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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain September 15th 2010

We go down to breakfast today and People are greeting us and mentioning that those of us who are moving to Al Ain are leaving at 11:00 this morning. My husband never received the email. (I find out later after our bags are packed and I am waiting for my husband to return with the trolley thing to transport our entire luggage, I start playing with the TV. And notice that he has a mail box on the TV and low and behold there are messages in it. One saying we will be traveling to Al Ain and our instructions!) So after breakfast we run upstairs and speed pack our 12 bags of luggage! All teachers & families meet in the main foyer. 3 families are told to point out there luggage and come to the ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain September 10th 2010

July in Abu Dhabi is overwhelmingly steamy and hot...approx 45+degrees everyday! Wearing the most breathable & lightest of clothing..always carrying water with you..and planning your day so as not to be out in the heat too much. In fact you can barley cope with being outdoors at it is a time to be staying inside with the airconditioning or finding a pool to lay by... Al Ain is about a 2 hr drive from Abu Dhabi heading straight in to the centre of the country. That is, it is desert as soon as you leave Abu Dhabi until you reach this oasis town in the heart of the UAE deserts. Historically Abu Dhabians have travelled to Al Ain to escape the summer the past by a long and arduous camel train ride. Today ... read more
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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain January 16th 2010

Hello, So Heather suggested we make a day of going to the camel race track and zoo afterwards. As we are both under the idea that keeping busy will make the time pass quicker and I have still yet to find the elusive race track, I was all up for it. We left early as all our guide books said that they start early in the morning...around 7:30 am. We tried and failed to leave by 7 but left closer to 8. Alicia and Talia came along and off we went after having packed a lunch and some snacks. We followed the signs on the way to Al Ain which would lead us to the signs posted for the track. The Al Wahtba race track is 45 km from Abu Dhabi and as we live on ... read more
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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain » Jebel Hafeet October 5th 2009

Al Ain, is the oasis town in the centre of the United Arab Emirates, where for many years, tribes & locals from Abu Dhabi & surrounds, who worked on the coast for their fishing/pearl diving & trade, travelled inland to this oasis in the summer months for some cooler relief. What was once a long arduous camel ride is now a 1 & 1/2hr freeway drive from Abu Dhabi island. It nears the border of Oman, surrounded by the Hajir mountains which divides Oman & that's a bit of background! We headed off, zooming down the freeway, passing turban clad men wandering & squatting by the sides of the desert highway....hitching rides or doing the long walk home in the mid-day heat... past "farms"..the kind you get in the desert... penned off areas.... sand-dunes & ... read more
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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain January 30th 2009

Hallo Zusammen, gestern waren wir in Al Ain zur Airshow. Al Ain ist eine Stadt im Emirat Abu Dhabi. Allein der Weg da hin war ein kleines Erlebnis und liefert kleine Einblicke ins alltäglich Leben in Dubai.... Wir sind raus aus der "Stadt" gefahren und dann denkt man doch die Baustellen hören auf und man sieht die Wüste.... Aber bis es soweit ist dauert es wirklich lange. Ich sag nur: Baustelle, Baustelle, Baustelle... Darüber hinaus möchte ich Euch nicht vorenthalten, dass Dubai kein Abwassersystem hat. Die ganze Sch.... wird mit unseren guten alten "Gülle-Wagen" zur Kläranlage in die Wüste transportiert. Das heisst als wir auf die Autobahn aus Dubai "Stadt" rausfuhren, waren wir umzingelt von ganz vielen Gülle-Wagen. So....und wer denkt das auf der B 158 viele Blitzer stehen der irrt! Bis Al Ain sind es ... read more
Baustellen um den Burj Dubai
Abu Dhabi grüßt MOL!!!

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain September 21st 2008

Sunday 21st September When you drive from the Emirate of Dubai into the Emirate of Abu Dhabi there is a marked difference in what you see. Abu Dhabi is very green thanks to the last sheikh.The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan learning that 15,000 years ago the Arabian Peninsula was a very different place to that we see now with thick forests and very green but after it was exposed to a long spell of drought the forests died and were buried giving the oil that they have today-decided to retun the greenery to Abu Dhabi and tied to hold the encroaching desert back.The sands were drifting onto the farms and plantations - he developed extensive projects to level the dunes and sand hills and cover surface areas with mud. he set up green ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain June 8th 2008

Wanted to get away from it all and meet up with some old friends.... read more
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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain January 19th 2008

I had done several months of research before actually heading for China in June 2006, but the thing that stood out was the share size and the distance involved in travelling around this country of 9.59 million square miles. My journey took me to the eastern more developed and richer part of the country. My plan was to use Hong Kong as a point of entry into China. Visas could be easily obtained from here. Then a flight to Beijing, a train to Xian followed by another train to Shanghai. And then on to Xiamen which would then put me in a good position to return to Hong Kong and back to Bahrain. Putting the Great Silk Road and Tibet on the itinerary would have made the distances too vast and the train journeys too long. ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain January 9th 2008

I got to Vietnam just in time for their Communist party’s big birthday bash. It just so happened that my arrival in June 2005 coincided with thirty years of communist rule in this country. They did not, however, invite me to any of their parties. My travels took me from Southern Vietnam to the North. After starting from Ho Chi Mihn City (HCMC), I ventured up to the pleasant coastal resort of Natrang, onwards to the quiet fishing town of Hoi An, then spent some time in Hue, a must to visit if you get a kick out of seeing the burial sites of pre-communist leaders and palaces. Finally it was off to the bustling yet completely chaotic capital of Hanoi. Some fellow travellers I met chose to go the opposite way by train, bus or ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain January 3rd 2008

没想到我第一次看到企鹅竟是在寸草不生的阿拉伯的土地上。 连续三天的假期,从18号到20号,是回教徒的哈芝节。阿联酋这里的哈芝节比起开斋节还盛大,公务员一共获得5天的假期,即从18号到22号。由於公司在前3天才通知放假三天,所以仅能在阿联酋里打个圈走走。 Al Ain 简介 Al Ain是放假前一天才决定要去的。Al Ain在阿拉伯字里意为眼睛或泉水(the spring)。它位於阿联酋的最东部,与阿曼(Oman) 接壤,人口仅有约43万人,却是阿联酋第四大城市。从阿布达比到Al Ain的距离其实和到杜拜(Dubai)的距离差不多一样远,开车以时速120公里,只要一个小时多一点点就抵达了。与其说它是个城市,其实称它为一个小镇更为贴切。因为这里没有像杜拜的高楼大厦,也没有像阿布达比... read more
Jebel Hafeet
Jebel Hafeet

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