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June 7th 2016
Published: June 8th 2016
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Mrs. Alien sending me off on my journey.
Greetings from the road! I departed Los Angeles at about 5AM after a send off from my beautiful wife, Mrs. Alien. I arrived in Holbrook Arizona some 12 hours and 562.9 miles later.

Yes, my butt hurts and I'm sore in places I didn't even know I had but AI am also strangely relaxed. I have always been a person who finds calm under pressure as long as I can focus and riding a motorcycle focuses me in a way that is all consuming:

Right hand is working the throttle, front brake, starter and kill switch

Left hand is working the clutch, turn signals, high/low beams and driving lights

Right foot is working the rear brake

Left foot is working the shifter

Eyes are scanning... always scanning for the next hazard to be avoided.

Ears are listening to every sound the bike makes, alert for any sounds spelling trouble. (Also, ears are listening to some Led Zeppelin)

That's it, total focus with no room for thoughts that are not useful to the situation.

The roads in Arizona are beautiful and FAST. While cruising at about 85mph, I was surprised to be passed by a semi! That dude made me look like I was standing still.

It was hot today. Triple digit temperatures, wind and my leather jacket and helmet all conspired to make jerky out of me. All told, I drank 9 liters of water while riding and followed it with three bottles of Gatorade three iced teas and a Coke once I arrived. Did I mention that it was hot? It was hot.

I stopped for lunch at Carl's Jr. In Needles, CA. The food was fine but Needles has a weird Children of the Corn vibe that always makes me uneasy. I was only too happy to point my front wheel east and get out of that creepy little town.

I stopped often to cool off and stretch my legs. At a stop in Seligman, AZ, an old man stopped to talk to me while I was there and when he heard where I was going, he told me of his old days driving a truck. According to him, he made the trip from West Virginia to Arizona back in the 70's in 21 straight hours... fueled by amphetamines. Um...ok then..

It was a good day and now it's time for some sleep so I can get an early start in the morning. Tomorrow is New Mexico and Texas. Don't forget to click on the photo tab to see my pictures.

See you on the road.

Ride Safe,


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My favorite gas stopMy favorite gas stop
My favorite gas stop

There were 5 gas stops today but this one is my favorite. "Fueling on a corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine sight to see..."
Cooling offCooling off
Cooling off

I stopped often to cool off and stretch my legs. This stop was at an abandoned gas station in Saligman, AZ.

8th June 2016

Great Blog Scott.
Hope you get a break on the hot weather on day 2. Enjoy your ride! Talk to along the way. I enjoy that very much. Dad
8th June 2016
I-40 Arizona desert

Beautiful Alien!
Yep, with that helmet, you definitely look like an alien. I know exactly how you feel about HOT! I play softball in that weather in the Winter! It isn't fun. New Mexico will be cooler--in the 90's, as well as Texas. I don't envy you wearing your jacket. But it keeps you safe and that's all I care about. I am so happy to hear that you have left all the stress and job thoughts behind. Just let "the good times roll!"
9th June 2016

We enjoyed your blog scott. You must be tired!! Love you ox

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