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North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough August 26th 2019

Peterborough and Lindsay's Victoria Rail Trail The Victoria Rail Trail consists of crushed limestone with some loose gravel sections. It is a part of the TransCanada Trail. A hybrid bike would be fine. Sections in the Lindsay area are paved. Depending on where you start, the distance could be around 51 km. There are a number of modern benches spread out along the trail. There is no water and no washrooms. Most of the trail passes through rural farmland, cornfields and old barns. There are some bridges and river crossings Each road crossing has a name and the distance to the next road crossing. There are a number of places to park. I parked at Jack Callahan Public School, 5 Traceys Hill Road in Kawartha Lakes. The trail crosses the road ab... read more
victoria rail trail
near Omemee
victoria rail trail

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough July 22nd 2018

Well our flight doesn't leave until 9 PM however my body and mind said to get up and start getting ready at 5am. I fought it for another hour tossing and turning and getting more and more excited then got up at 6:10 am. Its a raining day - a good day for leaving our boat behind. Coffee made, last of the laundry folded and it seems like I have more to do but nothing I can do before the stores open! At the top of my list CATALINA dressing - Not Frenches but Catalina for my darling brother in Norway who can't get his hand on it there. :) I will also grab some brown sugar for Joan and that should be all. Today we will leave the house early to stop by and give ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough August 27th 2017

Biking in the Kawartha Lakes Region of Ontario. This route is not a rails to trails but the county roads are very lightly travelled even in summer. The ride starts and ends at the Kirkfield Lift Locks. The village of KIRKFIELD is east of Orillia and North of Peterborough. From Kirkfield go north on COUNTY ROAD 6 for 3.5 km to arrive at the Lift Locks. The Kirkfield Lift Locks are the second highest in the world at 15 metres, surpassed only by the Peterborough Lift Locks at 19 metres. Boats are raised and lowered in huge “tanks” which use the weight of the water to raise and lower the boats. There is a large parking lot at the locks and sometimes, the charge $2.00 for all day parking. Other times the gate is open and ... read more
Kawartha Lakes  (12)
kirkfield map
Kawartha Lakes  (20)

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough June 11th 2016

Peterborough's Rotary Greenway Trail and Lakefield Rail Trail Location: Peterborough to Lakefieldd Number of times biked: 8 Distance: about 16 km to Lakefield Surface: paved (Rotary Trail) and hard packed stone (Lakefield Rail Trail) Rest areas: Benches along the way Water: No Food: both in the two towns. The Rotary Greenway Trail is one of many trails in the city of Peterborough and surrounding area. There are two printed maps available: Peterborough County and City Cycling & Trail Maps, and PeterboRoutes: Recreational Cycling routes . The Rotary Greenway Trail is 7 km long, 3 metres wide and paved and when you connect to the Lakefield Rail Trail portion it ... read more
Trent canal
lakefield trail  (1)
lakefiled  (24)

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough July 20th 2015

Well I am packed and have done everything I think I can possibly do to make my house safe and sound while I am away. I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my dear friends 'The Carters' . The temperature today here in Ontario was 29 degrees with a humidity index making it feel like 34. I spent the evening double checking everything and did the check in for my flight on line and now have my boarding pass on my phone. My suitcase is a little over the allotted 50lbs. I am hoping a big smile will get it through :) Off to bed now to dream of Europe!!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough March 3rd 2015

So here goes... Posting this as a test to make sure I get all the issues ironed out before I head out. Wanna make sure mum and dad know I'm alive and that all of you who care what I'm doing can curse me when you're back home 😉 So long for now... -NB... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough December 17th 2014

Check it out......this will be our belongings for the next six months ........YIKES... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough December 8th 2014

It feels a bit surreal that we are in the home stretch as Dec.24 is going to come fast and furious. Our dream is finally coming true, spending the last 3 yrs. planning and saving, we've discovered a lot about ourselves. Selling the house and moving into a cottage with no couch or TV, where our bedroom wasn't just a place to sleep but Sean's home office and Max's drumming area, the kids were fantastic about sharing a bedroom. (they cease to amaze me) This way of living created space to understand what we can actually live without and at the very least it will have helped prepare us for the first 6 weeks of our trip travelling on an RV :):) giddy up!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough November 28th 2014

As we are getting excited and ready to move out of the cottage..... this past week has been clouded with sadness as we lost our Rosie, she was such a gift to our family so sweet and patient, we will miss her terribly . This is a reminder of just how precious and short life is.... read more

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