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August 18th 2010
Published: August 20th 2010
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The city of Esfahan has been the highlight of our short time in Iran so far. Emam square is the second largest in the world after Tiananmen square in China. The architecture is incredible, it's too bad they didn't light it up very well at night.

Our favorite part of Esfahan was walking along the river by the old bridges that were built back to the 1600's. The pathways and parks were full of families setting up their picnics for breaking the fast at sunset. So many strangers approached us simply to find out where we were from and what we thought of Iran. All of them greeted us with smiles and good wishes. An older lady even offered to take us to her home for dinner. It's really too bad we had to leave the next day and were unable to accept. We're quickly realizing that our 15 day visas just don't give us enough time to fully appreciate this country.

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Masjed-e EmamMasjed-e Emam
Masjed-e Emam

From Emam Square.
Empty BazaarEmpty Bazaar
Empty Bazaar

Kind of eerie, everything is shut during the day for Ramadan.
Hanging outHanging out
Hanging out

In front of Masjed-e Emam.
Ceiling inside Ali Ghapu PalaceCeiling inside Ali Ghapu Palace
Ceiling inside Ali Ghapu Palace

Beautifully carved for perfect acoustics.
Taking photosTaking photos
Taking photos

At Khaju Bridge
Fast foodFast food
Fast food

Burger and pizza joints are about the only places we can find open for lunch.
Ceiling of Masjed-e Sheikh LotfollahCeiling of Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah
Ceiling of Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah

Formerly the women's mosque.
Masjed-e Emam MosqueMasjed-e Emam Mosque
Masjed-e Emam Mosque

Considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Iran.
Beautiful tilesBeautiful tiles
Beautiful tiles

Inside Masjed-e Emam.
Carriage ridesCarriage rides
Carriage rides

We didn't take one, but they looked fun.

Beautiful copper pots and sculptures are made and sold here.
Kathie's chadorKathie's chador
Kathie's chador

Required for entry into the mosque.
View of Emam SquareView of Emam Square
View of Emam Square

From Ali Ghapu Palace
Si o Se BridgeSi o Se Bridge
Si o Se Bridge

A place where the locals come to socialize at sunset.

21st August 2010

Poetry and Omar Khayyam
Hey there - If you haven't already, check out an online version of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam while you are in his native land. Wikipedia notes, under the heading of Persian Literature in the West: "As a demonstrative metric, the 1953 edition of The Oxford Book of Quotations, contains no less than 188 excerpts from the Rubaiyat alone, of which 59 are complete quatrains, virtually two thirds of the total work of Omar Khayyám. Not even Shakespeare or the Authorized Version of the Bible are represented by such massive percentages. " You are in a very ancient land... Enjoy, Jim
9th November 2011


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