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North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca October 29th 2012

Well we have been here a few days now and it has been fun getting reaquainted with Oaxaca. Staying in the central area right on the Zacola has its ups and downs for sure. It is great watching people from our balcony that faces right onto the square with such a fabulous Church and constant activity but with that comes the noise! If you have never been to a busy city in Mexico hang on to your ear plugs because it is noisy. Right now they are setting up a huge stage for all the many events and concerts that Day of the Dead has and if the set up is any indication of how loud it can be well it is going to be hard to get any rest in the hotel that's for sure. ... read more
View from our Balcony
This is the hotel courtyard
Very Nice Service here!

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca October 26th 2012

Well getting ready to fly to Mexico for a trip to Oaxaca. I have been to Oaxaca before but never for Day of the Dead. Really looking forward to seeing all the different Art, Parades and just overall Festivities. They really do it up there and suppose to be the busiest week of the year for Oaxaca. I will be traveling from mexico City by bus (Yikes 7 hours!) I will be traveling with Nick (for those who don't know him check Italy Blog). We are doing this on quite a budget but planning to have lots of fun. Did get a pedometer for the trip as I plan on walking a lot! It will be fun to document miles walked everyday. We will be staying at a popular older Hotel called the Hotel Monte Alban, ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca September 29th 2012

Saturday 22/09/12 – Last night was interesting. We slept in a cliff-top house that’s right next to a working lighthouse. The lighthouse was slightly down the cliff from the house which meant we were at exactly the same level as the top of the lighthouse. It was like someone was doing blockies in their car outside our bedroom window all night – the light-show would have made a good setting for a slasher movie. We had parked the bikes inside the courtyard of the hotel which meant that warming up our bikes was everyone’s wakeup-call this morning. We headed out of town and crossed the state border into Guerrero. There were many small villages along the road including one with a man who was chopping up a large and disturbingly thick snake with a machete, I ... read more
Our route through SW Mexico for this blog
Sunset over Acapulco
Cliff diver - he jumped from the top near the lights

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca July 29th 2012

Hey readers, here is our next installment: Wednesday we went back to school -- cooking school. Our great B&B hosts hooked us up with Carla, who runs private cooking lessons from her home in Oaxacca. First, she met us at our B&B to accompany us to the local market, just minutes away. Here, we picked up all the ingredients we needed for our lesson and admired the ones we didn't. Lots of fresh produce, probably sold by the people who grew it, along with all the extras you would expect at a market -- baked goods, grasshoppers, good things to eat. We then drove to her home and started the lesson. We cooked an appetizer of local cheese fried in some kind of leaf (the cheese was squeaky on our teeth when we ate it, and ... read more
Chefs in Action
Santo Domingo
Burial Jewels

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca July 28th 2012

sziasztok, jo reggelt! lassan megyek fekudni, de elotte meg irok par sort.. szoval ma azert nem volt epp zokkeno mentes a kezdes.. miutan elindultunk a vizesesekhez, a busz lerobbant egy szerpentin kellos kozepen. az idvez probalt telefonalni h kuldjenek masik buszt, de nem volt terero.. pedig ugye az a fo, a terero...vegul felfele hegymenetben ment 3 km/t onnan tudod telefonalni.. vegul ket orat elvesztve tovabbaltunk. parunkat egy furgon vitt fel a vizesekhez .. onnan mar normalis legkondis buszokkal mentunk tovabb. ez volt a legszebb resze amugy a napnak, gyonyoru a taj.. majd latjatok akepeken... innen megint tovabb mitla/ba a romokhoz meg a templomhoz .. az idvez miutan rajott h nem csak spanyol ajkuak vannak abuszban, atvaltott angolra is.. DIJAZTAM.. allti meleg volt, most is az van, villamlott ejjel, de esonek nyoma sincs...vettem egy satyot magamnak h ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca July 27th 2012

szisztok, jo reggelt na vegul megerkeztem oaxaca/ba, ami oaxaca allam fovarosa. reggel pakolas, majd a szokas taxizas a buszpalyaudvarra, aztan buszra pattantam. 5 orassa valt a 4,5 oras ut, mert utat epitettek.amikor megerkeztem ismet taxi, majd erkezes a hotelbe. miutan kipakoltam lementem avarosba. kicsit felfele vana hostel, tehat visszafele hegymenet. felterkepeztem magamnak a varos. vigiszaladtam az egeszen 1 ora alatt.. persze nem fotoztam es nem emntem be a templomokba. azt majd csak vasrnap. holnap ugyanis kirandulni mregyek a kornyeken. holnap utan meg monte alban.vasarnap lesz csak varosnezes, aznap este megyek tovabb. fizetek meg 22 pesot nekik, es mindent/tust, stb hasznalhatok a hostelben. a buszom este indul. mar megvettemm ra a jegyem meg puebla/ draga volt az aggya alakithato uleses busz.. de mivel a labom sz....r nem akarom h kikeszuljon.egyebkent a detralex... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca July 25th 2012

Buenos tardes, Just a quick dip in the pool and after a lovely cerveza ;) As predicted (and promised) Oaxaca is a nice spot to visit. This time of year seems perfect, the rainy season is mostly over so the city is lush and the festivals are in full bloom. Monday when we arrived we had tickets to the 80th annual Guelaguetza (regional dance festival of sorts). On our way up to the hilltop venue we stopped for our first mole. It was delicious! Just as we were finishing the next reservation (local celebrities) had arrived and excused us from our table with photos and a Mezcal shot. Nice to meet the dancers up close! Walking up the hill was fun too - lots of food to buy on the street. We polished of a ... read more
Colourful dancer the middle of downtown!
Cactus forest

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca July 5th 2012

I made it to Oaxaca yesterday. After a 1.5 hour small bus ride south to Pochutla and after that a 6 hour hell ride in a minivan through curvy roads I arrived at 3pm. Promptly found a hotel took a shower, wandered the zocalo and slept!!! I feel refreshed this morning aside from twisting my ankle leaving yesterday. One funny note....just outside Oaxaca we went through a police check point. Which in itself isnt funny until you think about when i got to my hotel last night. I had been searched...well when i opened my bag haha, a scorpion,obviously freaked out popped out. I released him in the garden outside my room. But how messed up would it have been had the military cop gotten stung! So I crashed early and woke to my ankle swollen ... read more
Puerto at night.
The beginning of a ride from hell!

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca June 10th 2012

This morning I wake up to witness from my rooftop - Consuela and Carlos taking part in what looks like a religious ritual in their courtyard garden. There is a table laid out with great swathes of rosemary and freshly boiled eggs - and another man (some kind of priest) looks like he is blessing Carlos. I'm guessing they are not Catholics! I google it later – and i'm right its an old Zapotec ritual. Curanderismos are healers - Meso American energy workers. Aztec Ometeotl is a sacred union that looks into the heart and soul of the patients. Altars are placed in all directons then the patient in question goes through an "undrowning" to let out what is in their heart. The Limpia or spiritual cleansing uses eggs, flowers and fresh rosemary which are all ... read more
Monte Alban
Phallic stones
Lobster Tacos

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca June 6th 2012

After our great experience in Mexico City, we took an overnight bus (Sunday, June 3rd) from the Terminal Tapo to Oaxaca, the journey took 6,5 h and a recommendation to all travellers is to book the tickets in advance. Also we recommend the first class buses for longer routes, as they are extremly comfortable and safe. We arrived in Oaxaca at 6.40am and instead of taking a taxi for 50 pesos (=USD 3,50) we decided to walk 5km to our new host's place. We quickly realised that this was not a good idea, we need to work on our fitness :) However this walk led us through the different streets of poorer areas where we could see everyday reality of the less priviledged people. Although we arrived to Oaxaca during a teacher protest which has overtaken ... read more
city center covered in tents

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