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September 15th 2008
Published: September 15th 2008
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The curious oneThe curious oneThe curious one

that smells human flesh...mmmmm. This photo says it all. Nature is both beautiful and dangerous. "We ARE part of the food chain up here". Our new Mantra.
Hi Everybody.
Our adventure continues! After a brief locum in Sioux Lookout, I head up to Churchill, Manitoba to join Dave and the Frontiers North Adventure crew for the polar bear season! (mainly the months of October and November). Dave has been in Churchill helping prepare the Tundra Buggy Lodge which gets taken out onto the tundra for researchers and tourists to stay at and watch the bears pass by as they await freeze-up of the Hudson's Bay. Once frozen the bears go out onto the ice to hunt their favourite food, seal, after a long 3 months of waking hibernation. That's when Churchill returns to normal and tourists return home. See below as Dave describes his journey so far:

"The beluga whales are leaving the mouth of the Churchill river and the geese are migrating south for the winter, so I decided to fill in some of the missing spaces by flying up to Churchill Manitoba."

Whilst working on repairs, a polar bear came to check out what they were doing and potentially eat them. Luckily, they hopped into a van for protection. See the amazing photos Dave has taken! The arctic tundra has a magical quality.

Stay tuned for more of our subarctic journey!


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fall colours on the tundrafall colours on the tundra
fall colours on the tundra

you have to look down to see the amazing flora that the tundra has to offer. Nice photo, Dave!

24th September 2008

The oldest polar bear in the world..
Beautiful pics Dave !! I'm sure you guys are aware that the oldest polar bear in the world is a little south of Dave at the Winnipeg Zoo. Debby is 41 years old, but apparently is in poor health. We were blessed to see her this last summer. My passionate animal lover aka Kallie was thrilled. Take care and keep those gorgeous pics coming!!
21st April 2010

Great pics !
Awww..i wish i could get that close to a polar bear :). Such a great adventure you've experienced ! :)

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