have spent lots of time drinking wine chatting and getting to know some lovely people from all over America. They have all been so friendly and seem interested in our home life back in the ... read more

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