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Have you posted about the Middle East recently?

I'm hosting a blog carnival about travel in the Middle East and I want your submissions!
12 years ago, September 29th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #144184  
I love reading travel blogs, and I think it's too bad that there are so many great ones out there which never get wide exposure since there are just TOO MANY to keep up with. I've participated in some blog carnivals in the past and found them to be a great way to collect top-notch posts in one place from a variety of authors.

I've decided to see about starting my own blog carnival- since I've been living in Turkey and Palestine for most of the last couple years, I thought it would be appropriate to start with the topic of Travel Stories From The Middle East. If any of you keep a travel blog and have some recent posts you're proud of and would like to showcase, please send them my way using the form under "submit your blog article to this carnival" (in the upper right):


If you're unfamiliar with the idea of blog carnivals, here's an excerpt from blogcarnival.com about them:

"We think blog carnivals are a great way for bloggers to recognize each other's efforts, organize blog posts around important topics, and improve the overall level of conversation in the blogosphere. Carnivals come in edited "editions", just like magazines or journals. The fact that carnivals are edited (and usually annotated) collections of links lets them serve as "magazines" within the blogosphere, and carnival hosts can earn their readership by providing high quality collections."

Looking forward to reading your posts!
[Edited: 2011 Sep 30 11:01 - Mell:49612 - Moved to Other Travel Sites forum.]
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