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Hope you enjoy my stories at least as much as I enjoy living them

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna July 6th 2015

The Fountain of Neptune is one of Bologna most known attractions. I see lots of people admiring it, taking pictures of it, listening to their guides, reading about it, as real tourists do. It is a a very unusual monument presenting, in addition to naked giant Neptune, some sexy nymphs. From Wiki: Its bronze figure of Neptune, extending his reach in a lordly gesture of stilling and controlling the waters, is an early work by Giambologna, completed about 1567. Recently I see that less and less people take pictures from the right location, representing Neptune's story: The s... read more
Looks innocent
Close to perfect location
He's facing THE church

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna June 30th 2015

My father is using a wheelchair and is also an independent and VERY active traveler. If you are interested in information about travelling with a wheelchair in Switzerland (Luzern area), Australia, the Netherlands, Italy (Rome and Florence), Germany (Frankfurt), Australia, New Zealand, Hong kong and Israel, Please PM me. This time we went to Bologna, Italy together, for a friends and family visit. This is going to be an informative blog for independent travelers with emphasis on wheelchair accessibility (I won't get into the technical details of flights with wheelchairs). I will not (as I'm yet unable to) share how sentimental, emotional this visit was, how intensive and great. My parents lived in Bologna in the late 60's, met there, I was born there and my parents stayed in touch with some good friends that were ... read more
The hotel's internal garden
The hotel's cat
in the corridor

Europe » Germany October 13th 2014

We spent Saturday morning apart every couple/family did their own thing. Thomas and myself, the newlywed were extremely happy to be alone for the first time in almost a week. we locked the door, closed the shutters and ---- watched a movie. how pathetic. Oh, and we picked up our new pop-up tent. excited that we're gonna camp tonight... On our way back to Zurich we drove through the "Black Forest". need ... read more

Europe » Germany » Thuringia August 8th 2014

It's a forest, It's a disabled friendly tree-top canopy walk, It's green. It's lovely, we are going for a fun day at the Hainich National Park.. we pack everything for the picnic, but forget the cheese, meet etc (happy we have fruits and leftovers left...) the canopy walk is amazing. the wheelchairs take the lift up, we climb the stairs. it's wide, stable, beautifully done and highly recommended. I'll just add some p... read more
An ex-tree
Ron-Avisar Family

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Speyer August 7th 2014

Going to the Technik MUSEUM SPEYER Now, that all serious guests left we are a smaller group: Only three cars, two wheelchairs, 8 adults and 5 kids (2-17 YO). We (I) had a plan: 1.5 hours drive museum playground picnic play ground city tour and church 1.5 hours drive home BBQ at the park. and then arrived reality: ... read more
Outdoor fun

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Darmstadt August 6th 2014

Officially married. check. Happy family. checked. Tipsy Husband and wife. check. It's time to have lunch! We all head back to the underground, where we understand that my sister is missing... yes, another disaster - her dress got caught in the escalator... her partner jumped, pressed the emergency button and Thomas's sister pulled out a Lederman. SAVED!!! on the train-off the train-into the cars and off we go.... Lunch is served at Burg Frankenstein (Frankenstein Castle ) and we are running a bit late than planned... We chose this place from several obvious reasons: The name of the castle made me lough, It's disabled friendly and was available for the day we wanted it. Oh yeah, it also had an amazing view and... read more
Confetti (the kids couldn't manage)
Confetti gang running away

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main August 6th 2014

The morning started with - - - breakfast :) an early one as the wedding was scheduled for 9:30 am.. 5 of our guests stayed the night at our place so the fact that I'm an early morning person helped a lot in getting organized :) We took the underground to the wedding and crossed the city center in a small and funny parade, attracting some attention from several groups of tourists who got up early enough to see visit the Römer early morning. We were asked to stay outside and wait for the 9:00 am wedding (didn't think that ANYONE got married even earlier than us) so we kept busy with taking pictures, signing important documents (I assume) etc.... it was a lovely sunny day (lucky us) and must admit - I was a little ... read more
Signing important docs
Love the hat!
Family Pic

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt August 5th 2014

Both My father and his partner are using wheelchairs. They are both using wheelchairs with motors, the wheelchairs are 150 KG each and unfoldable. Just to make it a bit challenging. Planning a trip to those requirements is pure art. It's impossible to just rent a car and go traveling, spontaneously looking for places to sleep in (the best way of travelling I guess...) It's almost impossible to find a self-driven car for people with disabilities. The vans in Europe don'... read more
Driving up the ramp
Ramp closed, we can start driving!
An accessible bus for groups of travelers with disabilities - private owned

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt August 5th 2014

So we are getting married. a proposal, bubbly wine and a tear were involved in the decision. then practicality kicked in: all we have to do is submit some papers, find a barrier free place (for the special people using wheelchairs invited) and be prepared for all weather conditions and all dietary requirements. EASY. Documents from Israel had to be translated by an approved translator from the list on the German embassy's website. Then the ministry of foreign affairs had to approve it. EASY So the minute my d... read more
a small gathering
The Israeli side of the table
Italian-German side of the table

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence September 15th 2013

Making friends, meeting people, meeting other cultures, languages, cultures, are the main reason I travel. Meeting people makes every trip special and unique. Them - I must travel again, to meet the people I've met again and to make new friends. My parents are both Israelis, each of them went to study at the University of Bologna, Italy in their early 20's. They met there, got married, I was born there and grew up there in the first few years of my life, and we all moved to Israel when my father finished his studies. My parents returned to Israel and kept close contact with 5 couple of friends, whom they have known for about 10 years of their lives: the friends that were our surrogate family when we didn't have our own family. The friends ... read more
Firenze - the old city
Firenze in our own eyes
nail polish party

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