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North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 22nd 2017

Bonjour à tous, Si vous êtes accro au téléphone portable, si vous n'aimez pas la nature, si vous n'êtes que citatin, si vous n'aimez pas le vert, surtout ne venez pas dans la région. Sur les 540km d'aujourd'hui, je n'ai eu seulement environ 2 km de réseau téléphonique. Un bon entendeur........ Pour ce qui est de mon hôtel hier au soir, beaucoup de cachet à l'extérieur, mais les chambres confortables, pour un moine en pénitence, difficile de faire plus simple et rustique. Par contre le prix lui est une pénitence, mais pour Dawson, c'est quasiment le plus abordable. Regarderez les photos. Hier au soir, il était tôt, je voulais aller boire un bière, dans un saloon, de type début 1900, avec danseuses de Cancan. Je me suis rendu compte devant la saloon, que je n'avais que ... read more
sur le Yukon
Five Finger Rapids
la chambre

North America » Canada » Yukon » Dawson City July 21st 2017

Bonjour à tous, Ce soir je suis dans la ville que de plus en plus de français voient très souvent à la tv, dans les émissions sur les chercheurs d'or, les trappeurs, etc, toutes ces émissions tournées soit au Yukon, soit en Alaska. Petite info le fleuve Yukon ne fait que 3885 !. Il prend sa source près de Juneau et se jette dans la mer de Bering. Hier en me couchant à Tok, j'était heureux, car le ciel était pur, et il faisait 27°, ce qui augurait une bonne et belle journée pour aujourd'hui. Revers de la médaille, jusqu'aux environs de 23h le soleil à tapé dans la chambre, et c'est devenue une étuve.Ce matin le ciel était gris clair, avec 17°. Ma première photo je vais la faire tout près de Tok, la rivière ... read more
Dawson City
hotel de Tok

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat July 21st 2017

Had a phenomenal drive through Lake Louise and Banff this morning. Fires have started in Banff so the smoke was an issue again. We'll have to return to this area someday, we got robbed of alot of beauty because of the forest fires! When😊 we got to the east side of Calgary the landscaping went flat- no mountains or trees. Hot and windy. Mainly ranches and fields. Miss the mountains so much!! Ordered in Chinese. Think Rainy will be happy to get home. This heat is hard to adjust to.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Golden July 20th 2017

Hung out at the yurt till 1 took Rainy to the vet to get her nails clipped and anal glands checked. Got another oil change and then to the brewery again. We would rate this one in the top 3. Had a plate of cheese, olives and almonds. Perfect appetizers. Finally getting some rain. Hopefully it will help with the forest fires. Grilled burgers for dinner. Hate to leave tomorrow. Changed our route back again to go thru Lake Louise and Banff. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Golden July 19th 2017

Spent the day exploring beautiful Golden. Had a few errands to run. Very smokey out again today. Cleared off in the afternoon. Checked out the White tooth Brewery. Had a good selection but "Bruno's " brown ale was my favorite 😂. Came home to BBQ pork chops. Still sitting outside sipping beers at 10 pm. Attached some pictures of the smoke over Golden today.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper July 18th 2017

Got up early to try and get on the Jasper Sky Tram early. As soon as we left Hinton we were in the Jasper National Park! So remarkable! When we got to the tram there already was an hour and a half wait and they warned that the visibility was poor due to the smoke from the forest fires in BC. So we decided to not waste the money and enjoy the park. The smoke was so bad you could hardly see the mountains 😟. Bummer. It was still awesome! Jasper National Park is connected to Banff National Park. We stopped and had a picnic. Ran into major road construction on our last leg. Delayed us about an hour. But so unbelievably beautiful we didn't mind. Arrived about 3 at the Two Ravens Yurt. A place ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden July 17th 2017

Finale: Brandon to Home The bigmikeride was complete for this year, but I still woke up at my usual insanely early hour. Paul and Mariette are also early risers and for the last time I watched them perform their precisely choreographed morning routine of packing up. They work silently, each doing a different task - one rolling up bedding and packing dry bags while the other collapses the tent - in no time they had turned their camp into a pile of tight bundles, which they then carefully loaded in their panniers and bob trailer. It had become my habit to offer them a coffee each morning when they had finished packing their bikes. Making coffee was my only real job in the morning, as Michele - our team’s self titled “Sherpa” - did everything else ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton July 17th 2017

Arrived in Alberta! And caught our first view of the Canadian Rockies! Very impressed. Stayed at the Big Horn motel and ordered another Boston Pizza!! Did I mention how good they are?? Looking forward to our trip to Jasper!! Rainy is really shedding late. Usually it's in the spring. But we've been in such cool, comfortable weather. Until 2 days ago. .now it's in the 70's!! Brush her every chance I get!... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Churchill July 16th 2017

Today Canada celebrated 150 years (edited for accuracy! woops) and as such we went over the bay to visit the Prince of Wales Fort. This fort was originally built by the Hudson Bay Company as a means to protect their fur trade interests. Sometime around the late 1700s the French took possession of the fort, but with few resources to man the fort they quickly returned it back to the English. Not before trashing the place of course. Today there is quite a bit of reconstruction work going on as the building is crumbling in this harsh atmosphere. While on the island we tasted Inuit bread bannock (sp), which is basically an unleavened, flour-based, bread. It was very good. We also learned more about some of the research being done in the area - apparently the ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta July 16th 2017

Wasn’t that a Party! Wow! All the Coasters and the locals up dancing. The music was great. They sure know how to show you a good time in Patricia. The town only has a population of about 100 and we are over 200. We stopped at the Dinosaur Provincial Park on the way there and did several little hikes before the rain started. It was raining hard when we were setting up but it was welcome and stopped almost as quickly as it started. Dinner at Patricia Hall was a terrific - roast beef and all the trimmings, followed by a log pulling contest. Two draft horses pull a log through an obstacle course and back, then they must pull the log 3 feet, then 2 feet , then 1 foot. They lose points for every ... read more
Lomond Alberta farm display
Dinasaur povincial park near Patricia Alberta
badlands, Dinasaur provincial park

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