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North America » Canada » Quebec May 16th 2022

I am sitting in airport waiting for Austrian Air check in to open. Trip has been smooth so far beyond “the bathroom incident” In Halifax airport. When I popped in a woman informed me that of the ten stalls, only one had toilet paper. How odd! And it was only nine a.m. I went off seeking more toilet paper, I mean just how awful an impression for women disembarking from the next plane. Not many workers around…..I found a lady at the tourist bureau but didn’t know what to do. Three burley border guards walked by and I stopped them to ask. They seemed perturbed by my request for toilet paper and even one guy had the nerve to touch his gun and tell me that they had better things to do. 😒 I refrained from ... read more
Land use
All my possessions for next six weeks

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia May 15th 2022

The attachment for iPad works! One more thing checked off my long list. My village is home to Thinkers Lodge national historic site that displays a Nobel peace prize and a Lenin peace prize. The village nam, Pugwash, is famous for world peace. international Pugwash organization continues to meet to w towards nuclear disarmament.... read more
National historic site
Backyard gang.
Spring is about to burst into bloom

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Pugwash May 13th 2022

OK OK OK I am getting on a plane Monday and flying to Vienna, Austria. I have a EuroRail pass for 30 days and intend to explore parts of Europe where I have not ventured, and return to some that I visited too many years ago. It has been a decade since I left North America, and after two years of covid, I am more than ready to wander into new cultures. Perhaps this is not the best month to leave, as it is lobster season and all of my gardens are about to bloom in a couple of weeks, but it should be less crowded in European countries and not so hot along the Mediterranean sea. Friends from France are visiting now, and enjoying lobsters fresh from the sea.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff May 11th 2022

Chris had a work event in Banff, Alberta so I took the opportunity to tag along. This was my first trip to Alberta so I was quite excited to go! I arrived Wednesday afternoon and had the rest of the day to myself so headed into the town centre to do some reconnaissance for the ‘post Shopify’ part of our stay. The people at the Info Centre were super helpful so worth a visit to chat with them to help plan your days. I had booked myself a late afternoon ‘upload’ on the Banff Gondola Sulfur Mountain (Chris did this before I arrived with the Shopifolk); the views at the top of the mountain were spectacular and you realize the scale of these mountains that surround you! This was a pretty epic start to my trip. ... read more
The only bears we saw all week
Inappropriate footwear for Spring hiking
Policmans Creek Boardwalk,  Canmore

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal May 10th 2022

Enfin!! Ce ne sont pas ces derniers 24 mois de disette qui m’ont fait oublier que j’avais hâte de repartir et de savourer à nouveau le plaisir de préparer un séjour à l’étranger. Vous me direz sûrement que j’avais amplement le temps de fignoler mon prochain itinéraire, vous avez bien raison! J’ai eu beaucoup de temps! Et comme ce ne sont pas les destinations qui manquent, et que vous connaissez maintenant mon goût pour les endroits qui sortent un peu de l’ordinaire et qui sont moins envahis par les touristes, j’ai arrêté mon choix sur l’Islande. L’Islande mystérieuse, pays de volcans et de glaciers, où le soleil ne se montre pas en hiver et ne se couche jamais en été. Origine des Vikings, en plein milieu du cercle polaire, un pied en Amérique du Nord et ... read more

The tour started off by heading straight to Cathedral Grove, the lush, old-growth forest that is unique to Vancouver Island and known across the globe. Dan our heygo guide walked through the network of trails throughout the gathering of ancient trees—some over 800 years old! some of the giant Douglas Fir trees (the biggest measures 75 m (250 ft) in height and 9 m (29 ft) in circumference), he also walked inside the hollowed centre of a tree trunk burned at the centre from an decades old lightening strike! From there, the spectacular views of Little Qualicum Falls was very picturesque filled with waterfalls, rock cliffs and shaded trails. read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa March 13th 2022

We have our dates lined up now and we've booked our reservations for the RV sites where we want to stay. We plan to leave Saturday morning early to drive down into the US towards the Boston, MA area. We've planned on staying three nights in that area taking in some sites before we leave to head to Bar Harbour, ME. Two nights in Bar Harbour area to take in the beaches and quaint shops. Next, we depart for Fundy National Park Campgrounds to stay there for four nights. We've bought bicycles to travel around with while we're at these various campsites. We then leave Fundy for the Quebec City area. We've landed on a campground on the tip of Ile-d'Orleans; about 45 mins east of Quebec City. After a couple of nights there, we'll heave ... read more
2nd Leg of the Journey
Third Drive
Fourth Leg of the Journey

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 25th 2022

In bright sunshine we resumed our quest of a couple of weeks ago to find the former house of our good Skrastins friend, Wally, who passed away in early 2020. From the public parking lot in Inglewood, a dozen walkers set out on the Bow River Pathway, marvelling at the striking scenery covered in soft snow. The downtown high-rises were a mere backdrop to the sculptural dark trees and the slashes of open water in the deep blue river. Climbing to Centre Street, we angled west up the path to Crescent Road. Huge new houses greeted us, but our leader Sheila confidently led us along the escarpment to the intersection where Wally’s former house stood peacefully amongst other traditional homes. For a few minutes we reminisced about his exploits as a fearless hiker and contri... read more
Flyover Park
East Village
Bow River

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton February 20th 2022

I’m writing this post to mark the two-year anniversary of the event which has transformed all of our lives, mostly for the worse. Of course, I’m talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first part below, I’m going to tell the story of how my family and I moved around the world (from Taiwan to Canada) just before COVID started, and what happened to me and my business, a successful travel website, as a result (spoiler: it died). In the second part, I’ll talk about how we’ve passed these two years in my hometown, Edmonton, after being away for many years, and how things are going now, including my new website that I’m really excited about: FunWorldFacts. Moving to Canada (+ COVID) The timing of COVID was, ironically, rather ideal for my family. For some context, ... read more
Our house in Taiwan
Taiwan tea farm
Muscat, Oman

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 18th 2022

This week Toby, a lively black poodle, took Dee and sixteen others on a race through the first-class dog park in url= HigginsPark. Well, Toby raced and the group found a more reasonable pace. While the dogs had the run of several differentiated paddocks, we humans kept to our fenced corridor and made our way onto the Bow River Pathway. Under thick cloud, the rushing water of the river reflected the steel blue of an imminent storm. Actually, the air temperature warmed appreciably, and a shrouded sun lit the bare trees. High in one such distant tree perched a Bald Eagle that occasionally turned its face towards our hopeful cameras. We climbed up a slightly icy ridge and turned to see magnifice... read more
Sue Higgins Park
 Pathway between the dogs' parks
Bow River framed by winter trees

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