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Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan January 29th 2006

Isfahan, a la que los persas llamaban Nesf-e Jahan ( la mitad del mundo) es una de las ciudades mas antiguas de Iran. Es nuestra tercera visita a esta ciudad, y la razon principal para volver aqui era fotografiar su bazar. Atras ha quedado Teheran, aunque tambien nuevos amigos, la familia de Said ( novio de Estefania, hermana de Marc para los que no esten informados) que nos trataron como uno mas de la familia y de los que disfrutamos nuestra estancia en la ciudad. Pero poco hay que explicar de Isfahan, tan solo que como es la tercera vez que venimos pues ya esta todo visto y a parte de la plaza donde esta el bazar, el resto de la ciudad no es nada especial, como el resto de ciudades verdad es que empezamos ... read more
chelo khorest

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan January 28th 2006

Woke up around 7:30am, went across the street bought some Barbari (one of the four types of bread in Iran) came back to my dorm and ate it with cheese and Nutella. Afterwards checked my email at the hostel and called Beyruse. He said he will come at about 11am. I checked out of the hotel and put my luggage in Beyruse’s car and went roaming around the city centre. Afterwards Beyruse took me to the Soffeh bus terminal and I took the 1pm bus to Tehran. Once in the bus I continued to read Pet Semetary and then I suddenly realised that I had left my passport at Amir Kabir guest house. Generally no guest house keeps the passport but these guys decided to keep it and I forgot to take it from them. Quickly ... read more
Me and an Iranian airforce guy !!!!
Dinner with the boys....

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan January 27th 2006

Esfahan (Isfahan) 27th January 2006 Woke up early morning as Hadi had to go for classes and he dropped me at the Imam square. I called Ali and finally he answered and we decided to meet at 9:30am. Until Ali came I sat down and wrote my notes as I was already had quite a backlog. When Ali came we went to the Manar Jomban (Shaking Minarets). Unfortunately it was raining and they weren’t shaking it. People had been stopped from going up and shaking it themselves from 2003. Instead there is a person the “minaret shaker” who goes up and shakes it for everyone to see. Essentially, when you shake one minaret the other minaret also shakes. Afterwards went to Ali’s place, he is quite a house builder himself. Had lunch there and copied loads ... read more

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan January 26th 2006

I woke up around 7:30am and the rest of the people were fast asleep. I tried to go into one of the rooms to get my stuff and to shave and have a shower but the room was locked and I didn’t know where the keys were. I spent the next two hours with my mobile deleting text messages and updating my contacts list as I couldn’t do anything else till these guys woke up. They finally woke up at 9:30am and we had breakfast. I love this Iranian breakfast of cheese, walnuts, butter, honey and Lavash (one of the 4 types of bread in Iran). Oh yeah they also have yogurt as well but I ate yogurt with sugar while they ate with lavash. These Iranians drink so much tea it’s not funny; three cups ... read more

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan January 25th 2006

I got into Esfahan (Iranians sometimes spell it as Isfahan too), Kaveh Bus Terminal at 8:30am. I am at this massive bus station, no guide book, no mobile phone (it doesn’t work in Iran), no one speaks English and don’t know where to go. Last but not least only USD4/= i.e. Iranian Riyals (IRA) 36,000 in my purse. Wow what a feeling. The situation gets even better as I learnt later that Iran didn’t accept travellers cheques, no ATM’s, visa card not accepted due to US sanctions and I had changed my last USD10/= bill in Quetta, Pakistan. This is situation is worse but quite similar to Myanmar where they didn’t accept TC’s, no ATM and no mobile phones. I am now right royally screwed !!!! I had a few friends in Esfahan through Hospitality club ... read more

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan January 24th 2006

Zahedan Bus Terminal The Zahedan bus terminal is away from the city. No one speaks English and it is a bit of a pain. Fortunately two guys who came with me from the border to Zahedan helped me buy the ticket to Esfahan. It cost Iranian Riyals 65,000/= or they also call it Tumans 6,500/=. Obviously One Tuman is equal to 10 Riyals. There was a dodgy looking guy who came and started asking questions in Farsi. Then another friend I had made while being there came up to me and started talking. Then the dodgy guy went up to him and started asking questions about me. Questions like where I am going, who is funding me etc. Anyway the dodgy Zahedanian went his way the moment the guy I knew took his bus and I ... read more

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan September 24th 2005

No one should leave Iran without a visit to Esfahan. I took the bus in the evening and since it's only six hour from Tehran to Esfahan I arrived in the middle of the night. Everything was very quiet and the streets were empty. After walking the silent city a bit I found a soup corner that was open all night, the owner was friendly, he gave me a tea and some bread for free. Together with the leftover cheese from the mountain that was almost a nice breakfast. When the sun finally came up I found a good backpacker hotel. Cheap, a courtyard with some plants in the center, and an Australian who told me how to play backgammon. Here I also met a German who had been studying psychology in Marburg, Germany. How small ... read more
Ceeling of the Women's Mosque
Women's Mosque at Night
Aladdin's World

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan November 15th 2000

Last day in Esfahan and the schedule is padded with lots of air. We start out at the Esfahan Jame Mosque and the nearby bazaar. The mosque itself is full of pigeons and has some damage from an Iraqi air raid. Farzaneh describes her own memories of similar attacks. We have a quick glance through the bazaar along the way. I am always on the lookout for more portraits of the Ayatollahs and the president, having acquired a small collection already. One interesting and unusal type of shops are the ones that specialize in wedding equipment. What catches the eye is a number of big ornamented table stand mirrors in white, silver or golden colour. Another oddity is the mosque with the shaking minarets which is our next stop. Having wandered around Naqsh-e-Jahan Square the other ... read more
Esfahan Jame Mosque
The Esfahan Jame Mosque
The Jame Mosque

Middle East » Iran » West » Esfahan November 14th 2000

Our first destination is the most obvious of the local tourist traps, the gigantic Naqsh-e-Jahan Square. A roughly 500 meter long plaza surrounded by a slew of interesting buildings, dominated by the imposing Imam Hoseyn Mosque (a.k.a. Abbasi Jame Mosque) to the south, the smaller and more exquisite Sheikh Lotf Ol-lah Mosque to the east and the cryptically christened Ali Qapoo Edifice, a palace-like structure built under Shah Abbas I as a place for his audiences to the west. Most of the square is occupied by a big park with fountains, and tourist minded carriages are making their way around the square in circular patterns. The Grand Imam Hoseyn Mosque with its 52 meter tall dome looks great, its decorated walls shimmering in the morning light, but as with many mosques its disposition makes photography very ... read more
Naqsh-e-Jahan Square
Imam Hosein Mosque
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