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North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook September 6th 2019

We started our day with breakfast at a local eatery called Camaleons. The food was great and the waitress was delightful!! When I travel I like to stay away from chain restaurants if possible. I always research or ask about local eateries! After breakfast it was off to the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. The Painted is so named because of the beautiful colors. It starts out with the browns, reds, and oranges then turns to the blues and grays. As you drive further southwest you run into the Petrified Forest. The petrified forest is full of archaeological digs, fossils, ancient petrified wood, petroglyphs, and Pueblo dwellings. It was beautiful!! Next stop was Four Corners. Four Corners Monument is the only place in the United States where four states intersect: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and ... read more
Terry and Ed at The Petrified Forest & Painted Desert
Petrified Forest & Painted Desert
Petrified Forest & Painted Desert

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook September 5th 2019

We left Las Vegas and the heat and headed back across the desolate desert toward the Grand Canyon. This was exciting for us because we had just been to the North Rim and we could compare it to the South Rim. My belief from previous visits to the South Rim was that the North Rim had more vibrant colors. We shall see. Our first stop was for gas, drinks, and a potty break. Gas was anywhere from $3.59 to $2.59 per gallon. The tire light came on in the Expedition so we went to a tire shop to have them checked. It was interesting because the air and tire check were free. We tipped the guy but it really wasn’t necessary. Everywhere we’ve been on this trip we’ve met so many wonderful people. Terry and Ed ... read more
High-priced Gas
Usually nothing is free!
Filling up the tire

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook October 25th 2017

blog 10-25-17 The Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest National Park Some research was done last night about visiting the park and it was decided we needed to leave early to get the best sun on the Painted Desert. So we were on the road by 10 am and in the park by 10:20. We got our Passport book stamped and headed out to see the sights. After seeing the sights we have in the last few months, the Painted Desert was a little lace luster, still pretty but really small. Once you've been to the best..... There was a section that was truly beautiful that was called Blue Mesa in the Petrified Forest section. The "Badland" formations were blue, gray, purple and white. They were truly amazing and there were petrified logs mixed in of ... read more
The painted desert inn
Ginnie at the overlook

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook October 24th 2017

blog 10-24-17 Grand Canyon to Holbrook, AZ Yes, we are on the road again. It started out well then one delay after another and our start was later than we wanted. Our neighbor from Ontario came and asked me how I winterized the motorhome. After saying I'd never attempt it he said he watched a u tube video and it didn't look that hard. Well it's not but if you don't get it right the consiquences are very expensive. Ginnie talked to him about his motorhome which was the same manufacturer as her's and the conversation continued. It was nice talking to him and I think we helped him a little. As we were driving out of the driveway Ginnie spotted a dog running across the highway. In a blink she had the motorhome parked at ... read more
road through Flagstaff
the San Francisco mountains
communication hill

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook June 7th 2016

Greetings from the road! I departed Los Angeles at about 5AM after a send off from my beautiful wife, Mrs. Alien. I arrived in Holbrook Arizona some 12 hours and 562.9 miles later. Yes, my butt hurts and I'm sore in places I didn't even know I had but AI am also strangely relaxed. I have always been a person who finds calm under pressure as long as I can focus and riding a motorcycle focuses me in a way that is all consuming: Right hand is working the throttle, front brake, starter and kill switch Left hand is working the clutch, turn signals, high/low beams and driving lights Right foot is working the rear brake Left foot is working the shifter Eyes are scanning... always scanning for the next hazard to be avoided. Ears are ... read more
It's Hot!!!
I-40 Arizona desert
I-40 Arizona forest

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook April 12th 2014

Off to the petrified forest - todays blog post is written by steph Today is a busy day, we plan to see the petrified forest and painted desert and have a little hike through them. But before we do that we have a 5hr car journey to get through. An early start was needed so alarms were set for 0630hrs. Those that know me know I'm far from being a morning person, so this was a bit of a struggle. As soon as bags were packed I was led straight to the coffee in the breakfast room and have now managed to wake up fully. We've been told to make sure the car is topped up with "gas" as there will not be much opportunity on the route today driving through desert land, so hoping to ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook October 2nd 2013

On the road relatively early heading for Flagstaff, where we divert to our next stopover in Holbrook. The drive was a really nice one, through an area of Ponderosa Pines and with our highest elevation reaching 8067 feet! Once in Flagstaff we caught our first glimpse of the signs marking the historic Route 66, very exciting indeed. Lunch at Taco Bell (check another item off Oliver's "to do" list!), a quick spot of shopping (how will I ever survive without Michaels on our return to Oz??!!) and back on the road. We arrived in Holbrook late afternoon and checked into Wigwam #2 (we are staying at the famous Wigwam Motel for two nights). Complete with old classic cars sitting in front of each of the wigwams, it's such a novelty place to stay and we love ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook June 7th 2013

Départ à 8h10 (28 788 miles au compteur) d'Albuquerque pour Holbrook avec quelques arrêts prévus. Le premier à Acoma un village indien. Arrivés sur place, pour monter au village (appelé Sky City), il faut prendre une navette, 23$ par personne, et qui part dans 2 heures. Interdit d'y aller avec notre voiture. Rien que pour faire une photo du centre culturel il faut payer 13$. L'usine à touristes. Du coup on laisse tomber et on prend la route pour Gallup. Sur la route d'immenses panneaux "Village Indien". En fait, des boutiques de souvenirs, dont certains ont encore l'étiquette "Made in China". On continue jusqu'à Gallup qui se trouve plus sympa que prévu. On en profite pour y prendre notre repas de midi, César salade avec poulet. Il faut dire qu'il fait déjà chaud. Nous reprenons la ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook February 23rd 2013

THE BUCKET OF BLOOD Pleasant Valley, AZ is a beautiful corner of creation but it was settled, in part, by racist knuckleheads named Graham who simply could not keep from robbing from their neighbors and telling lies about it. The Grahams had a herd of cattle and were looking for range. The Tewksburys already had a ranch in Pleasant Valley but use more cattle. An agreement was reached between the two families in which they would share the range and the cattle. The Grahams sold all of the cattle, but kept all of the money for themselves and expected to continue using Tewksbury range. The Tewksburys responded by leasing their range to sheep men. The animosity that arose led to the bloody Graham/Tewksbury Feud. The Tewksburys were viciously set upon because they were a mixed blood ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook July 9th 2012

An earlyish start in Santa Fe included enjoying a continental breakfast (bagels and coffee) at the Silver Saddle Motel. We then took a sidetrip up to a jewelry designers studio in the hills surriunding the city. She specialised in turning tiny model people and animals into various pieces. Ellie is now the proud owner of some earings bearing swimmers being chased by a shark! In a garage on the outskirts of Santa Fe we found a "gas" station (petrol station) which amongst it's selection of groceries had hard cider (normal cider really, but americans seem to think cider is apple juice, if you want alcoholic cider you have to look for the hard stuff) as well as locally brewed Santa Fe pale ale. Then followed several hours of driving through hills, mountains and desert, through Albequerque, ... read more
Truck stop!

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