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North America » Canada » Alberta » Whitecourt September 2nd 2013

This morning was a little rough but brightened up when we had lobster and garlic butter with our breakfast! Mmmhm, I had another nap so I wouldn't be so sleepy and out of it, then went out with Chris and Petra on Dennis' river boat! It's made to be able to go through half a meter of water and glide right through those rocky shallow areas that the big boats would get stuck in! We hit a few bumpy patches but it still rocked! Haha get it? We stopped at a normal fishing spot but had no luck, probably because it was 2pm! They told me they don't have the common sunfish in Alberta like it is in Ontario, but pike are very popular! We boated passed a lot of major cliffs that had been eroding ... read more
Warming up in the sun
The Campground Clan
Fishing Spot

North America » Canada » Alberta » Whitecourt September 1st 2013

After a great nights sleep I woke up early and had some coffee by the fire with Dennis and Petra! Once everyone woke up we made a delicious breakfast consisting of eggs Benedict, hashbrowns, and wholemade bacon. Yum! Chris and Dennis went fishing in Piers but since I didn't have my fishing license I couldn't go. I was alright with that though because I got to go quading with a group of people from the campground. There were probably 5 other quads and 2 razars (bigger than a quad but can do the same things and carry more people). I rode in the passenger seat of the razar, Neil drove, and Abby and her friend were in the back. We drove around everywhere and stopped multiple times to look at the land, drink some beers and ... read more
Eggs Benedict Breakfast
Our Campsite
Our Campsite

North America » Canada » Alberta » Whitecourt August 31st 2013

This morning was very relaxing, got to sleep in, have a shower, and catch up with my friends and family over email and Facebook! I started to write some letters to my family and friends, and researched things to do in Edmonton! I had my bag packed when Petra and Chris got home and we headed off to the store to grab some snacks and alcohol! On the way there we tried the new grilled cheese and ketchup lays flavour which was alright but wouldn't buy them again. On the way we stopped at Rochfort bridge trading post for dinner. The veggie stand was run by Hutterites which is the Alberta version of mennonites, a self sufficient colony that lives off their land. We went down a famous hill named 7 mile that is seven miles ... read more
Grilled cheese and ketchup chips!
Rochfort Bridge trading post
Colourful sunset

North America » Canada » Alberta » Whitecourt March 8th 2007

I was so nervous about going on this was for so long (over a month), and so far away from everyone......I had tears leaving home!! Now, the coming home part.....I thought leaving Canada was hard!! Coming back is even harder! The time flew by and I can’t believe I am back at work already! There is sooo much more to this world and I have just seen a smidge. I really enjoyed my time, a week in each place really is a perfect amount of time to get an impression. Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch and leaving all the comments!! It really made me appreciate what an adventure I was on and I just don’t know how I am going wait until I can afford another one???!! Hope to see you all soon, ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Whitecourt January 4th 2007

As you all know I am leaving February 3rd.....getting closer, less than a month!! So Friday the 2nd a few of us are going to go to BPs for dinner and bevy (or two or three) before I have to get on the plane...come join us!!... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Whitecourt December 19th 2006

Okay so I've actually been home for a month now or something like that. The flights all went well and my little bro picked me up and he was on time!!! This is mostly for the friends I made traveling, you can put some of it together now. Now the excitment of being home lasted about 3 days I think. I knew it would be like that but what do ya do? It was a big suprise for pretty much all my family. My mom and Dean were sooo happy and that made it all worth it for me. My mom dropped like 20 some pounds and now fits in all my clothes. It's cool because it works both ways and she's a pretty stylish lady these days. This year Canada has had more snow in ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Whitecourt June 26th 2006

There are only 18 more days remaining before our flight to Germany, and so much to do here before we leave. One special piece of office furniture to build, must be completed before June 30th. Packing our stuff for Germany, I will probably wait until the last minute, I have been watching World Master Football 2006 on TV, good thing Hockey is over! Of course my Team Mexico just bowed out! This deflates my interest a little. I have no other favorites, ... read more
Shop Intruder
desk works

North America » Canada » Alberta » Whitecourt June 21st 2006

Pictures of my co-worker Ron's cabin, this has been situated at Thunder Lake. He is very proud of this construction, and rightfully so. He has done a lot of work there by himself. ... read more

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