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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 9th 2014

Due to the long flight I had planned and my much needed real vacation time, I looked into flying Business Class... just on a whim. Lo and behold! I saw great deals on Emirates! Not only that, the deals were on the A380 - the largest passenger jet in the world! The price was just a little more than twice the price of Economy, so I went for it - 16 hour flight on Emirates in business? Yep - made total sense! (I've been unable to find the same deal for any time recently - I'd love to fly my parents in, but I can only splurge so much!) Can I just say - wow! Wow. Wow. WOW! Was it totally worth it! From beginning to end. I was able to check in pretty quickly and ... read more
Plenty of legroom
My own drink storage and charging area

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 31st 2014

As seen in the Fast and Furious series of movies, you ride fast cars and you attract the attention of pretty much everyone. With a huge range of fairly standard cars consisting of the taccy brands of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini and Ferrari the star of the show has to be the pick up truck that mistakenly entered Top Gear's idea of heaven. With the pick up trucks shear slickness and elegance everyone's attention was drawn to this car. You think I'm joking? The eyes of 30 souls turned to see this truck slot into a position next to the red ferrari. It was shear mis-match. As seen in the array of photos on this page was a pretty standard set of cars simply with chauffers waiting to pick up their kings and queens from the ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 31st 2014

A beautiful day in Dubai with 30 C temps and the warmest wind you will come across. The day was planned as a chill out ready for the next phase of the trip. After a leisurely breakfast we headed to the pool / beach for a relaxing few hours interspersed with the usual jogs, frisbee and swims. Another recent development is the kids announcing that they are off to the gym for a workout!!! As usual we were last out of the pool in the evening and then it was a rapid turnaround before heading into town for supper. We were picked up by Tim Bingham an old Air BP colleague of mine to go downtown to the Burj Khalifa area. There we met with his wife Norma for an amazing meal. This was Michele, Alex ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 30th 2014

Arrived safely in Dubai after a pretty effortless flight on the new A380 with Emirates. Must confess we did look down with a little pity on those who were only on a two hour stopover before heading off for the 13 hour trip to Oz. We were at the hotel Fairmont Palm by 10am which is very nice and perfect for a relaxing stopover. Our everyneed is being looked after by "Minty" the butler, which is a first for me but already Michele and kids have added this to the list of essentials for future hotels. Sunday was spent chilling out on the beach and in the lovely pools with just a short mid afternoon rest to catch up on some sleep in order to enjoy the evening. Dubai remains the most surreal place on the ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 28th 2014

Well folks, Thursday turned out to be so different to Wednesday. The sun shone all day, we started the day spending time by the pool, we dont do that for long but we need to make the most of this March sunshine. Quite a relaxing day, although I did have a drive out with Martyn and got to see some of the less attractive parts of Dubai, part of the industrial part, yes its full of warehouses. Later on we visited the new development down by the Marina, this area as only been open a month or so, as everything in Dubai its a fantastic development, the design of the buildings are incredible. After a lovely meal in a Italian/Chinese we walked round the Marina itself, a very busy place even at ten o clock at ... read more
2014-03-27 17.44.15

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 27th 2014

'Last year Dubai discovered it didn't have any birds', says Zein. 'So they introduced a new bird from Pakistan.' Zein is my son in law. He is from Syria. It's the first time we meet. Together with my daughter Majorie and my wife Linda we eat falafel at a little restaurant at Jumeira Beach Residence, one of the newest projects in Dubai. 'Is that the one?', I ask, pointing to a brownish bird which is hanging around near the restaurant. 'Exactly.' 'We have them also in Thailand' I say. 'It's a Myna. One of the most invasive birdspecies in the world. Once you have them, you'll never get rid of them.' Who cares?, I think. Dubai is not the place where you come to spot birds. Here you are to be amazed by the highest buildings ... read more
Zein and Majorie on the boat at Dubai Marina
Together with Zein
BBQ in the mountains

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 26th 2014

Well we might as well be back in the Uk, Wednesday morning and it's raining quite heavily. We were hoping to have had swim in the pool before heading out again, but the pool is not going to be visited this morning. Well what a wet day Wednesday was, pouring with rain all day, the funny thing is, rain almost brings the roads to a standstill like snow does in the UK, most roads have no drains so everywhere becomes flooded almost instantly. I managed a short walk mid afternoon round the lakes, then headed out to a local shopping mall for a wander and some tea, although smaller than the main Dubai mall we visited Tuesday, its still massive compared to the ones in the UK and incorporates a ski run and small snow boarding ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 25th 2014

Nice relaxing morning round the pool, now for a spot of lunch. After lunch we headed out for a walk of the area with the cameras, then visited the main Dubai mall for an evening meal, seeing the indoor aquarium complete with shark and the ice skating rink. Also seeing the fabulous fountain display outside.... read more
2014-03-25 18.29.07

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 24th 2014

At 7:45 ( Dubai time) our plane landed in Dubai. Although we left Manchester 20 minutes we had a very smooth flight and landing 15 minutes before time. Looking down on Dubai all lit up was an amazing sight to see. After a 20 minute taxi ride we arrived at our apartment, and went to a local resteraunt for a meal, by the time we were walking back to the apartment it was 11pm and still t shirt weather. Its now 9.50 Tuesday morning, time for an hour or so by the pool then to explore.... read more
2014-03-24 11.22.58
2014-03-24 11.23.23

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 20th 2014

Basically a lazy day.........after the early morning run and gym visit.......breakfast........sunbathe by the pool.......afternoon tea........sunbathe by the pool, followed by steam room/sauna! Then pre-dinner drinks before we headed to Dubai Mall again (pic 1) to, primarily, see the Fountain light and sound show (pic 2) - which didn't photograph very well! Also took a pic of Burj Kalifa, the tallest tower here (anywhere?). Then, while waiting to get into the Cheesecake Factory, I took a pic of the huge aquarium (again not easily photographed). Believe it or not, I had a very tasty burger at the Cheesecake Factory! Took s couple of more pics in the mall and of the Waterfall - a spectacular fountain - and Burj Kalifa (from the pedestrian walkway),pics 4, 5, 6, before catching the metro back to the hotel......... get ... read more

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