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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai November 4th 2013

Two weeks ago, our business partner David who runs our offices in Asia, Australia and the Middle East asked me whether I wanted to co-present with him at the International Conference on Psychology Dubai. Of course I wanted to . I arrived in Dubai on Wednesday shortly before midnight. Luckily I got out of the airport (which is usually very busy during the night because it is a great hub for international flights) quickly and caught a taxi to my hotel. The hotel was located close to the conference venue, the Heriot Watt University, and thus a few kilometers from the city centre. The conference did not start until Friday, so I took Thursday off to do some sightseeing. I caught a taxi into town and went on a hop on hop off bus tour that ... read more
Wafi City Mall
Old & New Dubai
Old Dubai

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 28th 2013

Rok temu odgrazalem sie, ze popelnie odcinek z Kopenhagi; coz, nie wyszlo, choc czasu raczej mi tam nie brakowalo. Teraz powinno pojsc lepiej – oto od dwoch tygodni uzywam urlopu bezplatnego, tulajac się z miejsca na miejsce. Z poczatku zamyslalem poleciec KLMem do Chengdu i stamtad wloczyc sie po Chinach i dalej, KLM jednak nabral nieprzyjemnego zwyczaju robienia klientow w trabe, ostatecznie wiec wybralem lot z Emirates do Szanghaju, a skoro już Emiratami, to z jednodniowym postojem w Dubaju. Na dziendobry zostalem tam okradziony: po wyladowaniu zdazylem wlaczyc telefon, wyslac sms do mamy, uruchomic skypa, zamienic kilka wiadomosci tekstowych z Piterem... po 20 minutach otrzymalem wiadomosc o wyczyszczeniu simplusowego konta ze 180 czy 190zl, jakie się na nim znajdowaly. I gdybym choc wiedzial , kto mnie okradl? Plus GSM? Emiracki odpowiednik? A może trzeba mieć tez ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 28th 2013

Samedi 24 aout : Dernier déjeuner aux crêpes aux bananes. Végète a l’hôtel jusqu’à mon départ pour l’aéroport a 13 :00. Check-in et sécurité, tout est OK. Je peux attendre dans le lounge de la première classe. J’ai droit à la bouffe et à l’alcool à volonté, malheureusement, je n’ai ni faim, ni soif. Départ à temps, 15 :30. Emirates c’est une très bonne compagnie. C’est vraiment intéressant la première classe. C’est comme des petites cabines, avec des portes qui se ferment, des sièges qui peuvent se transformer en lit avec matelas et duvet et qui donnent des massages. Petit bar, table d’écriture, pantoufle, 3 types d’éclairage, trousse de cosmétique, menu à la carte digne des grands restaurant, malheureusement, je n’ai pas encore faim, je vais juste prendre une soupe aux lentilles avec une salade. Je ... read more
Hotel Jumeirah

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 27th 2013

Saying goodbye to the Jordan leg of the trip was odd. Having spent 9 days with a great bunch of like minded people and a fantastic guide, Ibrahim, made it feel like a family holiday without the arguments. Our final night was celebrated with an authentic Jordanian BBQ, at a local hang out in Amman. Bundling 16 of us into 4 taxis, we made our way through intense traffic and roadsides of teenagers hanging out with their friends at the different ‘circles’ (roundabouts) and no doubt waiting to do what teenagers do. Friday and Saturday are the weekends here, with Sunday being like a week day. Having organized the group tip and a hand made card, and sitting in sluggish traffic for the restaurant, Julia, Sally and I decided to write some poetry on the back ... read more
Equals loud teenage boys
Designer fruit in Amman
Arriving in Dubai, creek visible in distance

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 22nd 2013

Hi everyone! I've just landed in Dubai and have only a two hour wait here. My flight was delayed by an hour in Manchester so I was a bit worried that I wouldn't make my connecting flight to Bangkok. Thankfully, I am here with time to spare! I am just sat in the lounge enjoying some breakfast before I board my plane to Bangkok Stuart has already caught his flight to Bangkok so I am hoping he will be there at the other end waiting for me once he has sorted himself out at the hotel. I am writing this on my phone and it doesn't seem to be letting me re read it let me know if you spot any grammar or punctuation mistakes!! Hope you are all well back home xxxx... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 18th 2013

The city where there is no end to new building projects, world records and manmade greatness. We only spent a couple of nights here to get a taste of the city which is emerging more and more as a tourist destination – more for the families and the package tourist than anything else, which is not usually our cup-a-tea. But as we were flying past we thought why not stop off for a sample, our curiosity had caught the better of us. Unfortunately Sarah, who was laid up in bed sick, missed most of the sampling of Dubai due to a chest infection. She couldn’t even enjoy the benefits of staying at a luxury resort with various pools, spas, restaurants, a gym, golf course, tennis courts and even a private beach with water sports! But I ... read more
Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 16th 2013

Dubai Tuesday 15th October OK I’ve been in Dubai for two days now and the holiday has turned to shit – literally. Ro if you remember the first day in China ……… (well not quite I’m not going both ends). I think you get the point. One thing I forgot to mention in my last blog is the traffic shock I got when I arrived here. During the drive from the airport I was appalled to see the behavior of the drivers: they were actually driving within their respective lanes and were courteous to each other. What uncommon behavior in the Middle East and Asia. Amazing. The next thing of note were the number of hookers who were handing out business cards inviting you to a particular address, or if you like ... read more
Dubai - East Coast Tour
Dubai - East Coast Tour
Dubai - East Coast Tour

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 14th 2013

Up at Stupid o'clock and off to the airport. Goodbye to our dear friend - and thanks for the laughs and the beds (do you feel deflated - in more ways than one?). A much needed coffee (though Colonial on the Terrace in Wellington, NZ, we miss you!) and chicken and pesto focaccia and croissant (which we didn't need) we chose our Duty Free and boarded another A380 bound for Munich. OMG, I had a birthday cake, photos and staff singing happy birthday to me at 39,995 feet, above Bucharest (thanks Nath)! I cried! Okay, so I'm a little tired...... Munich - first impressions - teeny tiny airport, lots of grey, looked dirty and very backward especially after Dubai. Train ride into town through green pastures to Haufbahnhof Central Station. The Hotel was close and very ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 13th 2013

Up early (thanks to some giggling gerts! - although was originally skyped at 4.14am (someone needs to check the time difference Greg :)) Away via metro and a long people-mover walkway to Burj Khalifa - 124 floors up, the highest building in the World, and stunning views. We the boarded the Hop On Hop Off bus but didn't actually have time to hop off :) A great day - just not enough time to do all we want to do (is there ever enough time?). Then off to Ravi's in Satwa for a VERY authentic Indian meal. Plastic plates, tin glasses, dirty ceiling fans, delicious food (reminded us of Fiji). We finished our night by Paddy, our hostess, and me sharing a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake (yes, you guessed it, ANOTHER birthday cake complete with ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 12th 2013

After a Paddy's Big Brekkie the lads headed off to Wild Wadi water park and Dessert Safari and we, after a quick run into Starbucks, headed to Abu Dhabi to see what Roy and I missed by not getting to live there. After coffee in a traditional style mall with Paddy's 'friend' Lenny and also Andrew S, we drove along the Corniche to the Emirates Palace Hotel. The sheer opulence was worth the visit though we decided against coffee and cake at AED280 ($91). Another story with the detail best left to the imagination involved a bidet hose and some unexpected house-keeping. Needless to say the walls and floor are even more clean than when we arrived - and there was much laughter reverberating around tiled walls. We headed all the way across town Al Reem ... read more

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