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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 17th 2019

As I type this entry it's 34 hous after the time I got up on Friday (5am) and its STILL Friday! We actually landed in Canada 2 hours BEFORE we took off so effective I figure we were younger when we arrived than when we left. Not sure what that means exactly on the way back but I sure it will have something to do with time travel. The flight over was in a Dreamliner 787. A very nice plan even back in the cheap seats in Economy. The flight was uneventful but a 14 hours is still a VERY long time to spend sitting on a plane. We got into Canada at 7:30am. The bikes all turned up safe and sound and we made our way by taxi to a Storage Facility near our hotel ... read more
The weary travellers arrive
Three of the Amigos

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 14th 2019

More marine life adds to the excitement in the Inside Passage. Pacific white-sided dolphins: Dolphins on the bow: Seal play: read more
Kayaks in Reid Harbor
Peter decarbonizes barge operator
Shearwater abandoned docks

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Liverpool August 14th 2019

Spending a few days in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. Today we visited the Information Centre and they recommended we visit the local cement sculptures. We did and we were so so impressed. They are called Concrete Creations and can be found at Cosby's Garden Centre in Liverpool. Although the centre was non-descript at the entrance, lurking behind the garden centre is a large number (perhaps 30 - 40) of concrete sculptures arranged on a number of trails behind the centre. The trails are wonderfully manicured with a wide variety of plants and shrubs . The various statues are intermingled amongst the greenery along the trails. We spent 30 minutes there walking around the trails and admiring the intricate sculptures. A must see if you are in the Liverpool area. In fact, it is well worth a ... read more
Me at Concrete Creations, Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Concrete Creations, Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Concrete Creations, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

North America » Canada » Nunavut August 14th 2019

It was whirlwind. What just happened? I don't fully understand how my two months in the Canadian Central Arctic vanished so quickly. How does time do that? Is time less relevant at these latitudes? Does a captivating scene speed up time? Does the solitude of silence and emptiness accelerate time? Nunavutmut tunngasugitsi - Welcome to Nunavut. The season was really vivid - the colours, the people, the exploration! Perhaps the weather had something to do with the time passing so swiftly and silently? The region was blessed with an incredibly warm, sunny and almost windless two months - many temperatures soaring into the high teens, day after day. Dry ground and low water levels meant that we were almost unlimited as to what we could do. I hiked ridges and canyons, mountains and plateaus. I ran ... read more
Bellot Strait
Xanthoria sp.
Cape Anne

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Hartley Bay August 10th 2019

WHALES! On our way to Prince Rupert last week, we started to see more whales, spotting a humpback in the Fraser Reach, a few orcas in Wright Sound, and some dolphins or seals feasting in the distance. Now on our downward slide south, we traverse virgin waters for Ama, heading west towards the open ocean but still skirting the Browning Entrance into Petrel Channel, and the first encounter with any other creatures, is whales! When there are whales on both sides of the bow, and you can hear their breath, “whooshing” out and up into giant plumes, the spray falling on our decks, we know we have found whales! And now we are too close. Though we are barely 100 meters from shore, humpback whales are on both sides of our boat. Suddenly Ama feels very ... read more
Whale fin flying
Squally Channel whale
Hello Humpback

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sydney August 9th 2019

August 2, 2019 – Sydney, NS - Weather: 77°F/25°C, Bright sunny clear skies, wind 10.3 mph, humidity 53° Our port of call today is Sydney NS, located out on the easternmost tip of Cape Breton Island. This colonial town was established shortly after the American Revolution and helped establish a British presence in the area. Sydney was established primarily as a garrison town and was laid out by military engineers. It attracted a number of United Empire Loyalists who fled to British North America from the American Colonies. Once home to one of the largest steel mills in Canada, the plant is now closed and the site has been cleared. The city currently relies on tourism as its primary industry, attracting 100+ cruise ships alone each year. Ideally situated near the Cabot Trail that takes you ... read more
2_Our Guide
3_St. Patrick's
4_Jost Heritage House

August 3, 2019 – Corner Brook, NL - Weather: 77°F/25°C, Bright sun in am - partly cloudy skies in pm, wind 8.1 mph, humidity 78° After crossing the Gulf of St. Lawrence overnight we docked in Corner Brook on the western coast of Newfoundland. The area has been inhabited for over 3,500 years, first by the Maritime Archaic people, the French, Spanish, Portuguese and the British. All were attracted to the area for its fishing, and whaling. This region was extensively mapped by Captain James Cook in 1767, and there is a monument to the famous explorer and cartographer overlooking the city. Our tour today was to Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This driving tour stopped at the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse, where our daughter-in-law’s great uncle was the lighthouse keeper. We ... read more
2_Lobster Cove Lighthouse flags
3_Gros Morne
4_View from Norris Point

August 4, 2019 – Red Bay, Labrador - Weather: 54°F/12°C, Heavy fog enveloped the ship by 9:30 am, heavy rains in pm, clearing skies at sailing with heavy cloud bank on horizon, wind 17.1 mph, humidity 87° This port’s claim to fame is that it is considered one of the most complete and well-preserved examples of a historic whaling station in Canada. As such it is today a National Historic Site that offers visitors a glimpse into the history and lifestyle of the 16th-century whalers. The site didn’t attract much attention until the early 20th century and it wasn’t until the late 1970’s that underwater exploration discovered sunken artifacts that answered some long-held secrets. We had planned to take the tenders ashore and do a simple self-guided tour of the town and the whaling s... read more
2_Life on a rock
3_Tenders ready to go
4_Ghost revealed

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 4th 2019

Smooth 14 1/2 hour flight to Vancouver which, contrary to Shaun’s misgivings about Air Canada was very comfortable with good food, plenty of leg room and friendly staff. Then a couple of hours at the airport with time for a snack lunch, then another hour and a half flight to Calgary. Met at the airport by our BnB hosts then half an hour in the car to our accomodation. Very nice place on the edge of the city. So we are nicely settled in and there’s a knock on the door - Shaun and girlfriend had decided to surprise us by driving 3 hours up from Medicine Hat. Great surprise. Then we all headed off to grab some groceries and later went for a great meal at a nearby Italian place. It was helpful that Shaun ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Calabogie August 3rd 2019

Cycling on Pelee, Island Location: Leamington, Ontario Surface: mostly hard-packed gravel Distance: 30+ km Washrooms/Water: No Signage: Yes Pelee Island is a 90-minute ferry ride from Leamington, Ontario and costs about $10 each way, including your bike. While on the ferry pick up a map of the island. Pelee Island is the most southerly inhabited area in Canada. From the ferry terminal, there is only one road and you can go left or right. It is 6 of one and ½ dozen the other! I would say that approximately 75% of the roads on the island are hard-packed gravel and suitable for a bike with hybrid tires. There are NO hills. Every intersection is well marked with a bike symbol and Waterfront trail sign. Around the island is approximately 30 km depending... read more
Pelee Island  (15)
Pelee Island  (13)
Pelee Island  (11)

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