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Common Al-Ain Market Scene  

Common Al-Ain Market Scene

Exceeding Expectations: Al-Ain Camel Market

December 24th 2014
There are some travel experiences that exceed the excitement, mystique and hopes of the wide-eyed traveler: the way one's breath is stolen upon first seeing the pyramids; the smallness one feels seeing animals roaming wild on safari; the marvel of wondering how ancient cultures ever survived when one sets foot in an oasis....those are all moments one never forgets. Then there are those moments ... read more
28th December 2014

Camel jockey
And I thought my old mans butt looked bad. This sounds like you are really seeing a different world than most tourists. I didn't know you were a camel jockey. (I hope that comment is not a derogatory one). Are you going to have a big slide show when you get back? Oh oh do they even have slide shows? Power point or something like that? Joe
29th December 2014

Joe you are too funny!
Thanks for putting a smile on our faces with your comments! No slide show, but I'll keep sending blogs. There should be a lot more in the near future! I have more photos of camels than you can imagine...

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