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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » North Sydney June 30th 2006

We have another ferry crossing today from North Sydney to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. Our ferry was to leave at 12:30 PM and we need to be in line at least one hour ahead of time. Well we arrived early and waited, this is the first time the ferry has be late for us, but I am sure what with weather conditions it must happen from time to time. This will be a six hour trip and we lose ½ an hour when we get to Newfoundland. We are in the middle of the far north of the Atlantic Ocean and I am typing and receiving wireless internet connection. By the magic of technology we are able to send pictures and text. Is that amazing or what? ... read more
Waiting in line , the ferry is late!
Here we are getting on board
Our ferry coming into dock.

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Cabot Trail June 29th 2006

Ingonish Beach is our first stop, not a long beach but lots of pretty pink round stones. We decided to have brunch at the Keltic Lodge, and it was grand. As we drove around the Cabot Trail, we are now on the Atlantic side of Cape Breton and the views are incredibly beautiful. The Gaelic/Keltic School, in St. Ann’s, was our next stop. During the summer months, kids come and learn Gaelic, step dancing, bag pipes and more of the history and tradition of the Scottish folks. It is quite an elaborate place. Sydney Information Center, helped us figure out the ferry schedule and gave us the name of a campground, with directions for the grocery store, etc. A huge fiddle, the symbol of the Scotts love of music and dance, is on display in ... read more
Keltic Lodge Cape Breton.
Nice “little” home by the sea
Nice “little” home by the sea

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Pleasant Bay October 5th 2005

Hike. Kayak. Whales. Busy day of doing stuff I'm cold and hungry! We started off the morning with a short hike to the rocky cliffs somewhere in Cape Breton...can't remember the name! It was only about 45 minutes for the round trip hike. More like a pleasant walk amongst the trees and then the reward was some gorgeous views. Then it was another short drive of about 20 minutes or so to the place where we could rent kayaks. Only $20 for two hours of kayaking! I love kayaking on nice and calm waters. Amazingly I didn't get too wet either. After kayaking we had a short walk along a rocky beach and tested out our rock skipping skills. Yup, I still can't skip a rock worth a darn! haha Before we knew it, we sped ... read more
Cathy, Vivian and Tania
What a view!
Whale watching

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Pleasant Bay October 4th 2005

Salty Bear begins Nova Scotia, PEI Little New Brunswick. I had an 8:30AM start this morning meeting up with the Salty Bear tour company. It took about a half hour to get everything sorted out and soon enough we were off and running. The beginning of the tour was mainly driving on the highway, so it was not all that exciting. It did give us a bit of a chance to get to know one another a little bit better and we also got a bit of a run down from Carman, our tour guide/driver. We're a small bunch. 10 people on tour plus Carman. So there's Duncan and Olaf. Duncan is Carman's brother and Olaf is Duncan's friend. Tania from Australia. She's been travelling and working the last 18 months or so. She’s been through ... read more
The Salty Bear Gang plays ultimate

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton November 20th 2001

Dec 11, 2001 Hi everyone, this is my last official e-mail about the trip. I thought I would let everyone know that I finished uploading and sorting through the last of my online pictures. I added the last pictures form Nepal and cleaned them up some. I reorganized them into albums for each place I went. There are now 130 pictures in total on the site; however, I still have over 1,000 pictures to be developed! I literally have a world of pictures. Around the World and Back, Joel... read more

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