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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain December 25th 2010

Jabeel Hafeet – I had been asking my husband for a while to go to Jabel Haffeet which is a mountain range that is visible from everywhere in Al Ain So one night out of the blue he says ok lets go up the mountain, I really wanted to go right before sunrise so I could get some awesome pictures but we went at night the mountain is very intense and high. I was nervous, not so much the height but the boulders that did not seem very secure from my view. Large big rocks on the side of the mountain unnerved me to say the least and they were doing construction digging so that didn’t help. But it was very beautiful when we got to the top we could see the entire city all lit ... read more
Rams Roundabout
driving up the mountain

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain December 25th 2010

Special note about Asiyah So Najd promised Asiyah a bicycle if she promised not to suck her finger for a month. And this determined little girl did it. After years of putting socks on her hand, buying nasty tasting finger elixirs, threats, bribery, she did it! He said bike and that was it. She had two difficult nights, she couldn’t sleep and she was crying. We put a sock on her hand and bought her a pacifier for night and she did it! No more sock, it’s been two weeks! Update: only 7 more days to go! First days of school Well first days of school Abdullah came home with stories of at least 3 different children pushing and hitting him. I asked him did he tell the teacher and he said he did and the ... read more
camel farm @ Hili
Hoping this isnt the place for the sheppard

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain December 3rd 2010

This month has been a very busy one for us. We were determined to get the children into school, Eid Ul Adha was this month, as well as National Day, which is the day UAE celebrates the formation of the Emirates. EID UL ADHA The Eid was very disappointing. We thought the celebrations would be amazing here, but it was really low key. the prayers were at 6:30 am and we missed it. We went anyway and people were just leaving as we arrived. There were not many woman at all at the prayer grounds so I made my prayer in the car. There were no festivities really, no excitement, you didnt see anyone slaughtering a ram. We did go to the Livestock souk but it was much too crowded. So we came home and ... read more
cool place dont know what it is though

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain November 4th 2010

I dont have much to say...I will let the pictures do the talking....oooOOoo I forgot to mention the Sand Cat, I have never heard of it before and I didnt get a picture of it because it was in the nocturnal house and it was really in the dark, but google it it is the coolest thing. I want one :) lol. also I read today that an Austrian businessman had a private animal collection that grew out of control and he approached the then ruling Sheikh, Zayed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, to donate a piece of land for housing the animals. That was the initial zoo and over the years it has expanded, and is currently exppanding more. The collection includes more than four thousand animals from exotic reptiles, birds, and mammals from all over ... read more
ZOO 012
ZOO 013
ZOO 014

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain October 27th 2010

I love it that every plant has its own irrigation system with it. I love that when workers deliver something, they put it together for free. I hate the fact that they don’t use deodorant, and some smoke in your home. I love that when my internet wasn’t working I didn’t have to call a number to run me through a time consuming series of prompts, and wait days for a technician to come out. I saw the technicians truck, sent Abdullah (He loves Abdullah), and within 5 minutes he was here and fixed it. I hate that his partner asked me if I was Muslim and when I said yes he told me to make him tea. I love when driving through Emirates I see such picturesque scenery. I often feel like I live in ... read more
random photos 018
Love this wardrobe!
random photos 020

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain October 15th 2010

One thing I love about living here is that you see Quran manifested every day. It’s like the Quran has come alive. For example when Allah talks about the blessings of date palm trees to the Ummah. You see it here. When Allah forbids music, you really understand why when you see how music has consumed the Arab culture. When 70% of the channels are music and you see the culture changing and Arabs emulating MTV videos, you understand. All the time ayahs of Quran pop into my mind and find new life and understanding. The only way I can explain it is to say the Quran was like black & white to me and living here is adding color to it. My husband says he is having the same experience, and we often mention the ... read more
Al Jimi & Al Bawadi Mall 004
 Al Bawadi Mall  Ski Slope

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain October 2nd 2010

Ok before we get into the camels: Let me clarify something especially since there are many posts that advise to say Al humdullilah, appreciate what you have, blah, blah blah, blah blah. How the blog works for me is I usually start my blog days before you see it. everyday I try to type something so I dont forget the important things and so that when I do write I am in the moment and you are feeling my emotion when you read. So when I was upset about my apartment, you were reading what I was experiencing in the moment and how I genuinely felt at that time. You were there with me while I worked through my stuff. I tried to emphasize that it was not only the apartment that had me down but ... read more
basketball court-Hili
front of buildings facing oman
Oman Border

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain September 29th 2010

This blog is mostly pictures. The pictures are detailed to give my mom an Idea of what the lay out of the apartment looks like so she can give me some interior decorating ideas. Pictures of Al Ain Mall,and Our apartment, roundabouts and forts. Im over being sad about my new apartment and Im making the best of it. I am looking forward to moving out of the resort. I am getting to know my way around. I love that there is so much to do here for families. and it is all Halaal! We havent really gone anywhere because we are preparing to move. Trying to buy furniture and stuff. ... read more
Main Hallway to elevators
Going Up!
My new apartment 013

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain September 25th 2010

Remember when I said Al Ain looked like Brooklyn? Well I guess that’s how I perceived it when I first entered it with my skewed perception after leaving Abu Dhabi, but for the past few days (since we finally got a car, Yaaaay!) I have been able to really get around and see things. Al Ain is really a nice place. The weather is cooler here. It’s cooling down now anyway, and Al Ain doesn’t have the humidity like Abu Dhabi. It’s very dry here. The first tourist place I wanted to see was the Camel Souk. I thought Abdullah would love to see that even though the warning in the tour guide said remember this is a meat market! We have been literally looking for it for 4 days. I have seen probably 90% of ... read more
looking for camels 061
our resort was at the sand castle roundabout
looking for camels 064

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain September 17th 2010

DAY 1 Started out this morning with a new positive attitude my disappointment about leaving Aloft hotel gone! I take of my sulking cap and put on my action cap. I go and ask the concierge if there is a market close by. He says yes there is a mall with a market up the street, and across the street. I can walk. Ok that sounds good. But I still am not sure about the walking part his English wasn’t that great and he’s a man so he might not understand what “walking distance” means to an American…in 100 degrees….with 2 children and coming back with groceries, so I am a little leery. We go to the breakfast buffet. I start conversating with an Ethiopian woman who works in the restaurant. She tells me that the ... read more
al ain 1st days 019
resort restaurant
Old Mosque

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