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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Squamish June 15th 2019

Saturday 15th June 2019 Yesterday we left Kamloops and headed for the hills once more: actually, they are of course mountains! From Kamloops to Vancouver, the fastest and most direct route is on either the Trans-Canadian Highway, or Highway 5. We actually haven’t been on the Trans-Canadian for quite a while, not since we left Lake Louise and ventured forth up the Icefields Parkway to Jasper. The most scenic route however, is Highway 97 to Cache Creek and then Highway 99 to Lillooet, then over the mountain passes to Pemberton, Whistler and on to Squamish (where we are now) and finally following the coast down to Vancouver. What a drive! Fabulous! Yesterday’s drive took us to Turikwa Lake, following the Thompson River valley to Duffy Lake then down to the confluence of the Thompson and the ... read more
Log jam on Lake Duffey
Marble Canyon near Lillooet
Bridge across the Fraser River to get to Lillooet

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Squamish April 23rd 2019

So... I havent written anything for about half a year.. So much has happened! Last year I travelled to Venice, Switzerland, Poland, hiked the Brecons in Wales.. All of which were amazing, beautiful countries! This year, I went to Jersey with my partner to stay with his family and to explore the island....It is one stunning island - we've said we need to retire there, surrounded by pristine beaches, delicious food and friendly people. We also popped across to Canada for a 2 week holiday at the end of March... Flying into Toronto, seeing some of my family and visiting Niagara Falls - which is INCREDIBLE. It also snowed a lot when we were there. I honestly thought it was the summer season, how wrong was I!!! It was minus figures most of the holiday! We ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Squamish July 6th 2018

We left the Hannegan Pass trailhead around 2:30 PM for what should have been a 3 hour drive to our hotel just north of the city of Squamish, BC, Canada. Instead it took closer to 4. We arrived at the USA – Canada border crossing at Sumas, WA, around 4:00 PM and after waiting in a long line of cars, finally crossed into Canada around 4:35. Then approaching Vancouver, we hit stop and go traffic for many miles until we got to the north side of the big city where the torrential rains started. Finally arrived somewhere around 7:00 PM. Not a relaxing trip. We finally found our hotel, strangely located in the middle of a strip mall type shopping center. Looked pretty rough from the outside but was actually very nice once inside and in ... read more
4 Lakes Trail
Cheekye River
Fawn Lake

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Squamish July 6th 2017

Sunday 2 July - Squamish Today we were headed to the Outdoor adventure capital of British Columbia, which is less than an hour away from Vancouver. It sounded exciting, but first we were going to enjoy a bit more of Vancouver by eating and dancing in Kitsilano. Mummy went to Dance Divine and danced so much that she injured her hip again. I played and slept under the dappled light of maple trees with daddy. We then went into a huge room where the walls were decorated with beautiful carpets and salt blocks. It was an Afghan restaurant called "East is East". Apparently it has the worlds best chai! Mummy liked it cause she asked for another one! All I can tell you is that it tastes wierd in mummy's milk. This is Romke and Minke's ... read more
Before the hike
We go down there then back up
Santi and I with our daddies

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Squamish January 26th 2016

Ever heard of Squamish? No I thought not... neither had I. This little town, half way between Vancouver and the world famous ski resort of Whistler, bills itself as "the outdoor capital of Canada". A "cheap" night's accommodation in Whistler can cost upwards of $200 - far more than our limited budget would allow. As I was keen to see Whistler we decided to use Squamish as our base. We boarded the Greyhound Bus early on a grey and wet Vancouver morning. I was inordinately excited... my first time taking a Greyhound! Perversely, I was a bit disappointed when the driver was really friendly - that's not what I have seen countless protagonists experience in the movies. We boarded the bus and found luxurious leather seats and wifi. We soon set off. There could have been ... read more
Tiered Clouds
Tiered Clouds

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Squamish September 18th 2014

Le seul objectif que je m'étais officiellement fixé en partant pour ce voyage était la West Coast Trail. Mais entrer dans les Rocheuses, passer Canmore, et la hauteur des Bugaboos et de Skaha, pour débarquer à 60km de Squamish... Ce serait mentir que de dire que je n'espérais pas grimper. Beaucoup. Et faut dire que je devais la dégager un peu, cette odeur de magnésie imbibée de sang et de sueur, enrobant des phéromones de peur et d'extase, nimbée d'un mélange unique d'arômes alpines et salines et portée par un vent suave qui ne se respire que bien au-dessus du sol... Ça doit, parce qu'en finissant une journée de marche et de découverte dans Vancouver en me rendant chez MEC (bah quoi... c'est quand même d'ici que ça vient, c'est un peu comme entrer dans un ... read more
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20140915 232
20140915 119

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Squamish June 29th 2013

Squamish ist der Name eines Indianerstammes, der einst in der Gegend nördlich von Vancouver lebte. Für uns steht der Name für allerdings für größere Outdoor-Freuden, Boulder, Sportklettern, Wandern. Eine Stunde von Vancouver und eine knappe Stunde südlich vom Skiort Whistler entfernt finden am Wochenende auch viele Städter den Weg über den Sea-to-Sky-Highway 99 hier hoch. Dieser wurde für die Winterspiel 2010 in Vancouver/Whistler erweitert. Direkt neben diesem Highway steht majestätisch der Chief Mountain, eine Granitwand, die den Ort Squamish überblickt. Zu dessen Fuße liegen hunderte Felsblöcke und somit hunderte Gründe, warum wir hier sind. Die letzten drei Wochen vergingen - mal wieder - wie im Flug. Für acht kanadische Dollar stellen wir unser Zelt auf den Chief Campground und laufen maximal zehn Minuten durch den Wald zu den Felsblöcken, die mit Boulderprobleme... read more
und nach dem Schlüsselzug
Minor Threat in der Totalen
Squamish ahead!

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Squamish July 12th 2012

Squamish, B-C, 12 juillet - Depuis les parcs des rocheuses, la traversée de la Colombie-Britannique vers le Pacifique offre son lot de surprises. La succession de vallées et de plissements rocheux imprègne la route d'intéressants virages avec des vues à couper le souffle. Dans la chaîne des Cariboos, une tortueuse petite route gravissant les sommets nous a permis de visualiser le contraste climatique très marqué entre deux vallées et nous passâmes subitement dans un semi désert. En fait, la descente de la vallée du fleuve Fraser a quelque chose de l'ouest américain tant le paysage est aride. Tout au bout, lorsque la vallée s'élargit et devient plaine fertile, les effluves du Pacifique deviennent perceptibles et Vancouver apparaît à l'horizon. Cette ville a un charme fou, logée entre mer et montagne, et la retrouver après une vingtaine ... read more
Seton lake, B-C
Seton lake, B-C
Vancouver, B-C

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Squamish December 23rd 2010

Hello all! It has been a busy weekend and week so far for me and I have plenty to write about in this blog! After passing my CASI on Saturday it was all go to try and get my job and staff accommodation sorted out in time for me to avoid being homeless on Tuesday night! To sort out my job and then accommodation I had to get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) which meant going to a little town about an hour out of Whistler called Squamish. I got a coach to Squamish on which I met a girl who was doing a degree about sustainable development and specialising in 'rural stoves'! Yeah, weird! It is amazing the people you meet here and how chatty everyone is! It really helps when you are in a ... read more
Squamishes climing wall
The industrial sized drug store
The $1.12 Store

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