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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton August 22nd 2019

We booked a Princess shore excursion from Sydney, Nova Scotia, to the town of Baddeck. Our guide this time was a Sydney native and he had much history and information to relay. We were now in the Cape Breton Island area of Nova Scotia. The region resembles Scotland in its glacial lakes, mountainous terrain and climate. It reminded Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) so much of his native Scotland that he purchased an estate at Baddeck, on Lake Bras d'Or in 1885. (Lake Bras d'Or is actually a long saltwater fjord.) Bell used Baddeck as his summer retreat and base for research and development until his death in 1922. Thus, the principle destination of our tour was the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. The displays at the historic site trace Bell's career as a teacher of ... read more
Early Wall Telephones
Bell's Camera and Photographic Plates
Bell Experiments with Underwater Communication

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » North Sydney September 5th 2016

Geo: 46.2149, -60.2445Our hotel is about 45 minutes from the Fortress so we were there soon after opening. We had planned 2 activities for the day but soon discovered that a visit to this site was an all day activity. We took the optional walking tour and it was well worth it. The guide gave us a great amount of detail regarding the history.Founded by the French in 1713, it was one of North Americas busiest 18 century seaports. It was taken over twice by the British before being demolished in the 1760's. Reconstruction began in the 1960's and continues today. To date about 1/4 of the original French town and fortifications have been completed. It is the largest historical reconstruction in North America.The original lighthouse built in 1734 was the first in Canada. It is ... read more
Welcome to Louisbourg
Frédéric Gate

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » North Sydney September 4th 2016

Geo: 46.2148, -60.2445The Cabot Trail is basically a day trip unless you choose to do various hikes which can add a lot of time (days). The scenery is very impressive. Significant changes in elevation from ocean level to the plateau area (approx 350m).The lunch restaurant was recommended to us by a young couple last night and the food was excellent.We visited the beach which is said to be the place where Cabot landed. The beach was sandy and was a better landing site than many of the rocky beaches.The sign along the way said Meat Cove was the northern most point so we travelled several spine jolting roads to get there. Definitely remote and one wonders about the motivation to live there.Along the road we saw a sign for Dingwall Lighthouse so took a short diversion. ... read more
Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail Church

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Louisbourg August 30th 2016

Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, 30 August 2016 Our hotel the Louisbourg Fortress Inn also had a nice restaurant so after a tipple of malbec in our hotel room we had dinner over more great conversation. The next morning after packing up, we headed for the highlight of this historic town of Louisbourg. The Fortress of Louisbourg located about a half hour's drive away, is a reconstruction of the 18th century fortified French town whose presence plagued the British colonies of New England. From 2005 they have rebuilt the Fortress City from scratch. Many archaeological digs have occurred over the decades and 1000s of pieces of information uncovered, facilitating the reconstruction of some of the life of the people of the 18th century fortified city. We were bussed to the fortress from the large Visitor’s Centre. After walking ... read more
Louisebourg Fortress on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia (18)
Louisebourg Fortress on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia (8)
Louisebourg Fortress on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia (32)

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck June 3rd 2016

Geo: 46.0999, -60.7526Mostly sunny but windy and cold!I started the day with work, but we were ready to go by 10am. We drove directly to Louisbourg to visit the Fortress. The Time Travel tour (where three guides in period costume talk about their "lives" – although they do time travel and discuss things from the modern day as well) was just departing, and I'm glad we took it. Three characters relate what their lives are like in 1744: a solider, a kitchen servant, and another household servant. (Note that the town and the fort were active 1713 to 1758 but reduced to almost nothing after the second siege by the British.)The tour starts with a soldier, a common soldier, who talks about the harsh realities of working at the Fortress, between the severe cold and corrupt ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck June 2nd 2016

Geo: 46.0999, -60.7526Sunny and coolAfter a quick brekkies and coffee, we headed towards Cape Breton National Park. It was a gorgeous day! The first part of the drive is through a few fishing villages, where many homes and waterfront lots are for sale. The signs are in English and Canadian Gaelic, which is close to Scots Gaelic. Then, we reached the entrance to the Park. We went to the info centre, where the host was very helpful showing us the map and recommending places to walk. Many of the places she recommended we had also decided upon, but it was great to get some additional advice.Our first stop was Middle Head. The website describes it, "The trail follows a long, narrow peninsula separating two ocean bays, ending on headland cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Smokey ... read more
Middle Head trail
Middle Head trail
Middle Head trail

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck June 1st 2016

Geo: 46.0999, -60.7526Sunny and cold most of the day; a brief bit of cloud and sprinkle on the driveWe had brekkies at 8:30am, then spent a couple of hours having a very nice conversation with the innkeepers, who are a very interesting and adventurous couple. By 11, we realized we needed to pack and leave soon, in order to make the ferry to Nova Scotia.It was sunny and beautiful (but cold!) on our drive to the ferry terminal. We arrived about 40 minutes before the departure; about 20 cars were ahead of us in line. Paul decided to walk over to the building, to use the loos and see if they sold food or coffee (in case we wanted to bring lunch with us to the boat). He wasn't gone long before the ferry arrived and ... read more
On the ferry to NS
On the ferry to NS
Ferry misses the channel

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton September 15th 2015

What a beautiful drive to Cape Breton. It rained, but we made it safe. It was odd driving on a highway that had two way traffic and speed limit of 100km/hr. Where in Ontario it would have been 90km/hr. In Nova Scotia we noticed they have a lot of wind turbines in this province so far. Our journey has been so epic so far and can't wait to do the Cabot Trail tomorrow. Enjoy our travelling pictures.... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton September 3rd 2015

We slept in our berth on the Port Au Basque ferry on the way to Nova Scotia last night. The night was a calm one so the ride was smooth as silk and we slept like babies. In August, when we dropped into the bank in Charlottetown, PEI, we told the teller that we would be in Nova Scotia in September. She told us that we would regret it forever if we didn't drive the Cabot Trail around Cape Breton Island, so we decided to change our plans to include it. Cape Breton Island is part of Nova Scotia. During the first half of the 19th century, Cape Breton experienced an influx of 50,000 Highland Scotts. Today, their descendants dominate Cape Breton Island's culture, particularly in rural communities. Gaelic is still the first language of a ... read more
Inginosh Beach on Cabot Trail in Cape Breton
Cabot Trail in Cape Breton
Green Cove on Cabot Trail in Cape Breton

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » North Sydney August 9th 2015

Geo: 46.216, -60.258... read more

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