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October 19th 2008
Published: October 20th 2008
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photo by Davephoto by Davephoto by Dave

out on the Tundra
Hi All!

Just a quick note to say hello from Churchill, Manitoba. The snow yesterday stayed somewhat over the day. Although the day temps are warm enough to make it melt still.

I saw my first polar bear last week from a Tundra Buggy. And we picked Dave up from the lodge during our tour.

The gift shop is in full swing serving tourists from all over the world. Tourists, as well as people working at the port. They are getting ready to leave Churchill in the next 2 weeks as the port closes for the season. Ships will not be able to get through with the oncoming ice of the Hudson's Bay and the Arctic waters. Although, with global warming, perhaps one day it will be open all the time?

So, yesterday at the gift shop, Renee, my coworker, was saying that at about 10 am, conservation officers shot off a banger to scare away a polar bear right close to our house about a block away. Hmm, I thought to myself. I was on my way to work around 10:45 am. THAT WAS CLOSE!

Oh well, onwards and upwards! Churchill IS built on the migratory path of these magnificent creatures, so that is the way of life up here! Everyone leaves their car doors open in case you have to hide for a bit until conservation runs them out of town. And with Halloween on its way, the kids are taught in school not to wear anything white like a ghost costume or a polar bear costume, for the obvious reasons of mixing up conservation officers. Many other people volunteer on this night to patrol the town to make it a fun and safe experience for the kids.

Dave has reported that there are a couple of bears hanging out around the lodge site. Makes things more logistic if repairs are required outside the lodge. No worries, there will be many guards with guns if Dave has to be out there on the tundra.

Enjoy the pics!

Additional photos below
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Dave and MerveDave and Merve
Dave and Merve

Dave is standing on the lodge and Merve (owner of the company) is standing on the deck of the Buggy
Sleepy bearSleepy bear
Sleepy bear

This bear was so lethargic, he/she would raise his/her head now and again then go back to sleep.

Almost white for the winter, these lovely birds are full colour in the summer
sniff, sniff...mmmmm grasssniff, sniff...mmmmm grass
sniff, sniff...mmmmm grass

Polar Bears scavenge on some plants during this period of their walking hibernation. And if they are lucky, a human body part (just kidding! ..... or am I?)
The Tundra Buggy LodgeThe Tundra Buggy Lodge
The Tundra Buggy Lodge

where Dave works and where tourists have a great adventure.

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