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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 16th 7575

Seems ages since the last message here. Sorry to hear about the storm in New Plymouth! We saw on the news that snow fell on Wellington - what's going on there? Well done Nicole with your projects! You certainly are a great all-rounder Ryan - there's not too many chaps who play rugby and chess - brains and strength WOW! How was the music fest Russell & Timothy? What was your disguise? Also how was the gig? Now, where were we travell-wise? The Cosmos tour is over and we have been spending a few days on our own in Halifax. It's been great to sleep in!!! The staff here at the Lord Nelson are great - they don't rush us and they speak English! The sea food is great - had a whole lobster each the ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal » Plateau Mont-Royal February 6th 2016

Vue splendide depuis le Mont-Royal de jour et de nuit !... read more
Montréal de nuit

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 1st 2016

On Saturday January 30th 2016, two dozen people boarded a bus for an unknown destination. They had no idea where they were going, or what was going to happen to them that afternoon. All they knew was that they were going to soak up a series of strange experiences, adventures they could digest in their minds for months to come. This mystery 'Xperience' as they call it, was the first ever wholly unique package offered on the Xcitelife list of fun things to do. This company is hoping to design and deploy many such attractions to transform their users to become better people. X stands for Xperience, Xcitement, Xplore. Xcitelife seeks to evolve consumers heretofore content spending money on stale attractions like bars and clubs, dinner and a movie, etc, Those hapless consumers need to break ... read more
Guests sign waivers
merrymaking on the bus
More delicious chocolate

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » False Creek January 22nd 2016

Have you ever thought about what you'd do if given an extra two days in your favourite city? We had some half formed plans to visit the city of Victoria, British Columbia's capital, on Vancouver Island. This was another thing that I had wanted to do six years ago and had not got around to. Sadly we had not anticipated how much time and money it would cost us to get there and we ended up cancelling. The upshot of this was that it gave us two more days in Vancouver which we were great as our visit so far had felt very rushed. However we didn't really know what we wanted to do with the time. Day 4 - China Town, English Bay and Flying Over Canada Our bodies just would not adjust to the ... read more
English Bay
Sunset at English Bay
Berries in the Chinese Garden

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » Stanley Park January 20th 2016

One night, just before we left Australia, we had a panic; to enter New Zealand we had to have an onward ticket. An hour slipped by frantically searching for a good ticket. At the time we had quite complex plans for South East Asia but just couldn't make them work. Another frustrating hour slipped by. I started thinking outside the box and looking for connections to anywhere in the world. Suddenly a really cheap flight to Vancouver popped out of my screen. It was so cheap relative to everything else we'd seen that we couldn't say no. I have to whisper this, so as not to offend Cape Town (where Lindsey was born), but Vancouver may be my favourite city on earth. It has everything: the ocean, mountains, parkland, skyline, friendly people, a vibrant cultural scene, ... read more
Stanley Park Totem Poles
Robson St at Night
Granville Island Market

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 19th 2016

17th Niagara Falls to Toronto today by bus. Had a late start as there was no rush. Bus was departing 1235. Original plan was to catch the local bus up to the bus terminal (had to walk the last 10 mins) but then about 1000…it started snowing. And steadily got heavier. OK, so the locals just called it a flurry…but to us it was snowing!! And how beautiful it was. Just after 1400 we arrived in Toronto..where it wasn’t snowing, so we walked 1km to our hotel…dragging out bags. Staying at Cambridge Suite Hotel…dumped our bags and then set off to explore. On the way to the hotel we noticed a line of people forming a queue to a Japanese Cheesecake shop….so we headed back there to see what all the fuss was about. We joined ... read more
Got it!!
Frozen water in marina
20160118_130930 (1024x747)

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls January 16th 2016

14th We purposely booked a later flight to give us time to get to the airport out of rush hour. As it was, the tube (or metro as they call it here) was packed as we crammed in with our luggage. That was only for about 4 stops and then it cleared out enough for us to get a seat the rest of the way. We transferred to the ‘air train’ towards the end of the line and then only a few stops to terminal 5. Pretty easy really. And not expensive. Taxi or shuttle bus was going to cost us way too much. We didn’t have a long wait, and check in was painless. We had a lovely lady checking us in, chatting away. Wondering why on earth we would want to be going to ... read more
The footpath
Seat anyone
Ice trees

North America » Canada January 12th 2016

So as I promised, I am doing a recap of my packing list so I can learn from my travels and maybe others can learn too. A lot of these things are just personal preferences, and may be limited to this particular trip, but I think any trip I take in the future to warm tropical climates would probably result in a similar list. Main items Rubber flip flops Pink runners Beige slip on sandals Toms slip on shoes Purple 40L Patagonia carry-on sized backpack – loved it! 4 larger mesh packing cubes 3 small mesh packing bags Green over the shoulder purse Red daypack Dry bag From this category I wouldn’t bring the slip on fancy sandals I had packed. I didn’t use them at all, and while they didn’t take up a lot of ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia January 7th 2016

It was just four days after I got back to Manila from my trip in Sydney. I was running after Chris to steal the ball from him. Before I reached him my ankle twisted, then my torso followed and twisted to the left, and I heard my bone crack, then I fell. It cracked so loud everyone in the football stadium heard it. I broke my femur. I couldn't move my right leg. But it didn't hurt. I just felt numb. I knew it snapped. First I called my boss to tell her I won't be able to show up for work the following day, she didn't pick up. I called my sister and told her what happened. It was already past 10PM and I knew she had work the following day so I told her ... read more
Backpacker on crutches!
Frozen Alpha Lake, Whistler BC

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa January 7th 2016

YOW. An acronym to strike fear into the hearts of the easily bored. Ottawa International Airport, please arrive three hours early so we can bleed off some of your vacation dollars before you even get to where your're going. Susan kindly drove us to the airport and we enjoyed looking at the snow and ice covering everything, knowing that there's a good chance that this is the end of this winter for us. So a bite at D'Arcy McGee's while we give posting to the blog a whirl. And photos. Got to test photos. We are vibrating with excitement as we are about to leave on the biggest trip of our lives. The scope and breadth of this tour is far beyond anything we've done before. We are looking forward to new experiences, sights, sounds and ... read more

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