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November 29th 2009
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Hauling the campHauling the campHauling the camp

On our way to Cape Churchill in Wapusk National Park.
Hey guys.

On November 21st we dismantled our camp and hauled it to Cape Churchill in Wapusk National Park. The 30 km drive took about 5 hours as we trundled across the seemingly endless expanse of nothingness that sprawls its way all around Hudson Bay. En-route we lost a wheel from the Freezer trailer so we just left it there and continued without it, otherwise we'd have ended up at the Cape at midnight. A few of us returned there the next day to empty the freezers, it was a lot of fun trying to climb around in side as the floor was at a 30 degree angle and covered in a layer of ice! The night we arrived at Cape we also lost the water truck as it fell through the thin lake ice! Our guests had no water for 24 hours until we hauled it out.

Wapusk National Park is home to quite a few polar bears! In fact, one morning there were 17 bears surrounding the camp, and as they moved on, more came in! The bears are in good condition and are healthy looking, but they are in desperate need for the Bay to freeze.
The freezer trailer.The freezer trailer.The freezer trailer.

Leaning to one side after loosing a wheel.

On our way back from Wapusk Park, we lost the kitchen trailer and the propane trailer! A team of us are going back out to the tundra for a couple of days to rescue them from barren lands.
I will keep you posted...


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Setting up camp at night.Setting up camp at night.
Setting up camp at night.

As usual, we set up camp at night at Cape Churchill.
Interview on ice.Interview on ice.
Interview on ice.

Simon gets interviewed on the lake.
Bear at sunrise.Bear at sunrise.
Bear at sunrise.

Sunrise near the Cape Churchill weather station tower.
The water truck falls through the ice.The water truck falls through the ice.
The water truck falls through the ice.

The Foremost Delta service vehicle was stuck for a day.
10 bears.10 bears.
10 bears.

We woke up to a total of 17 bears surrounding the camp. This picture has ten bears in it!
Knight's Hill.Knight's Hill.
Knight's Hill.

One of the few landmarks in the area, named after James Knight, one of the explorers during the Hudson's Bay Company era.

30th November 2009

I 'm waitin to read your book when you have time to write it and once again the pictures are amazing sharon

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