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North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City February 10th 2019

Frida Kahlo probably is the most internationally recognized Mexican artist, not only because of her unique paintings but also her controversial political and lifestyle. Her home, Casa Azul (Blue House) is the museum about her life. The tickets for Saturday was sold out online so we got to the museum early and stood in line for tickets. Lucky for us we got in. The blue house was where Frida was born and grew up with her family. She contracted polio at age 6 that caused her right leg to be shorter than the left. She was refused by a teacher to participate in school dance due to her uneven legs. This incident impacted Frida’s life and she wore long skirts for most of her life and never considered herself beautiful. Another tragedy struck her when, at ... read more
Frida Kahlo front door
Stand in line to get tickets
Casa Azul garden

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City February 4th 2019

Little did we know that our timing sucked, it was a public holiday (Constitution Day) which meant not much was open including all the museums! We had three whole days in Mexico City so we didn't really want to waste a day. We started off by walking around the neighborhood we were staying Roma Norte and into La Condesa. Lonely Planet talked up the architecture in the area and named a couple of streets in particular as having nice old buildings but we failed to see it. The best part about the neighborhood is that it is safe and has plenty of nice eateries of which we took advantage of for lunch. We next ventured to the park but found that was locked too, who the hell locks a major park on a public holiday! So ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City February 3rd 2019

Last year we spent 5 weeks in Mexico covering nearly all the Yucatan Peninsula and loved it, so we said we would like to return and see more and we have! This time we wanted to come to Mexico City and visit the last of the pyramids on my bucket list - Teotihuacan We originally planned to spend at least a couple of weeks of more here visiting both Mexico City and the Oaxaca province but last minute we decided to take on a house sitting job on the Sunshine Coast in Australia so it left us little short on time. We had 9 days so it was enough to see Mexico City, the pyramids and the UNESCO San Miguel de Allende. We had booked a hostel in Roma Norte a safe and hip neighbourhood next ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City January 6th 2019

Art, statues, street art and something totally unexpected When we started this blog the main purpose was to get a platform to publish photos. In Mexico I took a lot of pictures of interesting street art. In the previous blogs I could at the most fit in one or two of these photos or else the blogs would have grown too large. I therefore decided to make a separate blog to publish them in. So in this blog entry, while staying true to the original purpose of the blog, I now publish the best of the street art pictures I took. I have also added photos of some statues and photos from two art galleries. The photos of the street art are my favourite. Hope you like them too. Here comes a short description of what ... read more
Bird painted on a wall
Two feet

Today it was to be a day to walk around and look at stuff . Given that it is the weekend the zoccolo and the streets were full of people. Vendors of all kinds , musicians , magicians , various indigenous groups drumming, dancing and smudging . There were also tarot card readers that all seemed to take seriously . There are 4 young Swedish boys here who seem quite overwhelm by it all . They have chosen to hang out on the 5 floor terrace away from the crowds . I do think it is culture shock . I went looking for and found a museum I had seen last time I was here . It is a government museum of art and It holds pieces that artists have given in lieu of taxes . ... read more

I have not gotten any notifications that my posts are being read although 11 people have read them . Please comment to let me know who is receiving them . Driving here from Morelia was painless . The senior fare for the 4 hours was 250 pesos @17 $ Canadian . It is interesting as the cab fare into the city (which took nearly an hour ) was 160 pesos and the charge for 2 days on the on/off bus today was 230 pesos. Well worth the money . Each of them . It was exciting driving into the city and starting to recognize my surroundings. It is unusual for me to revisit places as there are so many more places to see in this world but they felt like the right thing to do . ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City December 26th 2018

A slight change of plans. When traveling it pays to be flexible. Our trip to Taxco is for Wednesday not Tuesday. So we went down to the Turibus stop and for roughly ninety cents each and went to Chapultepec Park and spent the day in the Museo Nacional de Antropologia. It is a huge museum that houses 21 different structures representing the diverse cultures of Mexico. We spent time in the Introduction to Anthropology which carefully explained the changes in mankind over millions of years to modern man. In the center of the plaza there is a huge sculpted tree with water falling from it. This was the kid magnet. Every parent had to grab their children to keep them from taking a shower. Christmas day is a time families visit parks and museums and other ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City December 25th 2018

Christmas Eve in Mexico City is quiet. Most restaurants close early so that families can gather to celebrate. Our favorite bar Pata Negra stays open until 3:00 AM so we went there for tapas and drinks. The music is loud and the drinks are strong and the food is good so who could ask for more. After that we walked to the Cathedral for Mass. A charming octogenarian with a pony tail met us at the door and gave us a tour which included much information about the history of the Cathedral and its construction and art. As I listened to how it was construced and he showed us dates on art work I realized how young our country is in relation to Mexico. The building was constructed by natives who were forced by the Spanish ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City December 24th 2018

This is our second Christmas in Mexico City and Troy and I find it as beautiful as last year. Hotel Central is located in the historic center of the city and from my window I can see the palace of Hernan Cortez. Directly across from his palace is the National Cathedral and next to that the ruins of Montezuma's Palace. Montezuma was the last Aztec King of Mexico. At this time of year the year as always the Aztec and Spanish culture is so evident. Aztec dancers wearing feathered headdresses and little more perform in the Plaza and devout Christians wind their way through them on their way to mass. Indigenous people sell their weaving and carving and basketry while shaman rids you of aches and pains by blowing smoke up your skirt so to speak. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City December 23rd 2018

How to travel by ancient canals and brand new cable car This Christmas Emma preferred to stay in Sweden over Christmas and New Year. Ake, however, decided to use the days he had off from work over the holidays in the same way he has for the last 15 years or so - he would travel. Now that Emma stayed home Ake instead brought his mother and they both went to Mexico. In 2009 I was in Mexico and among other things I then saw the Monarch Butterfly Reserve. It turned out that my mother also wanted to see the monarch butterflies. That's the main reason we headed for Mexico on this trip and not somewhere else. Before I started to make the plans I was a bit worried that going to Mexico with my mother ... read more

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