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March 8th 2007
Published: March 8th 2007
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I was so nervous about going on this was for so long (over a month), and so far away from everyone......I had tears leaving home!! Now, the coming home part.....I thought leaving Canada was hard!! Coming back is even harder! The time flew by and I can’t believe I am back at work already! There is sooo much more to this world and I have just seen a smidge. I really enjoyed my time, a week in each place really is a perfect amount of time to get an impression. Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch and leaving all the comments!! It really made me appreciate what an adventure I was on and I just don’t know how I am going wait until I can afford another one???!!
Hope to see you all soon, (before my tan fades)!!


9th March 2007

Well as far as the tan will fade fast which is such a bummer...I so miss mine...Welcome home! So glad you had this experience that you can hold with you for the rest of your life. Well girl..I'm off to California...hopefully I'll see you when I get back! Take care! Oh and hey check out facebook!

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