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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver April 12th 2021

We had visited Vancouver some years back on a tour which included a cruise along Inside Passage and at the end we spent several days in Vancouver, so this heygo tour brought back memories of the time we walked from our hotel to Stanley Park. Stanley Park was created in 1888 and is the oldest park in the city of Vancouver, spanning 1,000-acres, it’s the third largest public park in North America and today with Moises it was only possible to discover just part of this wonderful area. The 28 km Seaside Greenway is an uninterrupted pathway, including the Stanley Park Seawall which we walked along during our tour with magnificent views across the water to the city. What everyone wanted to see was the famous totem poles and Moises ended the tour in front of ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff March 27th 2021

#heygo Patrick’s son joined him for the evening walk. Finn is 14 and a charming young man, he demonstrated how to make yourself bigger if you come across a bear, he also showed the bear spray he always carries. At the moment the bears are sleeping but they will soon be waking from their winter slumber. We saw a couple of mule deer and listened to the birdsong in the trees. We saw an old beaver dam, amazing how large they are. A separate tour and we arrived at The Fairmont Chateau Hotel on Lake Louise. Lake Louise was first conceived by the railway at the end of the 19th century, as a vacation destination to lure moneyed travelers into taking trains and heading West. By the time airplanes and automobiles had displaced the trains, ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff March 5th 2021 4th March Banff The Hudson’s Bay Company – the oldest incorporated business in North America – received its charter in 1670. The waters flowing into Hudson Bay have their watershed up in the Canadian Rockies and fur traders passed through the more northern Yellowhead route (now Jasper) long before the Bow Valley (where Banff is located) was mapped by Europeans. Why the ‘Yellowhead Trail’? The first nations met blond people for the first time. Canada’ began to emerge as a country in 1867 when Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia entered confederation. The real future of the country occurred when sparsely populated British Colombia joined in 1871 on the provision that a trainline connected the country. Meanwhile, in 1867 Russia sold Alaska to the post-civil war USA for 2 cents an acre! Russia ... read more

Back in July last year we decided that it would not be safe for us to leave Canada (no explanation needed.) Vancouver Island was the obvious choice with its mild winter weather. We picked 5 accomorations in 4 locations over the 15 weeks of our getaway. There are 3 panoramas at the start. They scroll automatically after about 5 seconds. Tap on the first photo to enlarge it then scroll through the rest. If you don’t want to receive this link let me know and I’ll unsubscribe you. Comments always welcome.... read more
Good trade
Naval tribute
Emily Carr exhibit

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto March 1st 2021 28th February - A Walk Through Toronto’s South Core Our guide today focuses on the architecture of the city. We started our tour outside the huge Union Station. Construction on this iconic landmark began in 1914 amidst a materials shortage during World War I, but the station didn’t officially open until 1927. Since then, Union Station has welcomed waves of immigrants to Toronto, survived a major fire, and endured more than 90 years of wear and tear. Union Station was designed in the grand manner of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris It was built by Canadian Pacific Railway and Grand Trunk Railway at a time when a railway station was viewed as the gateway to a city, Union Station was the largest and most opulent train station erected in Canada during the last great ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 21st 2021 20th February - Old Town and the Future City Toronto As one of the perfect examples of a modern city, Toronto has some incredible buildings and structures that appeal to not only Canadians but also people all over the world. We started our virtual tour at St.Lawrence Market, located in Toronto's historic Old Town, the St. Lawrence Market has seen many faces since its construction in the 17th century. Along with being a marketplace, the St. Lawrence Market has served as the city's social center, as well as its City Hall. Today, the market sells goodies galore, from gourmet cured meats on one end to handcrafted jewelry in the other. The St. Lawrence Market is divided into three buildings: the South Market, the North Market and St. Lawrence Hall. We continued our walk always looking ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » Kitsilano January 2nd 2021

The first trip I ever took was at four years of age, on foot, alone. It took a long time for them to realize I was gone, but this was the fifties when kids were put out like laundry, tossed about by the wind, then brought in again. Like any journey, it began with the first step, but after that I had to wing it. My arithmetic skills were simply not up to the task. Instead, I concentrated on my feet marching along the sidewalk in black Maryjanes. One. Two. Three. Four. I remember the trudge as if it happened yesterday. There was a busy intersection, broad as the mighty Mississippi, and a large grassy field with a playground. The jungle gym shimmered in the sun and I was tempted to stop at the swings. On ... read more
Hallowe'en 2020
Chanukah 2020
Old Sweetie/May 2020.

North America » Canada » Quebec December 23rd 2020

We are deep into 2nd wave of covid-19 pandemic in Quebec. :-( Everything will close during end of year holidays. The authorities just started to vaccine the population. At least 6 months will be required to vaccine everybody. No trip outside the country before next fall! But next trip will be to Africa!! In the last months, I took opportunities to visit, and revisit, places around my home. When you take time to observe more carefully, you discover beauty in smaller things! In blog, can see things I photograph during the last month. As the title suggests, one evening, I saw the pinkest skies I have ever seen. It was strange, like being on an other planet. but it was also very beautiful!! See you next time.... read more
Beautiful butterfly
One of my favorite dragonfly
pink sky

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary December 4th 2020

The sun shone on us with autumnal warmth, even while the calendar said winter. The Calgary Greenwaystretches 138 kilometres around the city. We gathered at 16 Avenue and 68 Street NE to explore on foot a section that is usually ignored when we speed by in our cars. As we rounded a curve from 16 Avenue, we began to parallel Stoney Trail, albeit from a good distance. Neighbourhoods full of two-storey houses bordered the other side of the path, and it seemed that each neighbourhood had its own path onto the Greenway. Indeed, more than on any other walk, we encountered people striding and strolling for their daily exercise. We all waved and “helloed”. One couple stopped to talk to me. They wanted to know where we were from, possibly thinking we were a tour group. ... read more
Man on slough
Calgary Greenway, Monterey Park
Aspen stand

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park November 9th 2020

Le 19 septembre 2020, Le réveil sonne à 5:00. C'est dur, mais on fait passer la pilule avec un appel-vidéo à nos trois petits monstres, restées à Montréal. Tandis que nous nous préparons rapidement, nous sommes rassurés de ne pas entendre bouger et parler dans les chambres à côté: nous avons plus de chance d'être dans les temps pour accéder à Moraine Lake avant que la route ne soit barrée. On visait d'y être pour 5:45, et bien c'est finalement à 5:39 qu'on arrive à la barrière et heureusement, les garde-parc nous laissent passer. À nous Moraine Lake! La route d'accès fait plusieurs kilomètres, on tournoie en pleine forêt dans la nuit noire. Puis, c'est le choc quand on arrive au stationnement: il semble y avoir un énorme happening nocturne ici. Plusieurs personnes ont apporté leur ... read more
Magique Moraine Lake
On prend la pose à Moraine Lake

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