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Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan October 6th 2013

Yazd to Esfahan Saturday 5th October Today was one of those days that was to be laid back – a simple 330 km trip to Esfahan with one stop to view the Jame Mosque in Naein at about the halfway point. The trip was across desert and it was hot. The truck traffic was heavy. A quick look at the map showed that we were on the main north-south road between Tehran and Bandar-e Bas. The later place is on the Straits of Hormuz and is the major port for Iran. The truck traffic consisted of a wide assortment of cargoes. Not much happened on the first part of the trip, but as we neared Naein, at a small spot on the map called Noganbad, I spotted an old caravanserai, in fact ... read more
Yazd to Esfahan
Yazd to Esfahan

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan May 21st 2012

Geo: 32.68, 51.68Esfahan, was the next port of call on our trip into the unknown, Mohammad's home town. He was clearly very passionate about it, and on arrival, offered to show us around that afternoon and the following day! Free tour… we were not going to complain. Our hostel was about a 15 min walk from the main square of the city where everything happens. The hostel itself was not great, especially after the apartments we had just been treated to, but there was a bed! The pillows, were most definitely not filled with feather… our guess was flour or concrete as if you had a pillow fight with them, someone would definitely be knocked out, if not die!Mo's tour was cancelled that afternoon, as Polly required his translation skills to find water purification for the ... read more
morning chaos
Mental Teahouse

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan November 5th 2011

A picture is worth 1,000 words Which means: (a) I have written a lot, or (b) I'm just getting lazy...... read more
Supervisor at work
Our neighbours at Kas...
Ride in the hills

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan November 4th 2011

So, these are the photos that went with the previous blog... assuming the internet is being more cooperative here!... read more
Kas camping after...
Kas camping
The turtle!!

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan August 23rd 2010

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan August 18th 2010

The city of Esfahan has been the highlight of our short time in Iran so far. Emam square is the second largest in the world after Tiananmen square in China. The architecture is incredible, it's too bad they didn't light it up very well at night. Our favorite part of Esfahan was walking along the river by the old bridges that were built back to the 1600's. The pathways and parks were full of families setting up their picnics for breaking the fast at sunset. So many strangers approached us simply to find out where we were from and what we thought of Iran. All of them greeted us with smiles and good wishes. An older lady even offered to take us to her home for dinner. It's really too bad we had to leave the ... read more
Masjed-e Emam
Khaju Bridge
Empty Bazaar

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan August 1st 2010

Day 21 Zanjan to Tehran (Sat 24th July) We left the hotel today at 0800 and our first stop was the Sultanamet dome, which is apparently the second largest of its type n the world. Its nearly 50m high and about 25m diameter, built in the 8th century. And of course, it was under restoration - which means scaffolding. Fortunately the scaffolding was only on the inside so it still looked very impressive. We were able to climb up to the top to get some lovely views of the surrounding area. It was a fairly short travel day today, and we arrived in the capital of Iran at 1400. For those not too sure of their geography - that’s Tehran! It is HUGE!! The population is somewhere over 12 million people. As we are staying in ... read more
Traditional House
On the 32 Arch Bridge

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan July 6th 2010

Chang and I arrived in a hot Esfahan in the middle of the afternoon. We entered Kavan bus terminal to find out the departure times from Esfahan. But if you don’t read Farsi (which is in Arabic script) things are difficult to find in Iran. Luckily we immediately saw a desk manned by young women with headscarves and copious amounts of makeup. She spoke decent English and helped us on our way. However, outside the terminal were the wolves - otherwise known as taxi drivers. Surrounding us as they jostled with each other and shouting out English words whilst trying to grab our bags; my guard was immediately up. This time I kept quiet and watched Yang do the talking. One guy started off by offering 5,000 Tomans (5 dollars) to our hotel before adding “very ... read more

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan June 17th 2010

some more pictures from my trip in March... read more
Imam Square
Jameh mosque

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan March 3rd 2010

(Dienstag) Nun, ich bin im Iran. Alles ist hier furchtbar normal. Die Einreise ist entspannend-unspanned. Nur eins fehlt: Mein Rucksack. All meine Befürchtungen werden war. Er ist in Kuwait oder Dubai, oder, inshallah, in Lampukistan. Würde man in Europa jetzt wohl einen hübschen Bericht ausfüllen, fällt es hier schon schwer, jemanden zu finden, der Englisch kann und sich einem annimmt.Mit Hilfe eines netten Grenzpolizisten und dem Iran-Air-Station-Manager kommen wir zu dem Schluss, dass mein Gepäck wohl am Donnerstag Abend in Shiraz sein könnte. Eher ein frustrierendes Erlebnis. Ich wünschtre, ich wäre Ryanair geflogen und hätte mich dazu gezwungen, alles feinsäuberlich in mein Handgepäck zu stopfen. Ansonsten mache ich das beste aus dem Abend in Esfahan. Die Stadt ist gewaltig, und das was ich im Dunkeln sehe, ist allemal vielversprechend. „Esfahan ist die Hälfte der W... read more
Ich lebe noch :)

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