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North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca August 11th 2023

So we had agreed with Gavin to meet him in reception around 8ish so we could all take a taxi to Monte Alban which is an archeological site about 30 minutes by taxi outside Oaxaca city centre where our hotel is. This was the best decision we made as when we arrived there was no one there so we literally nearly had the place to ourselves. (On the way, however, we saw a sad sight that I would rather not see again - there were a number of armed police and at the side of the road several dead dogs that had been shot. No idea why but one possibility could be related to rabies.) Monte Alban was inhabited over a period of some 1,500 years by a succession of peoples and is now part of ... read more
no one in sight
Waiting to be confirmed
Making a taco

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca August 10th 2023

We set off early to Oaxaca and it is a very long drive as we set off at 8 and were not expected to get there until around 6ish and that is if the traffic is okay. Well the traffic leaving Puebla at the beginning is a nightmare and if anyone ever tells you oh the M5 or M25 is a nightmare you tell them Paula said if you want to know what nightmare traffic is try leaving Puebla on a school day. We have a couple of toilet breaks and then a lunch break. At lunch I decide I need to try to eat something solid but nothing too spicy at the moment - this is totally unlike me going for safe options and if honest I am feeling a bit of a wimp but ... read more
Carnival in Oaxaca
How fab
Tango in the square

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca May 7th 2023

Sunday was an early trip to Monte Alban with Lescas Tours. Our lovely guide explained the history of the site and then encouraged us to explore on our own; there were no visits to shops or tastings. Recommended if you aren't prepared to visit on your own, and useful as the English language signage is minimal. Although I was concerned when the lizards we saw were described as good additions to tamales. Run, lizards, run! Either way be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen; there's very little shade once you're there. There's a cafe and gift shop on site, though, and many stray dogs that are looked after by the guides. You're encouraged to give them a little water if they're thirsty. In addition to being one of the earliest cities of Mesoamerica, founded around ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca May 6th 2023

Our trip to Mexico began in Oaxaca, the most enjoyable city I've visited in that country. We had about two and a half days, including a half day trip to Monte Alban, covered in another post. There were markets, a lovely garden, wonderful food and much mescal. There’s so much art everywhere – murals, sculptures, pottery – it’s like an open air museum in places. Stay longer than three days if you can. After checking in to our hotel we wandered down the Amador Turistico, past the Zocalo, to the markets of Benito Juarez and 20 de Noviembre for lunch and shopping. There was so much to see that it was nearly overwhelming; lots of delicious stalls and lovely souvenir shops selling prints, pottery, painted animal figurines, moles, spices, chilies, fruits such as ripe red pitaya ... read more
Mercado Benito Juarez
Mercado 20 de Noviembre

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca September 2nd 2022

Tina writes Well I am writing this blog as Rob is pretty unwell going through exactly what I went through in Puebla! Two nights in Oaxaca. Originally this should have been 3 nights which I didn't think was enough for this town. I think 4 would have been better but here we are with only 2 nights due to me being unwell and delaying us. The first thing we did after checking into the Hotel Real Alma was look for a local laundrette. I had ran out of clean pants and was quickly running out of the rest of our clean clothes. Luckily there was one less than 2 minutes walk from our hotel so that's that sorted. We then went for a walk around Centro with plans to get something to eat and a tour ... read more
Oaxaca (2)
Oaxaca (13)
Oaxaca (9)

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca August 10th 2020

Flying Into the Sun Trailer on YouTube Two surfers depart Houston for Mexico to surf and explore life in 1974. Their journey entails crossing kilos of weed across the Rio Grande, befriending indigenous Zapotecs, learning to fly, a stint in a Mexican Penitentiary, and traveling through the '70s with its music, counter culture and redneck law officers. Available at Amazon read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca December 18th 2019

Christmas 2019 was in Oaxaca Mexico.... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca September 24th 2019

Today our driver who is Elmundo and is Erik the boss's, not Erik the viking's, brother and Plina and Rupret's brother drove us to Mont Albon a historic site outside Oaxaca. On the way there was a noise from the back of the car. Elmundo assured us it was just the back wheel, which is clearly nowhere near as important as say steering failure. Monte Alban is an impressive archeological site built by the Zapotecs an others, however it fell into decay and largely disappeared around 700AD. These Zapotecs were clever little buggers. They had devised a game which was kind of like Quiddich in Harry Potter. Elmundo was also our guide and he did an excellent job, although I did notice that he left most of the stair climbing to us. Monte Alban was discovered ... read more
No altitude sickness here
Mexican botany

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca September 21st 2019

This morning we have a lovely breakfast in the hotel. I'm not really one for meeting random people that I'll never see again (Wilko is). I grudgingly spoke to Fred and Cheryl from somewhere in the US. Apparently neither of them like Mexican food but they've decided to visit Mexico to see how well the Mexicans do Italian food. Talking about food, Catherine has booked us into cooking class with Rupret's sister, Plina. We meet her on the terrace of her restaurant and then head into the food market. There is a lady out the front sitting on the ground selling herbs and vegetables. Becs trying to get a bit of colour asks Plina how far from the city she lives and how she gets in. She is quite fair way out so she catches a ... read more
Mixed Platter

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca April 19th 2019

Day 3 Today we spent the entire day near the Santo Domingo Culture Center. Once a church this area serves many purposes now. The one we enjoyed the most today was the Jardin de Ethnobotanicals. These gardens are open only three days a week and admit a limited number of visitors to protect the plants from vandals and piracy. The first area features desert plants much like we would see in far West Texas. The most interesting area was the gardens of maize that showed the evolution of maize from ancient times to present day. The diet of this area has not changed a lot. They people still are primarily vegetarians. Tropical plants including orchids were in another area. A twelve month growing season guarantees large leaves and healthy stems. We left and headed to a ... read more

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