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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Cabot Trail June 16th 2015

My first of 3 days exploring the Cabot Trail. Left Cheticamp early morning and visited the information Centre of Cape Breton Highlands National Park. I purchased my pass, picked up a map and off I went. First stop Corny Brook Trail. An easy trail and after an hour you reach a lovely waterfall. Total time about 2 hrs 20 min including pictures. Next stop Fishing Cove trail It is described as a "steady descent to rugged coastline." Steady indeed! An elevation change of 1165 feet. Quite a demanding hike up as the first 45 minutes is this steady ascent! Needless to say I took my time, rested often, and had my share of water breaks. A sunny day, a bit cool, around 13 C but pleasant for a hike. The cove is small but worth the ... read more
Corny Brook Trail
Me at Corny Brook Waterfall

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck August 7th 2013

7 August, 2013 After breakfasting together this morning, the four of us loaded into our truck for more sightseeing on beautiful Cape Breton. First stop was in Baddeck’s visitor center for directions to the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site and museum. The museum sits across the road from Baddeck’s harbor (harbour in Canada,) which today happened to be having a regatta. So this corner of Bras d’Or Lake was full of sailboats with colorful sails going in all directions, or so it appeared. The gardens of the Bell museum were beautiful with lots of flowering plants. We were all surprised at the variety of inventions Bell created. His father was creator of visible speech, a way of teaching the deaf to speak. Bell worked with his father in this field, but was also encouraged in ... read more
Tetrahedral Kite
Silver Dart

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck August 7th 2013

Day 13: Another day trip day. We started out at about 9:20 headed for Baddeck, NS. After a quick stop at the visitor information centre, we went to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. REALLY interesting. Never knew that he was into aviation (Silver Dart made first powered flight in Canada in 1903), Hydrofoil equipped boats (HD4 managed over 74 mph in 1919), and a bunch of other stuff. After the museum, we saw a pram regatta in full swing out near a light house at the entrance to the Baddeck harbor. Onto CA 105 headed to Glace Bay to see the miner's museum and the Marconi museum. I had no idea that Cape Breton Island was a center of coal mining for Canada and as a result also a steel manufacturing area. Both the coal and ... read more
Silver Dart
Pram Regatta
Gravel Spit

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck August 6th 2013

Day 12: Got off from Glooscap CG by about 8:30 headed to Cabot Trail CG on Cape Breton Island. Gena wanted pictures of more of the carved elm trees in Truro, so se made a short detour to do that. Our first stop in Truro was in a Sobey’s grocery store. They are a lot like a really spruced up Harris Teeter store. We managed photos of all but one of the 20 carvings. We drove by the location where the carving was supposed to be, but could not see it. Fortunately today is still part of the long holiday weekend, so the traffic was really light. After getting all the photos we wanted, we stopped at an Esso station for fuel - - cost $102 to fill the truck. Weather was really nice until we ... read more
Elm Carving
Elm Carving
Elm Carving

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck August 6th 2013

6 August, 2013 Yesterday we left camp only about half an hour behind Gena and Bob. They were going to stop at the Cheese Man, then grocery shop in Truro and look for the rest of the tree carvings there in Truro before driving to Baddeck on Cape Breton Island. We were planning to go to Truro just for groceries and then to Baddeck. We saw them leaving a grocery store parking lot as we drove through the town, but didn’t see them again until we saw them pass the information center just across the Canso Causeway onto Cape Breton Island. By the way, on our way out of Truro, we stopped at McDonalds, where Kerry surprised me with a McLobster sandwich. It’s true, I have pictures. Once at the campground, the afternoon was occupied with ... read more
Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail
Cape Breton Island

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton July 31st 2013

we had a wonderful ride from Amherst to Baddeck on Cape Breton It is qutie bucolic here. Baddeck is a town of 2000 during the off season and thrives on tourism. It is right on a systems of waterways called Bras D'Dor. We road along the water for 20 miles before getting here. The sky was overcast so the water had a silvery cast to it. Just beatiful. The BnB we are staying at is nice and most importantly the bed is super comfortable. We both slept really well. Today we are off to do the Cabot Trail. Cliffs and ocean. This is the capstone of our trip and we are so lucky to have two beautiful sunny and warm days in front of us.... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck September 23rd 2012

After we left PEI we arrived in Nova Scotia via ferry across Northumberland Strait and on to Cape Breton. If you have a bucket list this should be on it. We were at a camp ground about 9 kilometers outside of the village of Beddeck. I fell in love with the place. It is colourful, quaint, sceinic and charming. We left the 5th wheel at the camp ground and drove the cabot trail, I can't say enough about the beauty of that trip, it was amazing. Gaelic heritage is everywhere in Cape Breton, we came across a little shop that had a sign that said "If it's nae Scottish it's crrap". Even the road signs are in english and gaelic. Beddeck is well known because it was the summer home for Alexander Graham Bell and his ... read more
Beddeck Building
Across the inlet

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton September 13th 2012

The process of leaving Newfoundland involved questions about root vegetables. I had to surrender my one potato, even though it was from the USA. Potatoes don’t have any identifying marks for country or province of origin, so it was assumed to be one from the island and therefore not allowed to leave. They even had what looked like a tire and underbody wash device for use on some muddy vehicles. We didn’t get to see it in action, but they are serious about keeping their soil and whatever is in it on the island. Our ferry ride was smooth and uneventful but did take 7 hours rather than 6 hours. This time we were on the Highlander and it has better accommodations for this length of crossing. There were plenty of seats that were similar to ... read more
Entry gate

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton August 18th 2012

We have spent a relatively brief amount of time in New Brunswick, but will return and see more on our way to Maine later in our trip. They claim to be the only truly bilingual province and their traffic signs are in both French and English. It has been a welcome change to have the bilingual signs. While in New Brunswick we camped at Kouchibouguac National Park for 2 nights. While there we hiked a couple trails including the trail to the domed bog. We attended an interpretation activity at the wigwam and Marilyn, a member of the First Nation, did an excellent job of sharing information about the Mi’kmaq culture. Now we’ve moved to Nova Scotia and we’ve settled into a campground in Baddeck on Cape Breton Island in northern Nova Scotia. This is our ... read more
The Highland Village
Kouchibouguac National Park
Moose along Skyline Trail

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton May 16th 2012

De busstakingen waren nog in volle gang toen wij de reis zouden vervolgen naar ons volgende WWOOF adres op Cape Breton Island. We waren dan ook erg blij met het bestaan van 'shuttle busses', kleine personenbusjes, die onze richting op gingen. Deze keer gingen we naar een 'Wilderness Resort' gerund door een, oorspronkelijk Zwitserse vrouw en Amerikaanse man, Barbara en Paul. De ligging was prachtig, aan een meertje en met uitzicht over zee. Vanaf het resort strekte zich een bosrijk gebied uit omgeven door water. Dit was de 'achtertuin' van het resort. Je kon er heerlijk in dwalen. Op dit moment was alles bedekt met een dikke laag sneeuw. Wij hebben het gebied dus ontdekt met sneeuwschoenen. We vonden onder andere het skelet van een yurt (die zomers in gebruik bleek te zijn), een 'pontjeshaven' om ... read more
Cape Breton kliffen
De auto gesleept in een sneeuwstorm
Judith en de waterval

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