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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain December 30th 2018

Heute haben wir Nizwa verlassen und sind zur Grenze zu den Emiraten. Dort gab es aber wieder Probleme, weil eine Mitreisende nicht korrekt in den Emiraten registriert war. Daher mussten wir mehr als zwei Stunden warten. Dann sind wir in ein Einkaufszentrum gefahren, wo ich ein Starbucks entdeckt habe. Dort habe ich Kaffee getrunken. Dann sind wir weiter ins Zentrum von Al Ain und haben dort die Oase besucht. Von dort sind wir zu Fuß zum Palastmuseum gegangen und haben uns dieses angesehen. Schließlich sind wir auf einen benachbarten Berg zu unserem Hotel gefahren.... read more
Al Ain Palastmuseum.
Oase Al Ain.
Oase Al Ain.

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain December 24th 2018

Am Montag sind wir relativ früh vom Hotel aufgebrochen und zunächst zum Burj Al Arab gefahren. Dort haben wir am Strand Fotos gemacht. Dann sind wir zur künstlichen Jumeirah Palmeninsel. Dort haben wir auch fotografiert und sind etwas herum gelaufen. Dort gibt es auch eine Magnetbahn von Siemens. Die Stadt München könnte sich davon eine Scheibe abschneiden. Danach sind wir zur Dubai Marina, die auch sehr sehenswert ist. Von dort sind wir zu einem Golfkurs außerhalb und haben auch von dort Fotos von der Dubai Marina gemacht. Schließlich sind wir zur Dubai Mall und haben uns diese angesehen und sind auch auf den Burj Khalifa hinauf gefahren. Von dort hat man eine prima Aussicht. Anschließend haben wir Dubai verlassen und sind nach Al Ain aufgebrochen. Das ist ein Grenzort zum Oman. Dort waren wir im Archäologiepark ... read more
Beim Burj Al Arab in Dubai.
Dubai Marina.
Al Ain Archäologiepark.

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain April 24th 2017

Friday 7 February 2014 United Arab Emirates has rich history and is full of archaeological treasures. Interesting sites spread across all Emirates, some as old as 150BC. Accustomed to today's easy style of living, visiting such site always makes one wonder how those people managed to live in such harsh environment. This time I managed to steal away my good friend Yasir Bilal (YB) from his home ministry for half day and explore some of the appealing sites spread across Al Ain. Al Ain (literally The Spring) is a peaceful green city of Emirates of Abu Dhabi and has many interesting reasons to visit. It is located approximately 120 KM south of Dubai. 1. Bida Bint Saud Alternative Name Qarn/Garn Bint Saud Location: N 24 22 58.72 E 55 43 06.26 I set off early morning ... read more
Hili Archeological Park
Mubazzarah Historical Dam
Bida Bint Saud

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain December 24th 2014

There are some travel experiences that exceed the excitement, mystique and hopes of the wide-eyed traveler: the way one's breath is stolen upon first seeing the pyramids; the smallness one feels seeing animals roaming wild on safari; the marvel of wondering how ancient cultures ever survived when one sets foot in an oasis....those are all moments one never forgets. Then there are those moments that fall far below expectations, the moments the travel books got all wrong. My dad and Will still laugh when they remember the plans for the great floating market in Thailand that ended up being two boats selling souvenirs and cheap plastic crap. Or the much anticipated Camel Market in Douz, Tunisia where there was literally one camel tied to a tree. Those instances make great stories, but never match the greatest ... read more
Enjoying the Market
Dad Observing a Big Sale
Camel Kisses

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain December 24th 2014

When we went to the Al-Ain Livestock Market, we were hoping to see camels and be a part of the local activity. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we might see a baby camel being born! It was our Christmas Miracle! We were looking for lunch when dad yelled for us to follow him. Somehow a mother camel caught his eye as her water broke and she slipped her calf. We ran over abd saw a very confused little camel laying on the ground! We stayed awhile and watched the baby navigate his new world. It was hard for us to adjust to how a new mother camel reacts to her new baby. The mama just stood there, not very close to her baby and just looked around. She did not clean her calf, ... read more
Congratulations! It's a Cutie!
Dad and Kyle Keeping an Eye on Progress
Closer to Success

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain August 10th 2013

For Eid, our company was given off Thursday through Monday, so I worked until later than usual Wednesday evening before coming home and starting my leave. I did laundry and packed for my upcoming trip to Al Ain. Thursday morning, I headed to the airport around 11am for my early afternoon flight - there was nobody on the road! I made it to the airport in less than 20 minutes! I was flying Qatar Airways as I do occasionally. There is a separate terminal for them; usually, I go in to the "Cabin Baggage" only counter and I get through in about 2 minutes. Same thing today, except in the regular checkin area, where I almost never see anyone, it was PACKED. And that's when you realize that it is holiday time! Our flight was PACKED ... read more
Al Ain outcrops
outer and inner routes

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain August 10th 2013

I woke up this morning with sore arms and feeling dehydrated. It was nice to lounge around for a few hours with no thoughts except updating my blog... Around noon, we finally kicked into gear and went to the Al Ain mall where we satisfied our cravings for hamburgers at Applebees. Then we headed to the Al Ain zoo. I was tired and it was hot as hades out so I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. But what a treat! The cost is minimal (15 AED) and I bought a hat for shade, also minimal cost (15 AED) and we each got a voucher for a free trip before the end of the year. We were lucky because apparently summer hours are only 5 days a week and at night, but since it is Eid, ... read more
Nubian Ibex
African Wild Dog
Zoo set up

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain April 14th 2011

Can you believe we have been here 8 1/2 months already?! Time flies. In about 2 months we will have completed our first school year here. Alhumdullilah! It was a rough start but we are all settled in. I am looking forward to coming home for a visit though, I will be arriving June 19. I am trying to make a calendar of activities for myself so I dont waste anytime. I will be in Florida I believe the 16th of July for a little over a week and will only have a few days in RI before I head back to UAE, so lets plan some dates!!! Spring has arrived in Al Ain. These are pictures of Al Ain Paradise, which is a beautiful flower Garden. We went there after Juma (Friday) Prayer a couple ... read more
Photo 3
Fruit Market
Photo 6

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain March 8th 2011

What and adventure today was! Day four and I am really starting to enjoy myself around here. I drove to Al Ain today and learned really how modern Abu Dhabi is. I will admit was a little nervous entering the Rub Al-Khali Desert; hearing that I was entering a Muslim State, a very traditional city, I didn’t really understand what that meant until I got actually got there. First things first – I need petrol because I don’t know how many opportunities I have to fill up. Oil is their industry and that is one thing I soon learned there is plenty of. There aren’t many villages between the two cities, but there are many petrol stations and rest areas along the way. Every 10-15 km there is a pullover for rest, food, prayer and petrol ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain March 4th 2011

These are pictures of Al Ain Museum. I had a great time despite my children being bored to death and driving me crazy. You will see pictures of old texts, such as Qurans and Hadith (written on skins), Pottery from the Hili tombs, antique Jewelry, pictures of what Al Ain looked like in just the 50's and 60's, artillery, money from different Khalifat, and gifts that were given from other countries to Sheik Zayed and donated to the museum. I took a picture of the label which stated which country gave the gift, then I tried to put the picture of the gift right afterward. Note the pic. of the bag that said for Womens cosmetics, I thought that was so 'a propos. Enjoy! View pictures as large as possible to get writing and detail if ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4

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