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September 1st 2013
Published: September 6th 2013
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Ripping around on the RazarRipping around on the RazarRipping around on the Razar

This vehicle is just way too much fun, there is definitely a possibility I will own one later in life!
After a great nights sleep I woke up early and had some coffee by the fire with Dennis and Petra! Once everyone woke up we made a delicious breakfast consisting of eggs Benedict, hashbrowns, and wholemade bacon. Yum! Chris and Dennis went fishing in Piers but since I didn't have my fishing license I couldn't go. I was alright with that though because I got to go quading with a group of people from the campground. There were probably 5 other quads and 2 razars (bigger than a quad but can do the same things and carry more people). I rode in the passenger seat of the razar, Neil drove, and Abby and her friend were in the back. We drove around everywhere and stopped multiple times to look at the land, drink some beers and shoot a few different kind of riffles across the lake and at targets. The land is absolutely beautiful, the trees so tall, old and natural. The forest is filled with wildlife such as deer, birds and small creatures that darted out of the way as we passed. Although it was perfect weather, there were some deep mud puddles and crazy high hills, but in the
Eggs Benedict BreakfastEggs Benedict BreakfastEggs Benedict Breakfast

I can honestly say I have never had a better breakfast when camping. Everything was made perfectly, my compliments to the chef!
razar it was no problem! By the time we arrived back at camp we were very muddy (not complaining!) Gale had already started cooking the piaya for dinner, able to serve 20+ people. It was a potluck style meal and multiple salads were brought as well as lobster, steak and beans! Neil seemed to be the bartender for the evening, as well as Chris so I got to try a lot of new tastes such as a piƱa colada, paralyzer (made from milk, vodka, coke, and kahlua), stolli and some sort of Malibu mix. I ended up being the chauffeur for abunch of little kids, being bossed around more than my own mother! It was actually really fun and the kids were all very sweet and entertained for awhile! After everything, we settled by the fire and talked about travelling and told stories until it was late enough to fall asleep right away!

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Our CampsiteOur Campsite
Our Campsite

Right side of the campsite
Our CampsiteOur Campsite
Our Campsite

Dennis and Kelly's RV
Our CampsiteOur Campsite
Our Campsite

Neil and Gail's RV and side of the campsite, as well as Abby's pink quad. Lucky girl!!
Petra Patrolling the CampgroundPetra Patrolling the Campground
Petra Patrolling the Campground

Petra has never ridden a quad this size before, but the beginner learned quickly and had a blast putting around for 10 minutes!

Everyone is buckled in and ready for our adventure!

The muddy aftermath!
Chef Gail at workChef Gail at work
Chef Gail at work

Is this the largest frying pan you have ever seen or what!?
Taking creditTaking credit
Taking credit

Chris wishes he was that good of a cook, haha

What a wonderful diverse selection of salads. I extremely enjoyed the Bok Choy!
I like Pina Coladas I like Pina Coladas
I like Pina Coladas

mhmm tasty and refreshing!
Neil the BartenderNeil the Bartender
Neil the Bartender

thank you for the mystery drink!

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