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Happy summertime everyone! Things are all going well up here on the shore of Hudson Bay, we are both back at work, and the summer vibe is in the air. I sometimes feel, however, that I cannot differentiate between work and play! They can be almost as one - they can merge together. I have just been on a 12 day camping trip in Wapusk National Park as part of the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas program. We (Ken and I) started our days at 0230 and conducted point counts in as many grid squares as we could feasibly manage. During the 12 days, we counted 92 species of birds, which I've listed at the bottom of the page for all of our birder blog-followers. It was a great trip and we had 12 days of mainly ... read more
Drop 1 Campsite
Arrow-leafed Coltsfoot
Trekking through swamps

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Wapusk National Park November 30th 2010

The bear season of 2010 has come to an end. The bears are still on land as the Hudson Bay has not yet frozen over, but hopefully it'll be frozen in a few days from now. The weather has remained mild for the most part, although there was a day when me and the boys had to battle arctic winds and low temps to do some essential maintenance on the lodge, all of us got some mild frostbite...! The town is quiet now, nearly everyone has left and most businesses are closed until spring. There was some real good bear action out at the Cape. Great light and healthy bears! These are probably the last bears we'll see until spring. Enjoy.... read more
Facing off
Play fighting.
Sparring bears

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Wapusk National Park December 4th 2009

Hey Guys. All of the seasonal staff flew home except for Simon, Shayne and myself. We were 'voluntold' to drive out to Wapusk Park again and rescue the freezer trailer. On our ride out we saw about 25 bears! We arrived at the freezer trailer in the dark and started working right away. After a brief sleep on the buggy, we started working again to re-attach the spindle and wheel to the trailer. It was a tough assignment as all eight studs had snapped inside the axle and had to be drilled out. Sixteen hours later, after battling minus 20s with a wind on top, we had the wheel attached the best we could get it, with only four studs holding it on, and a twisted flange on the spindle. After hauling it 11 km, the ... read more
The light shines on Wapusk.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Wapusk National Park November 29th 2009

Hey guys. On November 21st we dismantled our camp and hauled it to Cape Churchill in Wapusk National Park. The 30 km drive took about 5 hours as we trundled across the seemingly endless expanse of nothingness that sprawls its way all around Hudson Bay. En-route we lost a wheel from the Freezer trailer so we just left it there and continued without it, otherwise we'd have ended up at the Cape at midnight. A few of us returned there the next day to empty the freezers, it was a lot of fun trying to climb around in side as the floor was at a 30 degree angle and covered in a layer of ice! The night we arrived at Cape we also lost the water truck as it fell through the thin lake ice! Our ... read more
The freezer trailer.
Setting up camp at night.
On a frozen lake.

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Wapusk National Park November 24th 2009

Hi Guys On Saturday we dismantled the camp and moved it 30 km east into Wapusk National Park. Here are a few pictures from our last day at Polar Bear Point. There was some pretty good bear action. Dave.... read more
Biting and fighting
On the ground
A view from above

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Wapusk National Park December 2nd 2008

Hi everybody. The last few weeks out on the frozen wastelands of northern Manitoba were incredible! Huge numbers of bears came by the camp and waited for the bay to freeze over. A mother and cubs would keep their distance from a pair of sparring males, but then they were gone! The ice formed over night as a crisp minus 20 rolled in from the north, within hours the bears were gone.. I guess there was no point in staying if the bears weren't there, so we decided to dismantle the camp and haul it out to Cape Churchill (Cape) in Wapusk National Park 35kms to the east. The park has a very high concentration of bears who have learnt not to migrate to the town of Churchill because it is more energy efficient to stay ... read more
getting serious
more fighting

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Wapusk National Park October 19th 2008

Hi All! Just a quick note to say hello from Churchill, Manitoba. The snow yesterday stayed somewhat over the day. Although the day temps are warm enough to make it melt still. I saw my first polar bear last week from a Tundra Buggy. And we picked Dave up from the lodge during our tour. The gift shop is in full swing serving tourists from all over the world. Tourists, as well as people working at the port. They are getting ready to leave Churchill in the next 2 weeks as the port closes for the season. Ships will not be able to get through with the oncoming ice of the Hudson's Bay and the Arctic waters. Although, with global warming, perhaps one day it will be open all the time? So, yesterday at the gift ... read more
student group on the lodge
misty morn on my tour
fall colours on the tundra

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Wapusk National Park October 6th 2008

Hi Everyone! Dave and I are having a great time in Churchill as we get caught up in the energy of the tourist season of the Polar Bear Capital of the world, Churchill, Manitoba! The Tundra Buggy Lodge is up and running and Dave, Bree (from Australia) and Julie (from Canada) are the people running the show out there with the help of BJ (US). The lodge is a series of portable trailers (on very big wheels!). I've met most of the people who are working for Tundra Buggy Adventures including the family who owns and manages it. Everyone is a team player and they all are working very long hours fine tuning everything before the rush starts (which is next week). Many seasonal workers have arrived by now from all over the world just to ... read more
part of the lodge
Dave's rescue Buggy
preparing for the lodge launch

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Wapusk National Park September 15th 2008

Hi Everybody. Our adventure continues! After a brief locum in Sioux Lookout, I head up to Churchill, Manitoba to join Dave and the Frontiers North Adventure crew for the polar bear season! (mainly the months of October and November). Dave has been in Churchill helping prepare the Tundra Buggy Lodge which gets taken out onto the tundra for researchers and tourists to stay at and watch the bears pass by as they await freeze-up of the Hudson's Bay. Once frozen the bears go out onto the ice to hunt their favourite food, seal, after a long 3 months of waking hibernation. That's when Churchill returns to normal and tourists return home. See below as Dave describes his journey so far: "The beluga whales are leaving the mouth of the Churchill river and the geese are migrating ... read more
beautiful beast
fall colours on the tundra

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