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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 2nd 2004

Glasgow -----  Dubai First of all I must thank my Dad and arguably 'helpful' little brother for getting me to the airport on time, where I successfully checked in for my Emirates flight to Dubai.  Unfortunately there were no window seats left but hey @ least that means I don't have to ask permission before I can go for a wander or visit the toilet - a priviledge I am sure children in my class would enjoy!! When boarding I showed a rather gorgeous air steward my boarding card. (yes, I really do seem to have a thing for the gay ones)  He made sure I turned right and pointed out that I had an aisle seat on the right hand side of the plane.  As I side stepped other passengers and bashed them with my rucksack & duty-free bags I ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia June 25th 2004

Since the football was starting, I thought it would be best to go somewhere familiar so we could relax and be unburdened by the need to explore. The place was Cappadocia. We had passed through here on our last trip around 18 months ago (I had watched a bit of football with the locals then, so I knew I was in good hands). On the first day we made the effort to explore a few parts we hadn’t previously seen, but by 11am the heat was just too much, the sun was too bright to take decent pictures and all I could think about was England v France that evening (and still over 10hrs to wait!). I was confident England would win the game and bet any Turks in the bar who were foolish enough to ... read more
Sumela Monastry
traditional bridge
The spring thaw...

Middle East » Lebanon » Beirut June 16th 2004

Y los papas de shakira osn de aca... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul June 15th 2004

Sultanahmet is the tourist and backpacker centre of Istanbul. Ideally located in the historical centre of Istanbul, between Haghia Sofia and the Blue Mosque. I was amazed at just how tourist-modern it was; it initially reminded me of Gringolandia in Quito. It was quite a surreal experience walking home one evening listening to the call for prayer from the Blue Mosque; as I turned into the main tourist street the sound became intermingled and then literally drowned out by the sounds of Robbie Williams pumping from a local bar. My first night in Istanbul I was roped into the local nightclub experience, for this you have to leave the fantasia of Gringolandia and head out to Taksim, the throbbing heart of the cities nightlife. As an all male group of six we were turned away from ... read more
View from the Bosphorous
Haghia Sophia
Haghia Sophia (internal)

Middle East » Oman May 12th 2004

sur-bahla via jalan bani bu hassan, jami al-Hamoda mosque, wahiba sands, bahla, jebel shams Our route today was going to head inland from the coast towards the town of Nizwa. We went back down to the Sur dhow yards this morning to have another quick look around before heading off to yet another fort at Jalan Bani bu Hassan. We were finally able to find the fort after some difficulty! This fort was in excellent restored condition, and we were the only tourists there. It wasn't open when we arrived, but the guards were there and let us in to wander around for awhile. Afterwards, we sat awhile and shared coffee and dates with the guards... such a great experience! The next stop was Jami al-Hamoda mosque, an oddly shaped adobe building topped with 52 nipple-like ... read more
Jami al-Hamoda mosque

Middle East » Oman May 11th 2004

mct-sur via coastal road, tiwi, wadi shab I woke up early this morning and walked down the street to the Mutrah fish market. The fishermen were just bringing in the morning's catch and was fascinating to see all the different types of fish for sale. Baby shark is a popular dish here. There was also a meat market with the obligatory live chickens and sheep heads. We then drove to downtown Muscat and the Sultan's palace, which was undergoing renovation/construction. After stocking up on snacks and water we set off on our way out of town. The road headed inland a bit before splitting. We had two choices to Sur, the coastal road or the inland road. The inland road was paved all the way but longer, the coastal road wasn't yet totally paved and there ... read more
Wadi Shab

Middle East » Oman » Muscat May 10th 2004

dxb-mct via sharjah, fujeirah, sohar, al hazm, rustaq, nakhal After a delicious breakfast at the Intercontinental hotel, we caught a cab over to the Budget car rental where our friends D & S were waiting to pick up the car. We would be spending the next few days driving through the UAE and Oman. The rental company required extra Omani insurance, but with 4 people to split the cost, it was reasonable. The plan for the day was to drive across the UAE to the Omani border via Sharjah and Fujeirah, then down along the coast via Sohar to Muscat. It was going to be a very long day and it was already 9:30 by the time we left Dubai. The traffic heading into Dubai from the north was horrendous, practically a parking lot, but our ... read more
Al Hazm
Fort root beam detail
omani door

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 22nd 2004


Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 22nd 2004

Geo: 41.0245, 28.9881 GUN 6 Günlerden Perşembe Rahat bir uçuş ve gördüğümüz yerleri bize tekrar anlatan arkadaşlarımızla Istanbul Atatürk limanına vardık. Eve doğru giderken aklıma şöyle bir şarkı takılıyor Benzemez kimse sana .... Gerçekten canım Istanbul'um tüm dünyayı gezebilirsin ama hiç bir şehir sana benzemez. Boğaz köprüsünün üzerinden geçerken Ayşe ile sadece bakışıyoruz. Konuşmak yok ...konuşmağa gerek te yok .. Başka bir seyahatte birlikte olmak umuduyla hoşça kalınız ...... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 17th 2004

Geo: 41.0245, 28.9881 GÜN 1 Günlerden Cumartesi Gençliğimde tüm öğrenci hareketlerinde adres olarak Moskova gösterilir ve karşıt görüş daima "Moskova'ya ....Moskova'ya" diye bağırırdı. Çetin Altan zırt bir yazı mı yazdı adres belli Moskova'ya ... Sol bir dergi mi dağıtılıyor ? adres yine belli Moskova'ya... Aklınıza gelecek ne kadar ortanın solunda yer alan bir eylem varsa adres Moskova'dır. Tüm gençliğim Moskova'ya gidenler ya da gönderilenler ile burada kalanlar arasındaki kavgalarla geçti. Kader ,daha sonra oda ve sınıf arkadaşımı Moskova Büyük Elçisi yapacaktı ve bende meslek icabı haddinden fazla Moskova 'ya gitmek durumunda kaldım. Perestroika öncesi ve sonrası ortamlarına tanık oldum. Dünya'nın en beleş ve ucuz yerlerinden biri iken, Dünyanın en pahalı kenti olma konumlarına tanık... read more
Ataturk airport

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