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September 10th 2010
Published: September 10th 2010
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July in Abu Dhabi is overwhelmingly steamy and hot...approx 45+degrees everyday! Wearing the most breathable & lightest of clothing..always carrying water with you..and planning your day so as not to be out in the heat too much. In fact you can barley cope with being outdoors at it is a time to be staying inside with the airconditioning or finding a pool to lay by...

Al Ain is about a 2 hr drive from Abu Dhabi heading straight in to the centre of the country. That is, it is desert as soon as you leave Abu Dhabi until you reach this oasis town in the heart of the UAE deserts.

Historically Abu Dhabians have travelled to Al Ain to escape the summer the past by a long and arduous camel train ride. Today we have well lit freeways dividing between the desert farms and sand dunes, which whisk us there in no time!

It is marginally cooler in Al Ain, although the day we were there walking through the Old Fort it was 49 degrees!!!

The Al Ain Hilton where we stayed was originally built to house the guests of the then Sheik for his daughters wedding.. approx 1970 ( sorry I am not armed with facts here) Not a bad way to cater for your wedding guests!

The Al Ain Fort was the Sheiks summer palace, and is now open as a museum... see photos attached.

Apologies for the delay in blogging..these photos are from July....Summer=HOT in Abu Dhabi!!!

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10th September 2010

HI looking good ,wish I could go ,WOW.

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