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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 16th 2015

day 8 I have been roaming around Dubai trying to make money at work. its been a good day training lots to learn my landlord came back today he is from Sweden and has two children there a bit older and he doesn't see them any more seems like he left Sweden for his new wife Philippine women in Dubai. They are a nice couple to have as landlords for yourself What I understand it people seem to rent out the flats for a year an then re-rent them so make extra money its not a bad idea you can make a future people do this all over Duabi a rake it in from expats looking a room to stay in. day 9 At work we got invited to this gathering with other business I thought ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 9th 2015

Day 3 shopping is difficult considering the supermarket down stairs does not sell any meat apart form frozen chicken nuggets my cooker barely works the heater doesn't seem to heat anything up that much well not warm enough to be boiling so I had to have warm pasta(Brilliant). My job is going well I prefer being in that building more than where I am staying it reminds me why I am here mostly. I have met most of my new flat mates quiet as they are there is another girl and guy they are also working here like most people we get along told each other stories as to why there here and what brought them. Day 4-5 I have spent most of my time here working as a broker for the real estate firm mainly ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 7th 2015

07 October 2015 A long and tiring day touring around the contrasting and in many cases extreme Dubai sights in a stiflingly hot 35°. Fortunately all the buildings and vehicles were air conditioned. We decided against the tourist bus but instead bought a very reasonable day ticket on the modern overground metro which quickly whisked around the spread out city. We also had a taxi tour with a friendly Indian driver and did some gentle walking. We started with the hotel shuttle which took us to the Dubai mall, built on 4 levels it is the largest in the world and contains every imaginable upper class shop. Adjacent to it is the tallest building in the world, the 828m high Burj Khalifa. It was then onto the Metro for a ride through sprawling suburbs to the ... read more
Daylight street scene from our hotel suite
Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa
The four stories of the mall

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 6th 2015

06 October 2015 Emma and the boys dropped us off at Birmingham Airport in plenty of time to catch the 09.40 Emirates plane and after a pleasant flight in a half empty cabin we arrive in Dubai at 19.30. From the air conditioned airport we transferred to the air conditioned metro and only got hit by the 35° heat on the 10 minute walk along the huge Sheikh Zayed Road to the Crowne Plaza Hotel where we dived into the air conditioning again. We were upgraded to a palatial suite on the 15th floor with panoramic views over the City and its skyscrapers. A good first taste of the Dubai high life.... read more
The bedroom
The view

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 6th 2015

Another early start this morning. We checked out of the hotel at 6am and our transfer, organised by the hotel, arrived shortly afterwards to take us to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. (KLIA) The journey to the airport took about an hour. We think we got a good deal with the transfer as it only cost us the equivalent of about £15.00. When we checked in at the airport, we were pleased when they advised that they could check in our bags all the way to Heathrow. We had hoped this would happen, so had packed our hand luggage accordingly. Most airlines allow this if your connecting flight is within the next 24 hours. Once we passed through security we checked our boarding cards, and were surprised to find that they had categorised our hop through Dubai ... read more
Free meal vouchers - Yum
Photographic memories of our time onboard-compliments of Emirates

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai October 6th 2015

Day 1 My first night good got picked up, hot as hell booked this hotel for 2 nights first day found this website called dubizzle who its where people rent rooms on there as I didn't have a phone I whatsapp-ed them to see seeing if I could see there rooms, I found a room where a women answered the door I reckon she was from the Philippines. She told me to come to this floor in this tower it was massive I went to the wrong tower at first and ended up knocking on a family's door who looked teriffed when they answered. I did finally find the room where another family were there they said they were moving out soon and wanted to rent there room (perfect) it was illegal but everyone seems to ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 26th 2015

So I did it. I moved 4,000 miles away. Now there’s 7000 KMs of war and desert and seas between myself and everything I ever knew … And that’s fine. There’s far worse places to be marooned than Dubai: My classroom no longer looks out over a Surrey council estate, but at the spire of the world’s tallest building. There’s a pool on my roof. I’m not allowed to carry my bags up to my room without a concierge throwing a cardiac arrest at me. Mcdonald’s will deliver to my door! Yes, everyone tells you it’s going to be hot… But unless you’ve ever stuck your face in lava or been to the sun then it’s hard to comprehend. It’s a constant hair-dryer up your nostrils; a singeing-off-your-eyebrows-extravaganza, – a continuous smothering hug from a huge, ... read more
Burj Khalifa.
Jumeirah Beach.

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 21st 2015

Geo: 25.2444, 55.3711We're on an A380 now flying to Paris. Once again we have 3 seats to ourselves. Yay! The service is not so great on these giant planes. We just got served breakfast at 10.30am. We are sitting one row from the back of the plane so we get served last. After getting up at 5.00am to get to the airport we were pretty hungry by the time we got our little croissant and bit of fruit and cheese.I don't know where we are at the moment but the scenery out the window is quite spectacular with long brown mountain ranges dotted with little lakes and small pockets of civilisation.There is an Air Berlin jet sitting just off our wingtip but we are slowly overtaking him.The flight today is a bit smoother than the one ... read more
Coming into Paris
Power station

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 20th 2015

When we started planning this trip, we were not aware how much there was to do in Dubai, both culturally and touristic. Because of this, we did not allow many days here and consequently, did not get to see everything that we wanted to. This is definitely a place we will be returning to. Dubai is a city of two halves. One half, nearer to the airport, is more local with the cheaper hotels and the souks. The other half, nearer to the marina is more touristic and business orientated. Both halves are nice and have their own attraction and characters. Dubai does not have to be expensive. If you venture away from the big hotels you can find some vey reasonably priced shops and restaurants. The Entertainer book helped us greatly whilst we were in ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 20th 2015

Geo: 25.2491, 55.3014After the usual sumptuous hotel buffet breakfast we ventured out in the 42C heat to walk to the old part of Dubai. Of course Dubai not being a very old city, the old town consists mainly of a series of fort like buildings which house museums, and a rabbit warren of little shops reminiscent of the Turkey bazaars that are selling copious amounts of scarves, pashminas and various touristy items. Ross refused to buy an Arabian headdress even though I insisted that they were very attractive.We strolled around the shops for a while and then caught one of the little wooden water taxis over to the other side of the river to where the spice and gold souks were located,The gold and diamond jewellery is displayed in the windows of the dozens of little ... read more
The gold souk
The river

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