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August 31st 2013
Published: September 4th 2013
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7 mile7 mile7 mile

This 7 mile long hill was complimented nicely with this wonderful sunset
This morning was very relaxing, got to sleep in, have a shower, and catch up with my friends and family over email and Facebook! I started to write some letters to my family and friends, and researched things to do in Edmonton! I had my bag packed when Petra and Chris got home and we headed off to the store to grab some snacks and alcohol! On the way there we tried the new grilled cheese and ketchup lays flavour which was alright but wouldn't buy them again. On the way we stopped at Rochfort bridge trading post for dinner. The veggie stand was run by Hutterites which is the Alberta version of mennonites, a self sufficient colony that lives off their land. We went down a famous hill named 7 mile that is seven miles long from the top of the hill to the bottom. After the hour and a half road trip we finally made it into the small town of Whitecourt! Back in a little forest area is a RV campsite where Chris' parents have camped for the past few years. Kelly and Dennis Forster share their campsite with Neil and Gail and their daughter Abby and dogs
Grilled cheese and ketchup chips!Grilled cheese and ketchup chips!Grilled cheese and ketchup chips!

The new flavour wasn't my favourite but we will see how it scores against the other three, perogy platter, maple moose, and creamy garlic and caesar!
Lucy and Lily. Chris brought out the decked out golf cart and we rode around and I was introduced to a lot of the neighbours. I was able to taste a marshmallow shooter which is a hollowed out marshmallow with baileys inside! As well as a summer sangria which is composed of Jacobs creek moscato wine, triple sec, soho liqueur, and club soda! I fell asleep right away in my own bed in the RV!

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Rochfort Bridge trading postRochfort Bridge trading post
Rochfort Bridge trading post

Chris standing in front of the home of the Rockfort Bridge burger that is 1 pound of beef and free if eaten in under 20 minutes!
Colourful sunsetColourful sunset
Colourful sunset

The picture couldn't fully capture the range of spectacular colours, but gives a good idea!
 Beauty sunset Beauty sunset
Beauty sunset

The sun sets so much nicer out here than in Brantford
Their golf cart vs. oursTheir golf cart vs. ours
Their golf cart vs. ours

Our decked out golf cart has changing coloured lights and high beams and is no match for any other golf cart on the property!
Fire burning Fire burning
Fire burning

A nice campfire is such better lighting than any lightbulb
Past my bed timePast my bed time
Past my bed time

Feeling tired I went to bed soon after this photo was taken!

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