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Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran November 1st 2014

Dying to reach the shore We Have To Lose Our Minds To Come To Our Senses by: Steven Javaherian Sometimes it feels like we have to lose our minds, to come to our senses. These thoughts are triggered in me today as I mourn the recent loss of a very dear friend. Her name was Mitra She left us prematurely, and seemingly totally unfair. It angers me to admit to myself that life is unfair. But I know it is. Unless I am in denial. I ask myself whether suffering has to be part of life; hence, deemed necessary and fair? I ask myself; Does the glory of birth justify the gloom of losing and death? I ask myself; Why love ––if losing hurt so much? No clear answer. This is where I begin to lose ... read more
Two Waves

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 25th 2014

I arrived in Tehran a couple of days ago. I got settled in my apartment located on Northern side of Tehran. In my wandering around so far I find Tehran to be calm and the traffic flowing smoothly. The parks are beautifully landscaped and are being enjoyed by a lot of people for promenade and exercising. There are traffic cameras installed everywhere to control and assure the motorist's orderly driving, and it is very effective. The usual air pollution in Tehran has somewhat improved since the last time I was here. I believe it is mostly due to using a better quality of gasoline imported by the government. The weather is nice and crisp after the heavy rainfall of a few days ago. Of course we know there are places within this 12 million population city ... read more
Tabiat pedestrian park bridge in Tehran
Evening View of Tabiat park bridge in Tehran
an amazing bridge structure

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 19th 2014

Having gotten through 29 113 words and 695 photos WELL DONE! Here is the recap of the details. Trip Length- 26 days Itinerary (slightly different to starting out itinerary)- Tehran- Golestan Hotel 2 nights Mt Tochal Trek- Shirpala Mountain Hut 1night Tehran- Golestan Hotel 1 night Mt Damavand Trek- 3 nights Tehran- Hotel Shahr 1 night, Hafez Hotel 1night Shiraz- Golshan Traditional Hotel 2 nights Deh Mord Village- Home Stay 1 night Yazd- Kohan Traditional Hotel 2 nights Garmeh- Ateshooni Guesthouse 2 nights Dasht-e Kavir- Desert Camping 2 nights Esfehan- Dibai House 4 nights Kashan- Ehsan Traditional Hotel 1 night Tehran- Hafez Hotel 1 night Accommodation Tehran Hotel- Golestan My rating- **** Cost/night- $40 USD Inclusions- twin room (western toilet), breakf... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 16th 2014

My very last day. The last day generally sucks. This one will be a long one as the flight out of IKA isn't until 2225 tonight, I'm going to fill my day with last minute stuff and not sit around moping. There is saffron ice cream out there! I still need a few souvenirs- my "go to" advisors, Fatima and Mehrabi, once again come to my rescue. Armed with another brilliant hand drawn map I head off to a couple of places selling handicrafts. I enjoy my last walk around the streets of Tehran; it's bustling, the traffic is crazy, the pedestrian crossings are optional, the moneychanger guys are out and about; it's a great city. I end up in 1 of the recommended shops and strike a deal on some more plates- evil eye design ... read more
Fatima at Hafez Hotel
Last carrot/saffron icecream
Lavender Bakery

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 13th 2014

Geo: 35.6962, 51.4229We broke our journey north from Esfehan to Tehran at Kashan famous for Traditional merchants houses, roses and the garden nearby at Fin. Designed for Shah Abbas I these are regarded as the epitome of Persian Garden design. Fortunately they have their own spring delivering water from the mountains so the sounds of splashing and gurgling were everywhere. Few flowers, a few roses, but lovely trees and a couple of lovely pavilions from which to enjoy it all. Also famous because a 19th Century reforming prime minister, Amir Kahn, was assassinated here by those not keen on his reforms - like public schooling.Next door to the traditional house we visited was a small mosque holding a special event. Those people in the neighbourhood who claim to be descended from the Prophet (you can tell ... read more
Fin Garden 2
Fin Garden 3
Fin Garden 4

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 12th 2014

From Eshafan to Tehran is 400km, my guide was concerned about traffic in big city and bikes are banned from main highway north. Result we faffed about till 1pm, then fiddled on road looking for alternate route, so we lost contact on road to Qom... read more
South side of Aborz mountains.
High pass emerges from cloud.
North side Alborz mountains

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran September 30th 2014

Ok. Now, I am Officially Stiff. At 0600 I get out of bed and discover that during the night my legs have died. The squat toilet is presenting a major problem as every muscle fibre is screaming with the tiniest movement, let alone full knee flexion. Breakfast calls and not giving in to the stiffness I take the stairs, pretty much so as to walk through the coloured light that the stained glass windows are giving off. The windows are actually the very best feature of the hotel IMO. There is a standard Iranian help yourself breakfast but it has extras- individually wrapped donuts and watermelon. Given that I have a few hours to kill before the flight to Shiraz I decide to read the English edition of the Iran Daily newspaper in the lobby. In ... read more
Lobby at Shahr
Wedding Car
Havez Hotel

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran September 29th 2014

Sleep in until 0600. Not stiff????!!! Go find some tea and a wifi signal. Meet a New Zealander, Murray, he has stayed at Polour last night too, he wanted to have a look at it instead of staying his last night in Tehran. He is retired and now trains blind dogs and travels to obscure places once a year. He has loved Iran- his top 3 - 1. Archaeological Museum, Tehran 2. Persepolis 3. Zein O Din- a caravanserai in the desert near Yazd- a history buff I think. Obviously he has not been to theh postal and telecommunications museum! Head into the Hoj Hussein Restaurant for breaky and the only thing that I'm ordering is a fried egg with dates- I figure I deserve the fat and sugar, I think I'm down a couple of ... read more
Damavand variety dog

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran September 28th 2014

Awake at 0200 feeling really, really nervous. But no headache! Lie and wait till 0400 then get into the multiple layers that are going to protect me from the 'killer' winds on the summit. Meet the others in the kitchen and eat 2 biscuits and a cup of Nescafé with dairy creamer (yep, really!) then we're ready to start. It's now 0500, head torches on. Starting Elevation - 4200m. We have 1434 vertical metres to climb, 3.3 km total distance at a 31 degree elevation. I'm already puffing on the first small incline out of the camp. The sun is just coming up in the east and the surrounding mountains are black against that beautiful first orange, red band and lightening sky. I can't contemplate getting my camera out, it's too soon to break the rhythm. ... read more
Casting shadows
Still a bit cold on our mountain
First rest stop

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran September 27th 2014

It's now about 6pm, I'm sitting in a little 2 bunk room in the light; we have electricity! The wind is howling around the camp, it's whistling a bit through the tiny gap in the outer storm/winter window, there's a kind of alcove with the 2 sets inside. Must be utterly freezing in the winter, I can imagine all the snow around. It's noisy outside as the large group from Polour Camp are heading down for dinner. It feels as though the kitchen is close to the room, the very good smell of dinner is wafting up. I make up my bed, given that I'm alone I get to pile up 3 of the 1cm thick foam mattresses and have as many blankets as I want. Someone has left a sleep sheet- it becomes my pillowcase. ... read more
Jeep to Camp 2
Four Wheel Drive from Polour Camp
Camp 2

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