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North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon October 19th 2018

Our bags are packed and ready to go. Check out is at noon and the bus is booked for 2.30pm. We go down for breakfast - a large one today as the bus journey will be a minimum of four hours. Back in our room, I check our itinerary file for the bus tickets. Glancing at the spreadsheet - something is not quite right. It is the 20th today...isn’t it, I ask Ian. No, the 19th he replies! Well we are not moving on then! Doh! I go downstairs to speak to the owner - yes, we have booked and paid until tomorrow. OK, so we are not leaving today after all...surely he must have known that when he asked me if we were leaving today? So, on the plus side, Ian has not lugged our ... read more
Chepe Express arriving in Creel

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon October 18th 2018

We have woken to another morning of mist but we are getting used to it now. Our choices today are to do nothing again or to make the foolhardy trip out to the Recowata Hot Springs. Yesterday we had ruled it out on the grounds of the reviews that labelled it as fabulous yet dangerous! Should we let this deter us? Yesterday we said yes but this morning I am saying, are we going soft in our old age? We go for breakfast at our usual cafe and then set off in search of a taxi. There is none in sight. Whilst we are waiting, a down-and-out approaches us. His English is perfect. He has just come back to Creel from The States after 18 years and he cannot find his family. We interpret this to ... read more
Descending into the canyon
Memorial crosses
Memorial cross

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon October 15th 2018

The bed is comfortable and the air in the room a bit chilly, so we do not rise early, although we do Skype our parents back in the UK. First task today is to deliver our sack of washing to the laundry. Slightly worryingly the assistant quotes a price of 80 pesos for the load, about half that we have been charged elsewhere, and a completion time of only 3 hours! We somehow doubt this will be the price when we come to collect - it’s a pretty big bag and 80 pesos is only just over £3! We return to the hotel and decide to try their breakfast, largely as I have seen that they serve fruit and yoghurt. Ian sticks to scrambled eggs and ham, something that they never get wrong. So now we ... read more
Weird rock formations
Train comes into town
Tourist train!

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon October 14th 2018

A treat for breakfast today - two fried eggs, just as I like it...with toast (not quite to my taste - why does the bread always taste sweet abroad?). Ian goes for scrambled eggs and ham again. Back to our room to pack once again - we are moving back to Creel today. Bags packed, our goodbyes to Claudia and family completed, we haul our bags the 200 yards across the pot-holed road to sit outside the store to await our bus. We know that it will be similar to our trip up here...stopping frequently to pick up locals going to town. In the event the bus is only twenty minutes late, and the journey takes ninety minutes...only half an hour more than scheduled. Creel can best be described as having three main roads running parallel ... read more
Sunday night in Creel
Twighlight view of weird rocks from hotel
Worcester Sauce - labelled English Sauce in pizza place

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon October 13th 2018

Today we are going on a tour with Claudia, her husband and five year old son. We are pleased to see that we have blue skies and the sun is shining. Breakfast is scrambled egg with ham and mashed beans. It’s nice. I spot a set of weighing scales in the breakfast room - first chance for a weigh in since leaving home. I am pleased to note that my weight is exactly the same though Ian points out they may not be as accurate as our digital scales. Nice one. Well yes, but nothing to say these scales aren’t telling me I weight more! We set off for the Mirador for perfect views of the mountains and valleys which were obscured by mist yesterday. We can see down to the river in the Urique valley. ... read more
Suspension bridge
Claudia and Ali with Ian
In the canyon with Ali

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon November 6th 2016

De bus tussen Puebla en Chihuahua bleek ongeveer 25 uur te duren in plaats van de beloofde 19 dus dat was een hele lange reis. Gelukkig kon ik wel slapen het grootste gedeelte van die reis. Het gevolg van het uitlopen van die reis was alleen wel dat ik na zonsondergang aankwam. Toen vervolgens ook nog eens bleek dat het hostel uit mijn gids niet meer bestond heb ik maar een klein hotel gevonden vlak bij het treinstation. Het ticket office sluit echter om vijf uur 's avonds dus kon ik geen tickets meer kopen voor de volgende dag. Dat betekende dat ik om 5 uur in de ochtend in de rij kon gaan staan, want de trein vertrekt om 6 uur. Ik had dus een korte nacht, maar omdat mijn hotel tegenover het treinstation lag ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon September 15th 2016

The time to leave the Pacific coast has arrived and I started to head my way toward the so called "Barranca del Cobre" A canyon on the northern part of the country. This trip was on the only train running in the whole Mexico: The Ferrocarril Pacifico. I planned to stop at "Urique" which I strongly recommend if you love true genuine people and some of the most striking part of this canyon to visit. It took about three hours to reach this spot and must say that it was probably the best train trip I had ever had in my whole life. Along the journey diverse scenaries unfolded after myself and all the kind you can imagine: Rivers, Lakes, Rugged landscapes ,Lush vegetation and, luckily, super blue sky completing the coloration of this unique place. ... read more
Scenic mountain vista
El rio
El rio Urique

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon September 27th 2015 Was up bright and early around 5:00 am and was ready to have me some coffee and eggs with toast. But they didn’t start serving until 7:30 am so I went outside of my room and waited for the sun to come up. It was nice and cool and you can hear the people getting ready for the day. The two motel dogs came and visited me I think they also wanted something to eat. So then I got up and took my shower and dress and headed to the dining room I was the first one there. Had my coffee and breakfast and went outside they are going to take us to Copper Canyon for a tour. We all load up about 20 of us most of them are from Mexico no American’s, I ... read more
Tram taking us down the Canyon
Looking down at the valleys

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon September 26th 2015 I am so excited that I was not able to sleep last night so I was up by 5:00 am. My bus didn’t leave until 9:00 am so I took my shower and had me eggs and bacon with potatoes and bean with some red hot sauce, with some coffee. My friend woke up and talked to me about what I shouldn’t do and have my things close to me. Also where to stay and what to see and not to go out at night in Guadalajara because I might end up in the wrong place. He also gave me a name of a hotel I should stay at and it’s close to town. The ticket only cost me 497 peso and that only 32.00 dollars so I load the bus and someone had thru ... read more
Me looking good.
Apple trees along the way.
More Apples

North America » Mexico » Chihuahua » Copper Canyon February 24th 2015

A magnificent train ride up the canyon to 8081 feet. Coming from the North seems strange to be that high cooler temps ( 0) at night and no snow. The track is so steep you go no more than 30 km per hr back and forth by switch back. An incredible view thousands of feet down equal to the view of Wells Gray Park BC with different vegetation. Tarumaya Indians populate the area still living in caves. They have small communities spread over miles living very rustic. The government has built bording schools to educate the children. Many still do not go. The women dress in bright traditional clothing the men even though Indians dress in western attire, They love their music and are happy self supporting and very kind to all of us.... read more

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