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Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba July 13th 2001

We went to the Port to get the Hydrofoil to Jordan. Lets just say, go to the toilet before you get there! The man on the Hydrofoil wanted me to read out something in English for all of the tourists on board, but I was too shy.... I should have, would be something to talk about later on I guess. We were met in Jordan by our tour guide Rabee. We found out that he had lived in Australia for a few years. On the way to Aqaba, I found myself just looking outside of the windows at the water. It was so clear, and I could see all kinds of cute little fish. Later that night we all went down to the beach. I tried my first sheesha here with Charlotte. It was apple flavour, ... read more
Wadi Rum
Me in Wadi Rum

Middle East » Turkey July 7th 2001

Turkish Delight – 7 July, 2001 Well. I don’t know where you are as you read this; I hope it’s somewhere nice. Me, I’m sitting in a Turkish café, overlooking the Turquoise coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The sun is bright, the breeze is cool and the faux-cappuccino is close enough that I’m not complaining. Not far across the sparkling water are several islands, mostly “belonging to” Greece. The oddity that these islands so close to Turkey are in Greece (Cyprus, of course, remains divided since the 1974 coup and invasion) reminds me of how idiotically international boundaries are generally set. In the next few days I’m planning to visit one of the “ghost towns” left empty after the Turkish war of independence, when thousands of people were “traded” between Greece and Turkey in a League ... read more
Sultan's harem
me flying

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 28th 2001

We left Melbourne at about 7pm, and then had a quick stopover in Singapore for a few hours. Then we were off to Dubai for a day. We arrived at about 5am, and got through the airport pretty easily. We went to the hotel to sleep for a few hours, and then decided to do a day tour of the city. We visted the Jumeria Beach Hotel, The Burj Al Arab, and The Jumeria Mosque. After the tour, we headed back to the airport, and got our flight to Egypt.... read more
The Burj Al Arab
The Jumeria Mosque

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos April 10th 2001

Our family holiday to Paphos in Cyprus. Having lived in Limassol for 3 years from 88 to 91 came back for a holiday. First time round was so much better... read more
Sarah and Sam
Me and Harry

Middle East » Israel March 18th 2001

March of 2001, spent a few weeks in Israel and 2 of the 3 Palestinian territories (the Golan Heights and the West Bank).... read more
Ancient tombs

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran November 18th 2000

We leave the Laleh in the middle of the night and Mr. Hoseyn drives us through the quiet streets to Mehrabad Int'l Airport where we must bid farewell and enter the departure hall (men to the left, women to the right). Wanting to exchange my remaining rials I realize too late that I have packed my currency exchange receipt into the checked in bag but am told that I should give it a try anyway. Walking up to the counter the clerk's head suddenly disappears from view as he bends down putting his head on the desk and muttering something. Before I realize what is going on it comes back into view again for a short while only to disappear again. I cannot make my mind up if he is praying or dozing off. As he ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran November 17th 2000

Our last day and we begin by wasting half of it visiting the museum of Persian carpets and another pottery museum. I suppose it can be fascinating to count the millions of knots involved in weaving a carpet masterpiece, but the detailed devotion to each and every design gets rather samey. Each time I walk through a doorway I find myself hoping that it will not open up to yet another hall but to the exit. Heading for lunch both the Bergmans and I are getting a bit fed up of the samey kebab diet and instead insist on only having the tasty soup, bread and salad, skipping the main course. The staff look at each other and Farzaneh, probably muttering something about foreigners.... Afternoon is free time and I head down to the lobby to ... read more
A slow day in Tehran
Martyr tribute
The crew!

Middle East » Iran » West » Qom November 16th 2000

Starting early morning we are departing Esfahan which I feel is not a moment too soon. We are looking at a drive of roughly 400 km to reach Tehran. First we will be going north to Kashan, then northwest to Qom before reaching Tehran in the evening. We make an early stop in a small town near Esfahan to look at the local mosque, and Mr. Bergman buys yet another little souvenir in spite of the protests of his wife. The next stop is a slight detour from the route to Kashan via the village Natanz. This name is nowadays (2005) closely associated with the Iranian uranium enrichment program, but to us it is simply the home village of Mr. Hoseyn, and when he invites us to have some tea at his mother's place we are ... read more
-Silence, camera!
Kashan, Fin Garden
Entering Qom

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan November 15th 2000

Last day in Esfahan and the schedule is padded with lots of air. We start out at the Esfahan Jame Mosque and the nearby bazaar. The mosque itself is full of pigeons and has some damage from an Iraqi air raid. Farzaneh describes her own memories of similar attacks. We have a quick glance through the bazaar along the way. I am always on the lookout for more portraits of the Ayatollahs and the president, having acquired a small collection already. One interesting and unusal type of shops are the ones that specialize in wedding equipment. What catches the eye is a number of big ornamented table stand mirrors in white, silver or golden colour. Another oddity is the mosque with the shaking minarets which is our next stop. Having wandered around Naqsh-e-Jahan Square the other ... read more
Esfahan Jame Mosque
The Esfahan Jame Mosque
The Jame Mosque

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