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Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran March 8th 2014

I had been wanting to visit Iran for a very long time. Last year as I set out on my cycle trip around the world, Iran featured at the top of my 'must visit countries' list. I had met a few Iranians on my way through Europe and had made some tentative enquiries about what their country really was like. In the early stages, my limited knowledge of Iran was that portrayed in the media. On reaching Istanbul in Turkey, I tried to seek advice from the British consulate on whether everything in the media was being blown out of proportion. The consulate stuck with the party line telling me that they did not advise me to visit Iran. I had read an article on the internet produced by HM Border Agency, which I have to ... read more
Lunch with Noushin's Family
Sightseeing in Tehran
Sampling Kebab in Tehran

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran October 9th 2013

Esfahan to Tehran Couple of things I failed to mention yesterday. We drove past a mosque that had the odd name – The Mosque with the Shaking Minarets. Didn’t go in. Apparently if someone in one minaret can get one to sway (apparently relatively easy) the other sways as well. Emir said he can remember being at the top of one as a kid when it started swaying – some young lads in the other were making theirs sway. Now no one can go up the minarets. I guess too much damage could be done. The other thing involves a mosque as well. I had heard about this one and was looking forward to see it, and trying an experiment. The mosque in question is the Masjed-e Shah (now Masjed-e Imam). In the main ... read more
Esfahan to Damghan
Esfahan to Damghan
Esfahan to Damghan

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran September 29th 2013

Teheran var vild, hektisk, kaotisk, anderledes, meget spændende med meget venlige og imødekommende mennesker. Vi blev budt velkommen af præstestyret i lufthavnen paa store plakater, 2 x Khoumeni. Møntfoden var vanvittig, og vi blev indehavere af 2,9 mill rialer for blot 100 dollar. På hotelværelset var vi sikre paa retningen mod Mekka !! godt for det !! Fru Koudal var hele tiden behørigt indhyldet i gevanter, her ses i nydeligt aften dress. Smukt foto fra Goldenstaen Palace med chaddor klædte kvinder. Over alt i Tehran var der propoganda paa husgavlene, gerne i mange meters højde, både præstestyret, militær og ikke mindst USA. Billeder fra Tehran vartegn samt Milad Tower, hvorfra vi kunne se hele denne enorme by med 17 mill indbyggere ! På gaderne var der indsamlingsstandere til fattige, børn og ældre.... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran September 29th 2013

I tried to visit Masuleh the last time I was in Iran but a serious traffic accident put paid to that so this time I am going to get there. It is a long day trip through some beautiful country which is saying something because Iran is often an ugly environmental disaster, unfortunately even the pretty mountains around Masuleh are tainted with rubbish where ever you look. I had a sleepless night so I spent most of the trip to Rasht dozing, with the madness on the roads here believe me it was a blessing. We stopped briefly for tea at Fumen before heading on to the pretty mountain town, as with Kandovan people still live here so it was pleasant to wander the village while people went about their daily business. It was also amusing ... read more
The village covers the mountainside
One of the villages lovely houses
More of this lovely mountain village

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran » Tehran September 27th 2013

Iran Wednesday 25 September: All morning spent travelling. Picked up at hotel and taken to the airport in Istanbul. Check-in, Immigration no problems – smooth as. After that – well I won’t complain about Sydney International Terminal again. The arrivals area is friendly and airy, the people helpful. Sort of the opposite in the departure area. People (shop assistants in Duty Free) less than helpful and give erroneous advice. Would you believe that there is only one ATM in the whole departure area at Ataturk International Airport and that is hidden away in the HSBC VIP lounge. Doesn’t dispense USD – only TL, Euros and GBP. Had to withdraw in Euros. The Flight I was on was Turkish Airlines TK 0870 and was code share with Iran Air. The departure board... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran September 27th 2013

Today I visited the Cappadocia like fairy chimneys at Kandovan, the main differences between the two sites is that in Kandovan people still live in these dwellings, the town is smaller and not really set up for tourists, still it was a pleasant place to visit. Next it was a long drive through dull unattractive landscape and towns to Takab the closest destination with a decent hotel to Tahkt e Solieman or in English the Throne of Soliman which I will visit in the morning. I went for a walk looking for some dinner when I was approached by a young English student who wanted to chat, the next thing I knew I was in his class meeting his teacher, luckily it was women's night or I would have ended up taking the class. Eventually I ... read more
A panorama of the whole village
A unique and pretty village
This old man is riding his donkey to the next village

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran October 6th 2011

We started from Tabriz in the morning of the 18. September in direction to Tehran. We were happy when we were out of the very stinky exhaust gases of the cars. The highway went through somewhere of nowhere and it was quite seldom, that we crossed a village, or even town. Even to get a petrol station or little shops to get some water and food was not so easy.But we have survived :) But the scenery was amazing, the dry mountains around us! One evening we stayed at a truck stop. The cook could speak very bad English but we think that he was a soldier in the Iran-Irak war. He was quite fanatic. He always made some signs as to shoot at somebody and made "Rat-tat-tat". We didnt feel very comfortable at him. He ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran January 16th 2011

SJan16 – Yek Shanbe Got a good night’s sleep – as far as I remember – and up early as a result. I take advantage of the metro, walking west along Taleghani to Moffateh St. to get the Taleghani Station and I casually make my way to Behest-e Zahara cemetery where most Tehranians or Iranians are buried, including those killed in the 1980-88 Irag-Iran war. First, I visit the Holy Shrine of Imam Khomeini. The Shrine is not a particularly pretty site to visit but I try to make the best of a bad thing. I enter a Mosque for the very first time (first ever as a Muslim, sshhh?). I take off my shoes, check in both Canon cameras, but not the iPhone, which they allow everyone to retain. I walk around and am actually ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran January 15th 2011

SatJan15 – Shanbe Well, I will keep the long details out of this day’s events. Suffice to say, I went terribly awry picking Reza to be my CS host. I will be much more careful in future. Consequence of this mistake was one long wasted Shanbe in Tehran. One thing of real value learned this day was how to grapple with taxi drivers over fares; the other was how to make use of the Tehran metro. This is clearly the cheapest means of getting around and it costs only about $1 per trip!!! Why use a taxi, except perhaps when lost? With ease of travelling with the metro now in hand, I make my way to the Bazaari district and then on to Golestan Palace; unfortunately, while this is a cheap tourist site, only 33,000IRR, the ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Middle East » Iran » North » Tehran January 13th 2011

Most of yesterday involved taking it easy and/or getting ready for the next leg of this trip -- Tehran! I think this will be the most difficult part of this holiday, but I am optimistic nonetheless. I arrive in Tehran Jan 13 (Thurs) – panj shanbe at 4:00am -- and, fortunately for me, my pick-up has been arranged, for what could only have been otherwise described as a 'most' difficult task -- imagine, travelling into 15 million population city, to the downtown, alone, in the middle of the night to the Hotel Atlas. (Read later blogs to get more on just how difficult getting to the Atlas can actually be for a tourist, even when I am from one part of the city to another in Tehran.). Luckily for me, Elham D. is waiting to deliver ... read more
Old Theatre and Chaykhaneh

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