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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 16th 7575

Seems ages since the last message here. Sorry to hear about the storm in New Plymouth! We saw on the news that snow fell on Wellington - what's going on there? Well done Nicole with your projects! You certainly are a great all-rounder Ryan - there's not too many chaps who play rugby and chess - brains and strength WOW! How was the music fest Russell & Timothy? What was your disguise? Also how was the gig? Now, where were we travell-wise? The Cosmos tour is over and we have been spending a few days on our own in Halifax. It's been great to sleep in!!! The staff here at the Lord Nelson are great - they don't rush us and they speak English! The sea food is great - had a whole lobster each the ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Oakville May 29th 2015

It's 22.53 on the 26th of May. So I think today I'll write about Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Dad, you didn't like the amount of alcohol consumed in the last few blogs - so you may want to look away now. I probably won't get it all done today, but I hopefully I can get it finished and uploaded by tomorrow night. So Saturday. Since we weren't really asleep until about 3.30-4 the night before, we weren't up until 12 noon on Saturday. Eventually we got up, and Emily kindly cooked us pancakes, bacon and eggs - a pretty good way to kick start the morning. We hadn't really got much planned for the day, only that there was to be a barbecue in the evening. It was, however, Matt's birthday - so we all wished ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 28th 2015

I had my first ever business trip for an international TESOL conference inTorontoCanadawhere I presented along with three of my colleagues on how to resuscitate your listening and speaking classes. And by ‘business trip’ I mean it was nearly entirely paid for- flight, hotel and most food. I had to buy my own drinks, which I happily did, especially since I could order Havana Club in most bars! I’ve never had anyone pay for my travel and just couldn’t get over how great this idea was- someone else paying for me to see the world. I’ve been toCanadaandTorontoseveral times. My family used to live in upstateNew York, and I remember the days when we would cross the border without a passport. SoCanada, sadly, was not a new country for me, but I was ok with that ... read more
Toronto tower
kensington Market
Kensington graffiti

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver May 27th 2015

When we left our jobs to travel the world in 2011, we hesitated to refer to what we were doing as retiring. Retiring sounded like something very planned and thought out and perhaps even a little boring. We knew that it would be a challenging task to live non-stop as vagabonds, nomads, transients and maybe in the best of times simply travelers. To start off our journey with the mindset that we would be constantly relaxing and living carefree lives didn’t seem like a good idea. However, we did entertain thoughts of one day driving over some far-away hill and discovering a place where we could settle down once and for all. Of course we would have to permanently put the travel bug to rest first. Or at least quench the desire for daily life changes ... read more
Lions Gate Bridge at Night
Vancouver Skyline
Granville Island

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 27th 2015

It’s been about two months since I’ve slept under a mosquito net; since our summit to Mt. Kilimanjaro; since I’ve stepped on a pleasantly dusty and bumpy road – and I’ve never missed anything more in life. I’ve lived away from ‘home’ twice before; in London, England and in Hawai’i -- and as amazing and beautiful as these places are in their own right, once I left, I LEFT. My leaving them wasn’t accompanied with a longing, with a wanderlust-ic heartache. Maybe it’s because it’s still kind of cold here and my injured toe can’t bear to wear anything BUT flip flops. Maybe it’s because I haven’t heard a word of Swahili in two months and hearing someone say "elfu kumi na tano” on TV made my heart skip a beat. Maybe it’s because I’m going ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Haines Junction May 27th 2015

Well, last night and this morning we got our first rain since the Dakota's, and it was kind of nice hearing it on the RV. Luckily, it let up by the time we got up, although it remained overcast. We've got our fingers crossed that it will clear this afternoon for our Ferry ride across Taiya Inlet to Haines, AK, then up the Haines highway back to the AlCan highway. As we did not have to be at the Ferry until 1:30 pm, we had very relaxed morning, catching up on our laundry and straightening up the RV. Ray found a scrub brush on a pole and bucket and washed the front end of the RV. It was caked with bugs, and was rather gross. We moved the RV's to the Ferry staging area around 10:30, ... read more
Catching up on email
Downtown Skagway
Chillin' at the campground

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff May 27th 2015

They say that it takes 7 positives to overcome one negative, particularly if it relates to your self esteem. Well on this occasion it was approximately seven positive experiences that overshadowed the one negative experience over the course of the last two week ends. DINOSAUR PROVINCIAL PARK The first of these positive experiences was when I decided to have a day trip towards the south of Alberta. My original intentions were to head past Okotoks to see the boulders and head down as close to Waterton as I could, but instead I found that I changed my mind once I stepped into the car and drove to the Dinosaur Provincial Park a good 2 hours east of Calgary. I will say it was not the most glamorous drive nor does it look like something amazing when ... read more
Dinosaur Provincial Park
Another aspect of Dinosaur Provincial Park
Calgary Club Golf Course on route to Calgary

North America » Canada » Ontario » Oakville May 26th 2015

It's 19.52 on the 25th May. Today I'll write the first 3 days that I have missed, then I'll do the next 3 tomorrow or the next day - I've got a lot to tell. So Wednesday. We got up and begun the day doing some picking of the salad greens that were ready for harvesting. Matt cut Arugula, Rosie and Kate cut Cutting Celery, and I filled 4 crates full of a variety of red and green lettuce. Once we'd harvested enough, one of the larger greenhouses was practically empty as we'd pulled up near all the lettuce growing in it. Therefore, the next job was the hoe the ground in the greenhouse ready for the next crop to be planted. This took us up to lunch, and once we returned we were ready to ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City May 25th 2015

Lundi 25 mai 2015. Depuis Québec, à l' Auberge des Hauts chez Suzanne et Pier (à recommander) veille du départ pour les USA. Un petit mot sur ce qui s'est passé depuis que nous nous sommes quitté en septembre dernier. Janvier, février motoneige, a Ste Anne du Lac chez mon ami Steeve avec un hiver particulièrement froid, régulièrement - 35. Février après le froid, la super chaleur + 35, de Bali pour un séjour d' une quinzaine de jours. Survol de mon itinéraire envisagé pour cet été. Québec, Boston, New York Miami, Nouvelle Orléans, (Peut être une petite incursion au Mexique) Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphie, Québec. Environ 25 états, pour 20 000km. Trois envies que j' espère pouvoir réaliser, remonter la 5eme Avenue de New York en voiture décapotée, rouler sur la plage de ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake May 24th 2015

Awoke early this morning, 5:30 am, to bright sunlight. Days are long here. After showering and dressing, Ray opened the door to find his new friend, Bebe, waiting for him. After a slice of cheese (and I'm running low for grilled cheese sandwiches), the sauntered off together to button up the RV's systems. We all went to the main lodge and had a homemade "lumberjack" breakfast. Bought some souveniers, couple of the cinnamon buns and we departed northbound. Our route today was through some of the most scenic country since leaving Lake Louise/Jasper. Our first stop was Summit Lake. This was a gorgeous, turquoise lake that's the highest summit on the Alaskan Highway. Next we encountered a winding section of highway with steep cliffs on either side of the road. He we saw our first Rock ... read more
Breakfast in the Lodge
Alcan north of Watson Lake
Our first Moose sighting

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