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December 4th 2009
Published: December 4th 2009
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A mother of 1 and a mother of 2A mother of 1 and a mother of 2A mother of 1 and a mother of 2

We had company whilst fixing one of the trailers.
Hey Guys.

All of the seasonal staff flew home except for Simon, Shayne and myself. We were 'voluntold' to drive out to Wapusk Park again and rescue the freezer trailer. On our ride out we saw about 25 bears! We arrived at the freezer trailer in the dark and started working right away. After a brief sleep on the buggy, we started working again to re-attach the spindle and wheel to the trailer. It was a tough assignment as all eight studs had snapped inside the axle and had to be drilled out. Sixteen hours later, after battling minus 20s with a wind on top, we had the wheel attached the best we could get it, with only four studs holding it on, and a twisted flange on the spindle. After hauling it 11 km, the spindle snapped off again, leaving us back at square 1!

The Kitchen trailer was an easy fix, we had a helicopter fly us a wheel out, then we put it on. After working a 20 hour shift, we slowly trundled into town! Job half done!

The next day was my last day in Churchill for the year. One of my last jobs to do was to take the recycling to the depot...

I was at the Churchill recycling depot on the edge of town when I noticed that the gate had been left open and a piece of styrofoam was blowing in the wind out the side of the recycling cage. Not fond of garbage littering the countryside, I decided to push the styrofoam back in the cage then close the door. However, as I got a bit closer, I realized that it wasn't styrofoam! It was white and it was moving, but it definitely was not styrofoam! I quickly retreated to the van and drove away.
There's never a dull moment...



4th December 2009

I really enjoy the term "voluntold"... Thanks for sharing your travels with me. On the 29th I'm off to Western Australia to work as a locum for 4 goal is to keep my parka in storage this winter! Sarah.

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