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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 28th 2014

To get away from the monotony of work in Qatar, I decided to invite two new Dutch girls to Dubai for a fun weekend of just girls. Melinda is married to one of my engineers, and had visited him while he interned in Dubai about six years ago - things had changed a LOT since then, so it was interesting to see her reaction. Tina had never been to Dubai before, and I'm a little worried because she seems to really like it. Like me like it - so I worry she'll ditch us folk in Qatar... Anyway, I always take the nightly United flight from Doha to Dubai - it is almost never full. But last time and this time it was!!! It took a while to check in, go through security, go through security ... read more
Burj Khalifa
cooking class
Rococo Cooking Class 2014

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 12th 2014

Feb 12, 2014 - Off to the Middle East...Dubai...for a Valentine Celebration... Feb 13, 2014 - Landed to Deira...this is a town were most of the locals go and live...Gold Souk is also here... Feb 14, 2014 - Off to Dubai a place called "The Beach" the Dubai Marina beach...and off to a nice Valentine dinner... Feb 15, 2014 - ...zzzzz...late night last night so sleeping in was in order...we r now off to Dhow Cruise...great food...great entertainment...some male Arabic dancing... Feb 16 - 17, 2014 - ...immersing into the culture...being with the locals... Feb 18, 2014 - ...enjoy a day of watching professional tennis competition... Feb 19, 2014 - Go back home... :-(... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 9th 2014

Arrived 5th Feb 7.50am, got to hotel in a taxi and was unable t check in, so dropped my bag and went out. Receptionist advised me which metro station to get to Burj Khalifa. Went to Dubai Mall and got lost in it! Walked around the food court twice without realising! I was looking how to get out to go and see the Burj, but literally couldn’t find an exit for about an hour! When I found one I walked out and couldn’t see the tallest building in the world! Walked around chuckling, thinking how have I lost the tallest building in the world? DON’T WORRY though I found it! Walked around the whole shopping centre at least twice, eventually found the ‘At the top’ Burj Khalifa entrance and it was fully booked until Sunday, gutted, ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 6th 2014

our visit at Dubai and Langkawi trip... read more
swapna saha

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 4th 2014

26th / 27th January 2014 Where do I start?!!! The journey to Gatwick was uneventful, arrived, checked in our luggage – that was a new one as we usually only take hand luggage!! The plane left on time ( A huge Boeing 777!) and after a delicious 3 course meal we tried to sleep the remaining four hours of flight (6 ½ hrs altogether!) Managed to doze for a while but woke up in time to see a beautiful sunrise across the mainly sandy terrain and we landed at about 7.00am Dubai time (3.00am UK time!!) The airport was impressive – large as are most things here! Full of pillars, mirrors, coloured glass and palm trees. A guy was waiting for our taxi transfer to Cassells Al Barsha Hotel, and we were whisked off for the ... read more
Me and Him in the desert
Catching the abra
Bedhouin Camp

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 25th 2014

I'd been looking forward to brunch all week long. In fact, it is the only thing that got me through the week at all. I had a very rough Thursday, with trying to get the one report I really wanted out the door and being unsuccessful. At least I got another done, but it was frustrating. Then I had a mid-afternoon site visit on the complete opposite side of town; this site visit usually takes me about 15 minutes - simply checking the rock/soil conditions beneath the pad excavations to verify they are correct. They always are, but they need a geotechnical engineer to sign off on it. I was planning to head home and finish the report so I could have my assistant compile and send out. Of course, this one time, I was kept ... read more
me and Samar
At Double Deckers

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 24th 2014

So far all of my work in music videos has consisted of me dancing, as part of a group of backing dancers, to support the star. So it came as a big surprise to me when I found out that I had been selected to star in a music video in Dubai! I had a couple of rehearsals in Mumbai beforehand, where the choreographer's assistants taught me a brilliant, fast - paced, commercial routine. After learning the choreography I was then told that whilst dancing I would be lip syncing the Punjabi song. This concerned me slightly as I had no experience of dancing whilst lip syncing in my own language, let alone in a language I cannot speak a single word of. Also the lyrics were a completely different rhythm to the choreography I was ... read more
Shopping mall in Dubai
View from Burj Khalifa
On the beach Christmas day

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 18th 2014

Hi all, After a 1 hour delay in Manchester Airport because the sinks on our plane had broke we finally managed to take off and start our trip. First stop Dubai! The flight itself was great after the Emirates staff had managed to reset my TV screen and we had no issues getting through passport control after we landed once we figured out and asked if we were in the right queue. They even opened up a new queue for some of us that had the British electronic passports, which we got right to the front of. The hotel we are staying at is very nice and located opposite the Dubai museum and a couple of minutes walk from the Creek. Over the last two days we have been to the textile, spice, and gold souks ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 17th 2014

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) have become a somewhat popular stopover destination, mainly through the success of the country's two major airlines (Emirates and Etihad). Up to very recent times, the UAE have been synonymous with its (not capital) trademark city Dubai. In fact, when I was looking for a guide book for the UAE i could only find a "Dubai & Abu Dhabi", featuring several day trips from the two major cities to the other 5 emirates. The cultural capital of Sharjah and the desert oasis of Al Ain have only very recently been put on the map by some fellow travelers. Anyhow, Emirates Airlines it was and Dubai was the place for a 3 day stopover. This is of course a very pleasant change from the icy temperatures of Europe in this season. Trying ... read more
Al Ain

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 6th 2014

Our first day in Dubai.... read more
Dubai creek view

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