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North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury June 15th 2018

Massey to Deep River Michele found a site at the Unifor mill workers campground just outside Sudbury. As a former union member (CUPE 1930) and a strong believer in unions, I thought it was a good choice. The campground was mainly filled with RVs and trailers - we were the only occupants of a huge field designated for tenters. I had a few problems getting there, as I had to go on the Sudbury bypass on which cyclists were not allowed. It would have been nice if the authorities had placed the no cycling sign before the ramp to the bypass, rather than after. I could only shrug my shoulders and carry on. We drove into Sudbury so Michele could get her fix of Chapters. The city reminded me a bit of Kenora, built into and ... read more
unifor campground sudbury
cache bay
It is illegal for men to wash dishes

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury September 7th 2017

Three days before takeoff ...just a bit anxious but keep telling myself on this trip all the languages to be encountered are familiar ... no mandarin in sight. One friend will bring me to Toronto. Another will drive me to the airport. Have to find a third friend to pick me up on Jan 10/18. The cabin by the lake has been shut down for winter. The harvest of four green tomatoes, three curly cukes, one green bean and some fantastic lima bean plants have been picked prepared and eaten ..ha ha ha ... really did eat the stuff.... not the lima plantas! My little Pontiac hatchback will be safe under the carport at my sister's house. The apartment nest is tidy and cluttered but cute and comfy. All electricity will be shut off and the ... read more
...distressed door to compact cabin
...the roosters nest
...deck planters

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury April 29th 2017

Clouds call enticingly to be up, up and away. The upper strata must wait till September 11, 2017, when the UK Bucket List trip begins in London England. The garden by the Lake has been promised a summer of loving attention! ... this being a testy challenge what with below zero temperatures, swarms of blackflies, an eavestrough that an appointed handyman has failed to put right, and a staircase at a forty five degree angle that a nincompoop thought nothing about leaving for an increasingly older young-at-heart retiree. Temperatures are rising! Blackflies apparently pollinate blueberries .. get to it! and away from my face ... the bushes are heavy with white bell shaped blossoms. My sister has attached the eavestrough ... only ten centimeters is missing from the original vinyl trough ... so the job will ... read more
  April 18!
Rug Hooking
..skyline Sudbury

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury October 15th 2016

Sudbury Ontario Canada, my home, my past. For all I complain about my hometown it will always be a part of who I am. For what, I thought of this city is irrelevant, its occupants and the attractions that it has. With a population of 155,000 but with much more coming in for temporary work and other things the population is much higher. In the time that I actually lived in the city and now some things have changed mostly for the best. Starting with the downtown core. Sudbury Bridges of Nations The Sudbury Bridges of Nations has been around since July of 2007. So about the time of my departure the first time of Sudbury. As it stands it has 83 flags from all around the world. The flags of the Bridges of Nations was ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury April 16th 2016

The destination Newfoundland, L'Anse aux Meadows will be the culmination of my Great Canadian Maritime Adventure. Seafood! only will be on the menu cow - no pig - no chicken - no lamb - no llama ...the last two sought only for woolly possibilities. This pic from To reach the tip of Newfoundland and the Viking Settlement at L'Anse aux Measdows, all the maritime provinces must be; traversed - bridged - plied - intersected - negotiated - perambulated - and wandered over. Labrador has been stricken from the schedule .... dams, mines and red lines for highways stretching thru 400km of wilderness have taken the sheen off that part of the adventure. Was not reaching the northern tip of the Labrador coast anyway with the... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury June 8th 2015

It's 16.36 8th of June. We're currently 4 hours into the 31 hour bus journey to Winnipeg, but more in that in the next post. So I think I got up to Wednesday night. Thursday day time was much the same as usual, it was a hot, cloudless day and there was a lot of work to be done. We started the day as we had the last few days - cutting the salad greens for an order. There wasn't all that much, so shortly after we were tasked with erecting a trellis in the field to grow tomatoes on. The first job was to salvage 70 1.5+ metre tall metal poles from the scrap pile. Once we had loaded these into the gator, we brought them out to the field and set about setting then ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury November 7th 2014

Creating my Mandarin cheat notes and saying last minute goodbyes has caused me forget to do the laundry. Oh what the heck ... will go stickit in the machine ... no noisy zips or buttons so drying after 20:00 should be OK. The last week has been a scramble to get things organized, winterized and finished. All bins full of age old junk have been moved from two damp musty locations to a lovely new dry 12x8 wooden shed that my skilled in woodcraft sister has built. I was the go-for! She did a lovely job and we only had the help of two men with the roof. Moving the bins from the plastic shed which is now for sale, and from the woodshed which my sister said sh/could be torched took a whole day in ... read more
All Hallows Eve brought 10cm of snow.
A fire in an ancient grate did nothing to amend the muck and dirt!
The shed is taking shape, is square and stands!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury October 28th 2014

OOOps! foto four of last blog is the packing mess before the house sold. View from the balcony of apartment is as follows ... Also wrote the previous entry while still in Sudbury ... so confuse-ed... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury August 10th 2014

Ce matin petite panne de réveil 7H45 debout, et réveillé par les pétarades des monstres mécaniques Hier au soir, et je crois pour la premiere foi depuis mon départ j' ai mangé un spaghetti, a l' hôtel, il m' a fallu presque 2h pour être servi. Je voulais retourner a l' autodrome l' ambiance m' avais plus et pour une foi que je peux sortir, enfin bref. je fini le blog 9h45 je parts, presque sur que tout était fini, j' avais entendu le feu d' artifice. Cela été le cas, je suis juste allé me mettre dans la circulation, pour rien et au retour la police a mis un barrage control alcoolémie, il l' ont levé 7-8 voitures devant moi. conclusion plus de 2 heures pour rien. Parait que Wawa c' est le bout du ... read more
costume traditionnel
Wawa jolie chambre

North America » Canada » Ontario » Sudbury April 1st 2014

..... having been remiss with blog entries the reporting of past and present adventures will take some time. But let it be known that catch up will occur sooner than later. At this moment I am in a new apartment, selling my house, spending my summer at the lake and waiting for a friend from Austria to visit me in June. The getting-rid-of-junk pile continues to be smaller than the keeping-junk pile. Do not qualify for the reality show Hoarders and therefore do not require people in white suits and masks to come to clean out my stuff. But a giant yard sale has been slotted into someday in May!... read more
Winter Decoration
Winter Tools

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