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Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz November 7th 2000

The first day in Shiraz, and also the time with a warm sun smiling in the sky. This does not in anyway prevent the fact that I am incredibly tired and have a hard time opening my eyes. As I am drifting in and out of sleep I keep hearing a lot of faint voices in my head, and as I start to come around I realize that this is in fact coming from the real world. There is apparently a school nearby, the song of dozens of children singing is carried in through the window, apparently some kind of morning congreagation is taking place outside. We greet the lovely weather by going for a drive to the green paradise of Eram Park, an oasis perfect for relaxation. I run around with my camera chasing birds ... read more
Plantations at Eram Park
The classic Paykan sedan
Busy streets downtown

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran November 6th 2000

The last day in Tehran for a while, we will be transferring by plane to Shiraz in the afternoon. The morning is spent visiting one of the Shah's excessively decorated palaces in the hills. Big airy halls with some rather decadent furniture and very large Persian carpets in the rooms. We are joined by crowds of school children out on tour, and the young children either look at you shyly or, if they are more courageous take the opportunity shouting "I love you!" from a safe distance. The next destination is the complete opposite and immensely to my liking. We drive into a neighbourhood with smaller houses and narrow streets to visit the house of Ruhollah Khomeini, the humble place where he used to live and see his guests, as well as the nearby building where ... read more
Another grey day on town
With Iman at Mehrabad Int'l

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran November 5th 2000

Today's weather is cloudy and a bit dull. We spend all day sightseeing various cultural and even more cultural sights of Tehran. We've been around a couple of museums with exhibitions of pottery, historical utensils, statues or parts of statues, all in various stages of decay. It's not my cup of tea really, although I found the exquisite and decorative Qurans to be quite beautiful. After having successfully learnt to say "good morning" I realize that any further development in Farsi will be requiring some dedication on my part. Farzaneh explains the mysteries of the language; it seems that in order to simplify things for the curious westerner, the written language completely omits vowels, instead fusing characters together into syllabels that link into each other and modify to tie together to form different words. Did I ... read more
Ancient VCR programming manual?
A day in the park
Stay updated!

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran November 4th 2000

It is with great anticipation that I raise from the couch on which I have been sleeping restlessly for a few hours. Fortunately it is still such an early hour that my mind is rather numb, and I don't have to get all worked up about it all just yet. I pack up my belongings and leave the small flat I have been borrowing in Stockholm before moving on to Arlanda airport. When entering the departure hall and locating the proper counters the first thing I notice is that there is a long and winding queue in front of the Iran Air check in desks. The second thing I notice is the impressive amount of luggage carried by my fellow passengers; there is an obscene amount of trolleys stacked with heavy plastic suitcases, cardboard boxes, improvised ... read more
My room at the Laleh Hotel
Practice your farsi when you least expect it

Middle East » Israel September 1st 2000

Geo: 31.9194, 35.462EilatRamat Gan, Jersalem, Eilat (Negrew desert, Jordan border, Egypt border)... read more

Middle East » Israel » West Bank » Bethlehem July 2nd 2000

Hello my fellow travellers! This blog will cover the other half of my Israel/Palestine trip. We didn't (as far as I remember) venture into the Gaza Strip but we did go to the West Bank to visit Bethlehem and Wadi Qelt. Ownership of this area is complicated to say the least, as it is for the whole region. Nominally the West Bank is under control of the Palestinian Authorities but it's still occupied by Israel for safety reasons. There is much that can be said for both parties but I personally do understand Israel's concern. After all, when they released control completely of the Gaza strip in 1995 all they really got in return was missile attacks launched from the Gaza strip. I reckon they are worried a similar outcome might happen if they withdraw from ... read more
Mosque of Omar
Protest in Bethlehem
Saint George's Monastery

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem July 1st 2000

Hello my fellow travellers! I'll be continuing to catch up on old travels before writing about my more recent journeys. Next up was a trip with my high school to Israel and Palestine as a part of our sociology class. We chose Israel and Palestine since it's a very volatile region and one of my class mates Nancy's family was Palestinian and living in Tel Aviv at the time. We lived with Nancy's family in Tel Aviv but of course we visited Jerusalem and we also went to the West Bank to visit Bethlehem and Wadi Qelt. Since I don't know the exact dates I will split this into two posts, one for Israel and one for Palestine. The tension was very tangible back then and just the following month after our visit, on September 28 ... read more
Al-Aqsa Mosque
Dead Sea
Nancy's Relatives

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris May 5th 2000

Turkey May 2000 The Place - 6/10 The Nightlife - 5/10 The Local ladys - 5/10 Tune of the Trip - Tarkan - kiss kiss / Tom Jones - Sex Bomb Went here for a week at the start of May with my friends from College, Matt Dennis, Nat and Sara had a good week the weather was boiling it hit over 40c made a couple of good friends Honest John was a top geezer , inviting us in every day for apple tea at his clothes shop called "top shop" hmmm sounds like an English brand to me,,lol,, and another geezer who I cant remember his name now but he spent the week following us around trying to get with Sara simply because she had blonde hair, but he took us out on his boat ... read more

Middle East » Israel April 13th 2000

Geo: 31.7857, 35.2007Based Tel Aviv,Jerusalem, Caeserae, Haifa, Acre, Rosh Hanikra, Lebanese border, Masada/Dead Sea 30th bday ....... read more

Middle East March 11th 2000

Going from Lebanon to Syria is like changing worlds. You come from the Mediterranean, the sea, the noisy activity and cross the mountains to enter the Bekaa valley. You enter soon the desert, as if frozen in time (even my photos taken with an old camera look like old postcards...) First to Damascus and then driving along mountains towards Palmyra.... read more

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