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September 2nd 2013
Published: September 6th 2013
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Boating Exposed the BeautyBoating Exposed the BeautyBoating Exposed the Beauty

Some of Alberta's loveliest scenery can only be spotted on the water.
This morning was a little rough but brightened up when we had lobster and garlic butter with our breakfast! Mmmhm, I had another nap so I wouldn't be so sleepy and out of it, then went out with Chris and Petra on Dennis' river boat! It's made to be able to go through half a meter of water and glide right through those rocky shallow areas that the big boats would get stuck in! We hit a few bumpy patches but it still rocked! Haha get it? We stopped at a normal fishing spot but had no luck, probably because it was 2pm! They told me they don't have the common sunfish in Alberta like it is in Ontario, but pike are very popular! We boated passed a lot of major cliffs that had been eroding for years and whole trees were falling over the edge into the river. Once we got back we packed up and were on our way back home! We stopped and got icecream and snacks, and then once again at the looking post. You could see this huge bridge that crossed over the highway, turns out its the 2nd longest wooden traintrack in the world! When
Warming up in the sunWarming up in the sunWarming up in the sun

Sitting outside waiting for the amazing lobster breakfast!
we got back we ordered KFC and unpacked!

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The Campground ClanThe Campground Clan
The Campground Clan

Myself, Petra, Neil, Gail, Chris, Kelly, and Dennis! What a great group of people.
Fishing SpotFishing Spot
Fishing Spot

Our not so lucky fishing spot.
Eroding Forest Eroding Forest
Eroding Forest

The weather is wearing away at the cliff taking several trees with it!
From a Different ViewFrom a Different View
From a Different View

The campground viewed from the water.
Taking photos infront of the tracksTaking photos infront of the tracks
Taking photos infront of the tracks

Behind Petra and I is the famous wooden railway.
2nd Longest in the world!2nd Longest in the world!
2nd Longest in the world!

This wooden traintrack is the second longest in the world!

Sleepy me on the ride home, I wonder what I was dreaming about?

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