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North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie October 28th 2016

C'est parti pour une semaine en van, pour le tour de la Gaspésie : 6 nuits, 7 étapes, 3 parcs naturels, 2 200 km, autant vous dire qu'on a pas le temps d'niaiser. Pour être sur de bien comprendre l'accent du fin fond de la gaspesie, on se prend un petit cour de quebecois par solange sur internet pour comprendre les expressions : ETAPE 1 : Chicoutimi, Le Saguenay Direction le Saguenay en passant par Wendake, village autochtone Huron où les rues portent le nom d'animaux ou de Chefs de tribus. Egalement un haut lieu de l'artisanat autochtone. En chemin, nous traversons le Parc faunique des Laurentides, la forêt se densifie et les couleurs sont de plus en plus vives. En fin de journée, nous décidons de faire étape à Chicoutimi, une ville plutôt étudiante ... read more
Sainte Rose du nord
Sainte Rose du nord

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie January 4th 2014

One of the best way to start a new year is certainly to do an expedition with good friends. 2013 started that way and proved to be one of the best years of my life... So the friends I skied with last year and I decided to do another backcountry ski trip to celebrate the new year. Two other friends were able to join us. So the five of us went to the Parc de la Gaspésie and did the Mount Logan trip, which I had done... 17 years ago! A five day, going from shelter to shelter, enjoying incredible sceneries and perfect snow conditions. Except for the first day where we had fresh snow and mild weather, the rest of the trip was very cold, going down to at least -38. But we just kept ... read more
Ready to go!
I love it!!!!
Day 1: snowing!

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie September 4th 2013

September 4, 2013 It was so humid in Riviere-du-Loup that the clothes we hand washed last night and hung outside didn't dry one bit. Spent a boring half hour in the early morning in a laundromat drinking Tim Horton Coffee (good) and watching the dryer go round because all the magazines there were in French. There was an IKEA catalogue in English but it was from 2003. Did I mention we are paying over $5 (US) a gallon for gas now? We need to quit complaining about the USA prices. The route we are taking (132) takes us all the way around the Gaspesie Peninsula and we are seeing many small pretty fishing villages, each neat as can be with no litter in sight or junk near any homes. There are also a lot of vacation ... read more
Homes on the St. Laurent
Bic NP

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie August 7th 2012

After leaving Quebec City we drove to the Gaspesie Peninsula. Our route took us along the St Lawrence River and through many small towns. The speed limit is mostly 90 k/hr (56m/hr) except for curves and some towns. I always feel odd when we barrel through a town that doesn’t require us to slow down; I wonder if we missed the sign. We stopped in Ste Flavie for one night at Capitaine Homard Campground. Periodically we would see the name Homard during our travels and I just thought it must be a popular name. We later learned that is the word for lobster! The further north we traveled, the road became more curvy and hilly and our greatest grade was 15%. We settled in for a four night stay near Riviere-au-Renard, so we would have time ... read more
Afternoon hike to the lighthouse
George and friends
Perce Rock

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie June 28th 2011

June 28 Late in our third week we began our journey north on 93 to old route 3 for the scenic drive through the white mountains. We stopped to pay our respects to what remained of the Old Man of the Mountain, this icon of my childhood, on our drive north to Quebec City, Canada. Our 6 ½ hour drive was punctuated by frequent moose warning signs so we were ever watchful for this large animal to come running onto the road. We stopped for lunch at Le Chateau, a wonderful little restaurant in the tiny town of Weeden, Canada that had surprisingly good food. I had a green salad with the tastiest roasted chicken and Dave enjoyed his chicken dinner and a lovely chocolate pecan cake (that I devoured with my eyes). We arrived at ... read more
Dave in Lower Town, Quebec City
Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City
The Queen's Goat

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie June 19th 2011

Start of the 2 week trip through Gaspe and New Brunswick Acadian Penninsula. Paul got out of school on June 17th, so on the 18th we headed out for a 2 week holiday. A chance to see things we may not get to if we have to travel all the way from Alberta another summer. Saturday the 18th we travelled from Quebec City up the north shore of the St. Lawrence to Tadoussac. To get to Tadoussac, you cross the Sagueney river via a ferry. We were really hoping to see whales, especially Belugas on the crossing, as both Claude and I have seen them there in the past, but we were not in luck today. The whales come to the mouth of the Saguenay as there are a lot of fish there. We had hoped ... read more
"People" into the tide
More people sculptures
playing along the beach, St. Flavie

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie March 10th 2011

(Contributing Photographers-Michael Weinstein and John Carson: Many thanks) The motel owner was cooking breakfast for us the next morning. We discussed our travel options and it was agreed that the only viable option was to backtrack our previous travels to get back to Riviere du Loup on Friday evening for a Saturday departure for home. We couldn't go any other way and still make it back Friday. It was very disappointing because you could see how wonderful it would have been to be able to complete the whole tour. We just had rotten luck with the blizzard and the aftermath of it. We went through the mountains yesterday in the dark, so at least we would get to see some of the best scenery in the Gaspe Peninsula in daylight on our ride back from Mont ... read more
At Motel Mont-Louis
The General Store
Homemade Rolls

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie March 9th 2011

(Contributing Photographer-Michael Weinstein: Many thanks) When we were stuck out in the field yesterday, we had another problem I didn't mention. Gary's sled wouldn't start. It has electric start and wouldn't do anything. Skidoo had a better idea and when you buy a new sled from them with electric start, they don't give you a pull starter like every other snowmobile on the planet. We tried to jump start it from John's battery and nothing happened. Gary then had to pull out the emergency rope and finally got it started by pulling it on the clutch. When we got back to the hotel and parked in front, I tried to start mine and had the exact same problem. What else could happen???? The next morning Gary called the Skidoo dealer and they sent a couple guys ... read more
The Hill Outside the Riotel
Helping Get Rich Unstuck
Groomed Trail!

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie March 8th 2011

(Contributing Photographer-Michael Weinstein: Many thanks) It sure was beautiful when we woke up this morning. The sun is shining. The snow has stopped and the wind has calmed down. About 8:30, a crew from a local TV station came to the hotel and wanted to do a piece about the blizzard and snowmobilers, so Gary gave them an interview. They also wanted to film our departure from Matane on the snowmobiles for their story. We hope to get a copy of the video. Update 3/31/11: They posted a video of the news story on YouTube. It's all in French, but you can get the drift. Now to get the machines fixed and trail ready. Rich & Charlie were able to get their sleds picked up and brought in to their sled dealers and got them fixed ... read more
TV Cameraman
Breaking Trail
Gary's Stuck

North America » Canada » Quebec » Gaspésie March 7th 2011

(Contributing Photographer-Michael Weinstein: Many thanks) Did I mention it was blowing harder and snowing harder? The next morning we awoke to the Mother of all Blizzards. Being right on the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway, it was ferocious blowing off the sea. It's always hard to determine how much snow fell, but we were told the next day it was over 40 cm (16"). When we got to Matane, Gary realized that something was wrong with his rear suspension. There are several sled dealers in town and he called the Skidoo dealer and was told to bring his sled in and they would look at it. When Charlie got up and tried to ride from the motel portion of the Riotel to the restaurant for breakfast, he found that his sled would not start. The ... read more
After Moving the Sled During The Blizzard
At The Skidoo Dealer
Mike's Sled

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