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February 23rd 2020
Published: March 8th 2020
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its not that i have not been anywhere it is just that where i was i was too occupied to sit for hours recording my adventures. am also getting too lazy to use capitols because i have a new Lenovo laptop and the left hand shift button is half the size ... the other half occupied by the backward slash... did not spot that defect in an otherwise very nice little toy i bought myself with visa reward points. suppose i will get used to the small space with continued use. Lets hope so!

The last three years have been occupied with working in my garden from May till September, and traveling from October til December-January.

And each of these three year trips were to the UK.

2017 - from Land's End to John o' Groats (a distance of 1407km) and beyond to the Hebrides, Orkneys, Shetlands, Northern Ireland, and Eire .... three months by train, bus and ferry...Oct. Nov. Dec.

2018 - Toronto, Ontario, Montreal Quebec, London UK, Heathfield in South Essex UK and New York City ... Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan.

2019 - Shetland, Glasgow, Bath, London and Heathfield in South Essex in the
Fort William, ScotlandFort William, ScotlandFort William, Scotland

From here by train one travels to Mallaig, crossing the 21-arched Glenfinnan viaduct, a location made famous in the Harry Potter films.
UK ... Sept. Oct. Nov.

So far in 2020 I am only traveling to the local YMCA and my Physiotherapist... I came back from my last UK trip hobbling and unable to get into a car without pulling my leg up by my pant much for hours of walking walking walking. By the time I was in Bath, at the beginning of October, there was need for pain killers! With exercise and physio I am 90% improved.

Am currently occupied with local activities like Friendship Morning presented by the Penage Lake Road Women's Institute, volunteering at the Ukranian Seniors' Centre and supporting the best local coffee shop, KuppaJoe's. On the last Saturday of the month a Saturday Date is organized with a different themed dinner each time.The Prayer with Friend on Friday evening is not as popular as the dinners. Knitting, reading, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and hanging out takes up the hours in the day. Definitely no time for Netflix

Being a confessed news junkie much time is spent listening to Corona-virus coverage. Have sworn off CBC until Ford, the present Premier of Ontario leaves office. Am listening to Aljazeera and the BBC. By paying $200 a year all BBC and many European programmes are at my finger tips via the laptop and smart TV.

Getting started again with a bit of a different angle of travel and recording of adventures.

Look at all eleven photos...

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The Viking RouteThe Viking Route
The Viking Route

The ferry from Lerwick, Shetland to Aberdeen, Scotland travels the route overnight. Te 2017 trip was uneventful. Rhe 2019 trip was a disaster even after taking seasickness pills thanks to Storm Dorian.
Fair Isle Museum DisplayFair Isle Museum Display
Fair Isle Museum Display

That's what its all about... fair isle knitting, Jamieson Wool Shops, and great food during Wool Week on Shetland.
Glass House ·DoorknobGlass House ·Doorknob
Glass House ·Doorknob

The Glass House in Belfast on the way to Ulster Museum was entrancing ... and so old!
Actual PosterActual Poster
Actual Poster

Apparently leaves stop trains ... every autumn!
Ulster Museum, Belfast, N.I.Ulster Museum, Belfast, N.I.
Ulster Museum, Belfast, N.I.

In the Museum a large wing has been designated Game of Thrones Land. A tapestry depicts the TV story in a heavily stitched winding cloth from the first to the sixth season with space left free for season seven. The prevalant thread colour through out the scenes is red.
Giant's CausewayGiant's Causeway
Giant's Causeway

North of Belfast ... reached by bus... so windy... such a fantastic view from the B&B.
...the darkness........the darkness.....
...the darkness.....

virus, terrorists, supremacists, kidnappings, floods, fires, plane incidents, locusts, carbon footprint, wonky leg, arthritic thumb and the thirteenth reason ... all leading to the darkness!

9th March 2020

Enjoy reading your blogs and your ventures
9th March 2020

Enjoy reading your blogs and your ventures

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