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North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 27th 2011

I will start off with the not so great news. I have once again (for the fourth time) been in hospital, this time overnight (not just a quick doctor's visit), as I was ill during the night on Tuesday, went to the hospital Wednesday, was diagnosed with a urine and another stomach infection, stayed last night being fed antibiotics through a drip and then was discharged this afternoon. Tthey think it is due to a weak immune system and also that the bacteria from the first infection has never quite cleared up. but it's okay now as I am home and feeling better, and the hospital is very nice, it had an en suite bathroom and cable TV which allowed me to catch up on American shows such as 'Desperate Housewives' but also 'CSI Miami' both ... read more
Casa Hogar
Pancho and Ismael

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 11th 2011

The past few weeks have flown by since the last entry on here! I have been getting into a good routine at Casa Hogar and I'm really enjoying it especially as the children now know who I am properly and it is so nice in the mornings when I turn up because they all come running and give massive hugs. There are another two American girls at the orphanage now who are there for 5 weeks (only another 3 left for them) and they work from 10 until 2. I slightly prefer it in the mornings when it is just Hebe and I with the children, although it works quite well anyway because we help with breakfast and the other two girls help with Lunch. Every Thursday there are American visitors who are staying in one ... read more
Mexican Tradition
Mexican show

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta January 21st 2011

One of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta is called Playa Los Muertos. It is the beach of the dead. You can read online about a few different accounts of how the beach got its name. I personally think it's because tourists come here and sit for hours drinking and eating and then need to be rolled away as they've eaten or imbibed themselves to death. Here you will see buskers and an endless array of vendors, selling food, clothing, art and housewares. It's not unusual to be bombarded (feels like harassment) by a stream of men and women offering you cheap products. When you're on the beach they are required to all dress in white and wear identification, but there don't seem to be any laws as to how old you must be to sell. Yesterday ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta January 21st 2011

Puerto Vallarta There are altogether 8 of us volunteers working from the same organisation out here, although the others are all volunteering for 3 months, and 2 are staying in a mountain village 3 hours outside of Puerto Vallarta. After a struggle finding our way through Mexico city airport (confusing terminals!) and a small plane journey, it was a relief to finally arrive here! We spent our first week exploring, and the co-ordinator showed us around and our projects which was a massive help. She also gave us tips on the good places to eat out etc. We explored the city and got used to the heat before starting our projects on the Wednesday. The city is probably more of a town, but I'm going to carry on calling it a city! The main touristy stretch ... read more
Puerto Vallarta
Apartment Living area

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta January 18th 2011

Alarm set for 8AM and we agreed to be on our way to buffet for breakfast by 8.45AM. One problem though. We were using the cell phones as alarms and they are still on California time which is one hour behind ship time, woops ! Lucky Kerry awoke at 8.15AM, and realised. We looked outside to see the ship had arrived in the beautiful Bandaras Bay and we hurrily headed up to the Horizons Buffet for breakfast. Back to our cabin to watch as the ship docked at Puerta Vallarta. It was nice to arrive straight into dock. We exited the ship to meet up with our tour as planned at 9.15AM. We headed about 20 minutes north to Nelua Vallarta where a lot of new hotels are being built as this is one of the ... read more
Pirates !!
Red Parrot
Yellow Parrot

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta January 17th 2011

I set the alarm on the mobile phone for 8AM as we had our special breakfast arriving at 9AM. The cabin is a bit cramped as we have to have one rollaway as well as two singles beds and a bunk that comes from the ceiling. There is lots of hanging space which we have not normally had on previous cruises. Breakfast costs $38-00 and we had Quiche, Tomato, Croissants, Smoked Salmon, Coffee, Juices, Fresh Fruit Platters and Champagne. Decided not to have the Champagne until later but we did see about 20 dolphins alongside the ship jumping around. There is another cruise ship alongside us which is either the Holland America Oostendam or Disney Wonder as we are all doing the same itinerary. Around 11.15AM we are sill in the cabin, and Kerry has just ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta January 15th 2011

15 janvier 2011 : Déjà près de deux mois que je suis de retour au Québec. La dernière fois que j'ai écrit, c'était trois jours avant mon retour. Je veux boucler la boucle... et il faut que j'écrive, si je veux m'en souvenir plus tard. La dernière journée passée à Melaque fut très agréable. Dolores et Stan, mes nouveaux voisins de palier m'ont invitée à se joindre à eux et un autre couple pour aller visiter la Isla de Navidad. Et en voiture, à part ça! Après un beau tour de "char", on est arrivés au club de golf. Bien, bien beau! (voir photos) Puis, ce fut la visite de Grand Bay Hotel. Wow, très luxueux. Voilà comment les gens riches et célèbres vivent ! Il paraît que Céline Dion y a déjà passé la ... read more
Coucher de soleil - Sunset
Au Club de golf - At the golf club
Club de golf - Golf Club

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta November 8th 2010

Well, I will start by saying that after 2 weeks, I feel much more comfortable with my spanish skills, especially in Puerto Vallarta (PV) where everbody speaks english... So, I caught a bus in Guadalajara on 3rd of Nov. No problem this time to buy a ticket, this is part of the "basics" in the ASSIMIL book... The issue was to reach the bus station in GDL because I tried some local buses, and it took me over 1 hour when it supposed to be 20 minutes. Anyway I arrived. This time I decided to travel with Primera Plus, and it is really good. At least they display new movies.. Arriving around 5.30, I go straight to the hotel, the "Hotel Tropicana". Good place, good price. 760p/night for a room on the ocean. Let me explain ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta October 30th 2010

Hola mi amigas y amigos! Les jours se suivent et se ressemblent: plage, beaucoup de lecture, longues marches et photos! Les vendeurs de toutes sortes sont très insistants et il ne se passe même pas une minute sans être interpellé par l'un ou par l'autre. Il faut être très patiente et demeurer souriante... Et parlant de photos, laissons celles-ci parler pour moi. Vous verrez que j'aime les couchers de soleil! Et désolée pour les photos qui sont plus foncées qu'elles ne le sont en réalité. C'est le site de Travel Blog qui fait ça. The days pass by and are mostly the same: beach, a lot of reading, long walks and pictures! Vendors of all sorts are very persistent. Not even a single minute goes by without one or the other calling on you. I must ... read more
2e étage de mon hôtel - 2nd floor of my hotel

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta October 28th 2010

Hola mi amigas y amigos, Jour 2: Journée d'exploration. J'ai traversé le petit pont de la Rio Cuale à quelques rues de mon hôtel et j'ai longé la mer, sur le Malecon, promenade du genre "boardwalk". Le Malecon est parsemé de sculptures de toutes sortes, toutes aussi bizarres et belles que les autres. J'ai pris plein de photos... (75 photos, pas nécessairement en lien avec le texte). La mer se casse sur les rochers et il y a pas vraiment de plage à cet endroit. Au bout du Malecon, j'ai repris le chemin du retour en marchant du côté des boutiques et restaurants. On me salue, on m'offre du tequila, et surtout, on m'offre des tours pas chers et en fin de compte, du "time share". Je n'ai jamais dit "No gracias" aussi souvent. Après ma ... read more
Rues - Streets
Pont de la Rio Cuale - Bridge over the Rio Cuale
Sur le Malecon - On the Malecon

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