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North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 15th 2010

When we got off the plane in Puerto Vallarta Marie met us and drove us to Anna and Chrystals place - in the older part of the city. She had arranged for accomodation for us...we ended up staying 2 nites. They were most gracious and drove us all around PV to see the sights...I was definately on sensory overload! We sat on the back patio quite a bit and just drank in the beautiful trees, plants, and sounds. Oh the sounds! There was shrieking from roosters all around us - dogs barking, birds, loud Mexican music...and trucks constantly going by with loudspeakers blaring announcing things. It was really hard to sleep as the sounds died down for a bit, then the dogs and roosters would start up randomly. It's a crock that roosters only crow in ... read more
PV Jand's bed-
Entrance to kitchen
Outside kitchen

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 14th 2010

Katrina, Elizabeth and I boarded a 5 hour bus to Puerto Vallarta at 9:40am on Valentine's Day. Tages hates the beach so she decided it was best for everyone if she stayed behind. The bus station in Puerto Vallarta is far from the city so we had to take a taxi to our hotel. At first glance, we were all a little nervous about Puerto Vallarta as we passed sparkly high rise hotels, lots of tourists and everything was a little Orlando looking. Not our scene. But once we got South of Rio Cuale, the scenery changed and looked a little more our style. We stayed at a cheap hotel near the beach and ate dinner at it's attached restaurant that night. I was really excited about going to Puerto Vallarta for 2 reasons, one being ... read more
hotel yasmin
dolphin bus
pueto vallarta

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 14th 2010

Sunday afternoon, after cooling off from our morning at the market, we hopped a bus and went into Puerto Vallarta. We walked around, taking in the sights of what is called "Old Town", and hanging out on the Malecon some more. The Malecon is the ocean front walk, and is always full of people, artists, vendors, food stands, and on Sunday there was a band. It was a nice, relaxing day, and beautiful weather too, so we really enjoyed our day. We ended the day with some tacos al pastor - my favorite - found unexpectedly at a little place at the end of the Malecon. I have included a picture, so if you ever see this roast pork on a spit like this - stop and try it! ... read more
Hammocks at the flea market
More stuff at the flea market
Fish tacos at a stand in Old Town

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 13th 2010

We wanted to see more of the birds and other wildlife here, and decided to take a tour of the estuaries around Nuevo Vallarta. Now, if you want the weather of Mexico, along with the beautiful beaches, but with all of the luxuries and none of the dirt roads and chickens, then Nuevo Vallarta is your place. It is mostly big condo developments along the beach-front, and huge homes belonging to famous people like Julio Iglasias and Ricky Martin back along the estuaries with private boat docks and marina access. We didn't see any public beach access as we walked along the street that was closest to the beach - only if you were staying at the condos or in one of the resorts could you get in. I hear they have a nice beach - ... read more
Almost there - then turn left
Now walk down this road to the end
Landscaping along the main street

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 11th 2010

This is my first trip outside of the States or Canada. We had to be at the airport in Edmonton at 4 am, and me being the procrastinator that I am, of course I was doing laundry, etc up to the last minute. Jim picked me up at 2:30 am and off to the airport we went. We had one short layover in Pheonix, then landed in PV at 3:00 pm. No sleep yet! When we had to go through Mexican security, we found that there were lineups of at least 50-75 people in each line...and there were about 5-6 lineups (maybe more). Of course we picked the SLOWEST one! It took us FOREVER to get through. My friend Marie (from ACA in Jocotopec) picked us up at the airport - wasn't hard to find her...then ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 5th 2010

Well, we are getting a feel for the place now. We finally have some nice sunshine, and wow, it is hot and humid! Most days, we have to make our way home by 4 o’clock or so because we are so worn out from walking, and hot and sweaty. A jump in the pool at our vacation home is a nice way to end the day. The beach at Bucerias is absolutely gorgeous - just like you see in the travel brochures - and practically deserted during the week. On the weekends, Mexican families come and enjoy the beach too, and it is a bit busier, but still far from crowded. We walked one morning as far as we could one way, then found a place on the beach and bought a beer and sat in ... read more
Bucerias Beach 2
Steve got tired out
Vendor selling candies and nuts from a wheelbarrow on the beach

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 4th 2010

Today we were glad to see the end of the rain, and hopped the bus into PV to walk along the Malecon (the walk beside the ocean). We finally had a chance to take our shoes off and walk along the beach. Even though it was a bit cloudy, it was a warm day. We saw lots of pelicans sitting on boats and on roofs. I think they are the Mexican equivalent of pigeons or gulls, although they have those here as well. The Malecon is mostly a tourist walk, with lots of restaurants, street artists, and many statues along the walkway. It comes alive a night - maybe we will come back again another day to see the night scene. After grabbing a beer and a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants ... read more
Statue on the Malecon 1
Statue on the Malecon 2

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 2nd 2010

It rained all day Tuesday, putting a damper on the first day of our vacation (haha). OUr hostess Ronnie loaned us an umbrella, and we walked around a bit trying to get a feel for the place. We took a bus to the nearest Mega store for groceries, and the rain really set in on the way. we decided to take a cab back and just chill in the apartment. That night, about 11pm, the wind picked up and the rain started lashing at the windows. The plants moved around on the deck and the patio furniture crashed up against the patio doors. Then the wind took the screen right off of the patio doors off the bedroom. We looked out and saw the palm trees blowing sideways, just like in the news clips you see ... read more
Bouganvillia laid flat in the street
This tin roof would have flown through our window had it not wrapped around this tree
Another picture of a roof that blew off

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 1st 2010

After a few more days of good visiting with Steve's family, it was time to move on to the next leg of our trip. (By the way, if you are ever on your way to Desert Hot Springs, stop at Hadley's dried fruit and nut store, about 20 minutes before the city. They have the greatest date shakes!) The flight was uneventful, and we arrived in PV under partly cloudy skies and 85 degrees F (about 29 celcius). We pushed the button at customs and got a red light, meaning they wanted to search our bags. There was no problem, and the fellow chatted with us as he did a cursory check. Minutes later he wished us a good trip and sent us on our way. The taxi driver wasn't sure how to find the address ... read more
Inside the apartment
Our deck at night

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta January 31st 2010

Last night I watched several gray-haired grandmotherly types ride a donkey onto the dance floor of a packed bar. Flashing lights and music from the early 60´s pumping, folks dancing and whoopin. But I was wondering where they kept the defibrillators. It was a scene from an Annette Funicello beach party movie slow forwarded 50 years with all the actors in place, fresh out of their last retirement seminar and all the boys with jumbo prescriptions of Viagra in their pocket... Go Daddy Go!!! Down a couple blocks I passed the Canucks Bar... everyone staring at the big screen TV watching, yup, you guessed it, hockey. Over at the dock that afternoon I´d watched a local throw netter pull up a pelican, with terns and motor boats diving and weaving between bathers. Sunset time four guys ... read more
Iconic seahorse
Map of Viajo Vallarta

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