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Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon January 10th 2019

Di nuovo in Israele, dove ho lasciato per ultime alcune gemme nascoste nel deserto del Negev e poco piu' in la'. MITZPE RAMON: Questo piccolo villaggio sorge sul ciglio di un grande cratere che si e' formato quando, nel corso dei millenni, l'acqua di un antico mare si e' ritirata. Arrivando da Eilat a Sud, l'autobus passa a caricare e scaricare giovani militari di leva che prestano servizio nelle numerosi basi sparse nell' inospitale ed isolato deserto del Negev, lontane da sguardi indiscreti; la strada sale gradualmente fino ad arrivare ad una ampia valle contornata da quello che in termini scientifici viene definito "circo d' erosione" ma che viene piu' semplicemente chiamato il "gran canyon" d'Israele: il Makhtesh Ramon. Qualche tornante e si arriva sul suo bordo dove l'altopiano continua poi indisturbato come niente fosse; qualche ... read more
Mar Morto
Ein Gedi: Wadi David
Mar Mediterraneo

Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon November 7th 2017

The final day of our trip and we have just over 100 miles to cover to reach the airport. But first time to explore Mitzpe Ramon. We head for the sculpture park overlooking the crater. It is still early, there are more ibexes than people and they take a keen interest in us. The journey to the airport is more complicated than expected, the old and new private motorways run in parallel and Google maps keeps trying to divert us from one to the other. Plus we need petrol; it’s pay at pump and the instructions are only in Hebrew. A fellow motorist takes pity on the old man and helps with the transaction. We arrive at the airport with plenty of time to check out the quirky Ben Gurion statues and convert our spare Shekels ... read more
Ibexes (2)
Ibexes (3)
Mitzpe Ramon

Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon November 6th 2017

Time to head back towards the airport, which will be achieved over two days. Today a 100 mile drive through the Negev Desert to Mitzpe Ramon, a town on the edge of the Makhtesh Ramon crater. The drive though the desert is more scenic than I expected. There are warning signs for camels and tanks. I’m not sure which I would least like to hit. We arrive at the crater and head for the Ramon Visitor Centre. We buy tickets and head inside. We are expecting a museum detailing the geology/flora/fauna of the region. We are not expecting to enter a fake rocket launch site to watch a series of films about Ilan Ramon, an Israeli astronaut who died on board the space shuttle Columbia. The area is very busy with both tourists and soldiers on ... read more
Beware of Tanks
Negev Desert
Negev Desert (2)

Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon February 25th 2017

These past two days have pointed up how unforeseen changes can produce feelings of gratefulness about just how perfect things have been. The first couple of days I had the path completely to myself, a cool breeze to refresh and enliven, and a nice cloud cover to shield me from a merciless sun. Yesterday was slightly challenging in that I was doing the same things as before only now there were new factors that downgraded the experience. The first thing I noticed on my walk on the third day was that the sun was out in force and man was it strong. Each ray weighing heavily on my shoulders. My sweatshirt was already whipped off before I even reached the lip of the canyon. Then there was a large school group of about 60 hikers that ... read more
Beginning of the Trail
Life in the Desert
Shady Rest

Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon February 23rd 2017

For the past two days I have been heading out into the desert to walk. I wake up around 9:30am. The hostel is nice and quiet at this time and I have it pretty much to myself. After a breakfast that involves ham and Nutella I am out the door. My first day I had only a vague where I was going. I had a map with me, but could not decipher it completely. I knew I wanted to climb down into the crater and reach the desert floor where I would wander and contemplate how Christ must have felt all alone in the desert. I found an intriguing path leading down marked with these green/white blaze marks. Later I would discover that this was the Carpentry Trail. How appropriate. I had no idea where I ... read more
Desert Floor
Sunset over Makhtesh Ramon

Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon February 21st 2017

The next stop on my pilgrimage to the Holy Land was a little different. A major turning point in Christ’s life was the forty days he spent wandering alone in the desert. I wanted to follow in his footsteps. However, upon further research I found out that the specific desert he wandered in was the Judean Desert, which is entirely in the Palestinian territories. I didn’t quite fancy this because one of the things I wanted to do was to really wander in the desert off track and away from all other souls. This did not seem like a wise thing to do there. So instead, I began focusing on the Negev Desert in the south of Israel. I had seen pictures of this awesome Grand Canyon like crater next to the town of Mitzpe Ramon. ... read more
Har Gamal Lookout
Makhtesh Ramon

Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon September 15th 2012

Mit jeder neuen Mail, jedem neuen Eintrag hier fällt es schwerer den Schalter von Englisch zurück auf Deutsch zu drücken. Viele meiner Freunde hier fragen mich, wieso ich nicht in Englisch schreibe. Ich antworte dann immer: "Wegen der Familie. Die sprechen kein Englisch." Tatsächlich ist es wohl aber auch für mich, zum Selbstschutz, damit ich zwischen all den Englisch- und Baby-Hebräisch-Erlebnissen, meine eigene Muttersprache nicht verliere. Nach meinem ersten Abstecher zurück in den Norden, ging es ein paar Tage darauf ans andere Ende des Landes - in die Negev. Vor etwas mehr als einer Woche sind Lior und Amit in den gelbbraunen Süden gezogen. Ihr neues Heim heißt Mizpe Ramon und hat einen 8 mal 40 Kilometer langen Krater (Gottgeküsst!) vor der Haustüre. Zu dritt in Tel Aviv gestartet, saßen wir ab Be´er Sheva (die umgangssprachliche ... read more
Jeder Tag beginnt mit einem guten Frühstück
Liors und Amits Haus mit "Garten" in Mizpe

Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon April 3rd 2012

As you know, my visitors live in almost-ever-amazingly-green Tuscany. they wanted to see the desert. I don't like the desert. It doesn't keep me calm and relaxed as it is for others, for me it's stressing and depressing... well... I was always a Nordic person... I'm into green. I have a good Friend who lives in the desert. We've known each other for over 20 years; I haven't met her for over 10 years, since she moved to the desert. It's not easy to explain someone why it's easier to fly to Africa or Europe than drive 3 hours to visit her. For me it's clear. She lives in ... read more
We got creative at the desert

Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon February 14th 2012

Leaving Israel, I’m left with a few lasting impressions of this small country and its big personalities. One of the first things that struck me – and stuck with me – is that Israelis are sticklers for anything and everything you can be a stickler about, but especially for traditions and rules. If it was written 3,000 years ago in the Torah, it still stands today – even if no explanation was ever given and practicality petitions for change. So it is written, so shall it be. If the bus has left it’s official stopping zone by a mere ten meters, you’ll have to wait for the next bus, because there’s no way that one is going to let you on. The same rule follows for hitchhiking. It’s easy, but it has to be done from ... read more

Middle East » Israel » South District » Mitzpe Ramon April 10th 2009

The showers: cold water from jerrycans, as usual. The food: some ours, some of the many Jeepers, whom we met on the way. The Jeepers: are good only for feeding us (and, sometimes, giving some water). Other than that, even though many of them are nice people they merely estroy the desert, the calm and the beauty. The way: HIKONU LEVIAT HA-DASHDASH (little cobble stones, in English). Old Kato: When I travelled in Slovakia, there were thousands of hikers all around, and it didn't destroy the joy from the way. 100 Jeeps & private cars disturb the fauna, the flora, and - more than all - the joy of other human travelers more than 10,000 hikers (or cyclists). Think about it. ... read more
Har Hamran
Luchi's bike, Nahal Horsha

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