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November 4th 2011
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So, these are the photos that went with the previous blog... assuming the internet is being more cooperative here!

Additional photos below
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Kas camping (before the rain)Kas camping (before the rain)
Kas camping (before the rain)

This was our lovely camping spot, before it started to rain.
Kas camping after...Kas camping after...
Kas camping after...

Tanja's 'assistance' just visible (top middle of tent)
Kas campingKas camping
Kas camping

Flood defences under construction... too little too late & it never rained again! Tanja still 'supervising'.
Ride into the hillsRide into the hills
Ride into the hills

Tanja in motion
Ride into the hills 2Ride into the hills 2
Ride into the hills 2

Tanja not in motion
Turkish hospitalityTurkish hospitality
Turkish hospitality

Bikes won't fit, simples, make hole in wall bigger!! Best thing we did moving out of cave to his Hotel (in Cappadocia)
Underground cityUnderground city
Underground city

The only place that could make our cave look like a pleasant place to live!
A different kind of bikeA different kind of bike
A different kind of bike

Getting some exercise in Cappadocia
Um... it was coldUm... it was cold
Um... it was cold

Five bikes before leaving for the Iran border crossing

4th November 2011
The shocks

Ohlins or Showa?
Hello. I saw a glimpse of this inteersting ride deport on advrider and now I'm following it here. I hope you are having fun in the Middle East now. My question is, which shock absorber was blown, the Ohlins or the Showa? Greetings from Spain.
5th November 2011
The shocks

It was the Ohlins that leaked, but I think because the heavier spring the shop fitted was too wide.
4th November 2011

hello there Tanja & Brian
great journey and beautiful pictures. So far so good. We read the blogs with great interest so keep them coming. Safe trip and enjoy the ride. Salut Lize & Tony Tijsmans
5th November 2011

The Scarf
Can we please have a picture of Tanja in her scarf! Hope you guys are having a great time, we are enjoying the blog. sophie, Vicki and David. xxx

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