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North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta January 17th 2011

I set the alarm on the mobile phone for 8AM as we had our special breakfast arriving at 9AM. The cabin is a bit cramped as we have to have one rollaway as well as two singles beds and a bunk that comes from the ceiling. There is lots of hanging space which we have not normally had on previous cruises. Breakfast costs $38-00 and we had Quiche, Tomato, Croissants, Smoked Salmon, Coffee, Juices, Fresh Fruit Platters and Champagne. Decided not to have the Champagne until later but we did see about 20 dolphins alongside the ship jumping around. There is another cruise ship alongside us which is either the Holland America Oostendam or Disney Wonder as we are all doing the same itinerary. Around 11.15AM we are sill in the cabin, and Kerry has just ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta January 15th 2011

15 janvier 2011 : Déjà près de deux mois que je suis de retour au Québec. La dernière fois que j'ai écrit, c'était trois jours avant mon retour. Je veux boucler la boucle... et il faut que j'écrive, si je veux m'en souvenir plus tard. La dernière journée passée à Melaque fut très agréable. Dolores et Stan, mes nouveaux voisins de palier m'ont invitée à se joindre à eux et un autre couple pour aller visiter la Isla de Navidad. Et en voiture, à part ça! Après un beau tour de "char", on est arrivés au club de golf. Bien, bien beau! (voir photos) Puis, ce fut la visite de Grand Bay Hotel. Wow, très luxueux. Voilà comment les gens riches et célèbres vivent ! Il paraît que Céline Dion y a déjà passé la ... read more
Coucher de soleil - Sunset
Au Club de golf - At the golf club
Club de golf - Golf Club

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta November 8th 2010

Well, I will start by saying that after 2 weeks, I feel much more comfortable with my spanish skills, especially in Puerto Vallarta (PV) where everbody speaks english... So, I caught a bus in Guadalajara on 3rd of Nov. No problem this time to buy a ticket, this is part of the "basics" in the ASSIMIL book... The issue was to reach the bus station in GDL because I tried some local buses, and it took me over 1 hour when it supposed to be 20 minutes. Anyway I arrived. This time I decided to travel with Primera Plus, and it is really good. At least they display new movies.. Arriving around 5.30, I go straight to the hotel, the "Hotel Tropicana". Good place, good price. 760p/night for a room on the ocean. Let me explain ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta October 30th 2010

Hola mi amigas y amigos! Les jours se suivent et se ressemblent: plage, beaucoup de lecture, longues marches et photos! Les vendeurs de toutes sortes sont très insistants et il ne se passe même pas une minute sans être interpellé par l'un ou par l'autre. Il faut être très patiente et demeurer souriante... Et parlant de photos, laissons celles-ci parler pour moi. Vous verrez que j'aime les couchers de soleil! Et désolée pour les photos qui sont plus foncées qu'elles ne le sont en réalité. C'est le site de Travel Blog qui fait ça. The days pass by and are mostly the same: beach, a lot of reading, long walks and pictures! Vendors of all sorts are very persistent. Not even a single minute goes by without one or the other calling on you. I must ... read more
2e étage de mon hôtel - 2nd floor of my hotel

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta October 28th 2010

Hola mi amigas y amigos, Jour 2: Journée d'exploration. J'ai traversé le petit pont de la Rio Cuale à quelques rues de mon hôtel et j'ai longé la mer, sur le Malecon, promenade du genre "boardwalk". Le Malecon est parsemé de sculptures de toutes sortes, toutes aussi bizarres et belles que les autres. J'ai pris plein de photos... (75 photos, pas nécessairement en lien avec le texte). La mer se casse sur les rochers et il y a pas vraiment de plage à cet endroit. Au bout du Malecon, j'ai repris le chemin du retour en marchant du côté des boutiques et restaurants. On me salue, on m'offre du tequila, et surtout, on m'offre des tours pas chers et en fin de compte, du "time share". Je n'ai jamais dit "No gracias" aussi souvent. Après ma ... read more
Rues - Streets
Pont de la Rio Cuale - Bridge over the Rio Cuale
Sur le Malecon - On the Malecon

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta October 26th 2010

Hola! 25 octobre 2010: Le voyage s'est très bien passé, sauf que j'ai oublié mon portable dans un dépanneur à l'aéroport. Il y a eu un p'tit instant de panique mais je l'ai vite retrouvé. Ouf! Là, je vais faire super attention, promis. Le vol Mtl-Dallas fut à l'heure ainsi que celui de Dallas-PV, même que nous sommes arrivés à Puerto Vallarta 10 minutes plus tôt. À l'aéroport, il a fallu passer au travers des nombreux "time share people" avant d'arriver aux taxis, mais j'ai résisté à leur offre: taxi moins cher et un tour dans la jungle gratuit pour écouter des vendeurs de temps partagés. No, gracias! À l'hôtel Azteca, dans le Vieux Puerto Vallarta, la señora ne parle ni français, ni anglais mais on s'est débrouillées, avec gestes et répétitions - 7 nuit pour ... read more
En vol - During the flight
La cocina
Où je vais dormir -- Where I will sleep

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta June 8th 2010

On the last day of school, I wrote my exams like a madman and hightailed it home to grab my backpack, said a quick goodbye to my host family and took off to catch a bus to Puerto Vallarta to meet up with my boy! Time couldn't pass fast enough! Arriving in Puerto Vallarta, I amused myself with how cheap/ballsy I have become, especially considering the freaked out girl I was a month ago. Taxi drivers didn't seem interested in giving me a decent price to my hotel, so I'd tell them they were crazy and move on the the next. Kind of retarded on my part, seeing that they were all lined up and each one could hear the exchange I had with the last and would just tell me the same thing. But ... read more
Las Catrinas
Bucerias, Mexico
Tdot and Mango

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta March 19th 2010

Just finished up a week in Puerto Vallarta. We took advantage of great weather throughout the week to find a pleasant balance of seeing the local sights, laying in the sun, swimming, and general relaxing. We stayed in a condo owned by a family member about 4 km South of old town PV the whole week. It was a wonderful place, with an absolutely beautiful view of the bay and a large balcony, open living space and kitchen that always kept the water in view with ongoing waves softly crashing to the beach below to serve as a pleasant reminder of where we were. During the course of the week we made day trips nearly every day North into Puerto Vallarta or South to Boca or the Zoo. Besides sitting on the balcony with a book, ... read more
The patio area
The pool
Looking North up the coast toward PV

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta March 14th 2010

We arrived in Barra de Navidad with no reservations and with about three hotel possibilities from the travel guide, but because of our bad experience in Colima with their recommendation, we were prepared to be a little more discriminating. However, when you are tired, and it is the end of the day, and you arrive in a strange place with no idea of where you are or where to find things, and you are carrying a large pack on your back - well, you aren’t really so discriminating. We found one place, but it looked expensive, so we moved on. We found another, and asked to see a room. It was a little run down, but clean and basic, and right on the beach which we hadn’t had before, so we took it. Unfortunately, it was ... read more
Shops in Barra
Street of restaurants in Barra
Building in Barra - so run down, but with beautiful stained glass windows

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta March 7th 2010

Hola!! Today was an interesting one. To start, it costs 28 bucks for a cab to the airport from my apartment in downtown Philly. I feel like I was robbed. I'm sitting in the cab, wondering to myself why the fare clock wasn't on... turns out it's a fixed fee. Note to self, never use Capital Cabs again. Regardless, I persevered and caught my flight. As soon as I boarded the plane, I instantly fell asleep. Fred, who I'm traveling with, said that I looked dead sprawled out in my seat. Haha I flew down to Dallas and Fred and I stopped in the Irish pub for a 12 noon pint. Harp really hit the spot. I had a craving for those wedge fries, and sure enough this airport pub was cool enough to have them. ... read more
The View From my Private Balcony

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