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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire March 22nd 2019

We woke early. The 100 plot site was deathly quiet. Even our neighbour had sneaked out early without disturbing us. We were going to spend a different sort of day today. Not a castle in sight. We were going to spend it amongst the flowers. Well that was the plan. We dropped our key off and said our farewells to the warden. She wished us a good journey and hoped we would return. To be fair we need to return. There is still much to see and we are on limited time. A rare gap between the working week. Before we left we took the opportunity to empty Gabbys grey water. We were shocked to see the gauge which measured full. When had we last emptied it? We couldn't remember? We had tried at Southport and ... read more
An intense colour that I wish I had in my garden
Arum Lilies in the glasshouse
Australia and the bottle brush

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Laugharne March 22nd 2019

Gabby the motorhome is parked in a quiet corner of the foreshore at Laugharne. Out of her windows we can see the sea lapping at our feet and the castle guarding over us. It is a lovely spot that we found after negotiating the narrow streets down to the edge of the town. The car park is fairly small and for a Sunday quite full. We can park all day for nothing. At night though we read the dreaded words "NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING!" I wonder what harm a few of us would do camping aire style as if in Europe. We could buy an ice cream, perhaps go for a coffee at a cafe or spend a few pounds in a local restuarant. Laugharne reminds me of any Celtic village. It could almost be Brittany or ... read more
The simple grave
The writing shed
Inside the writing shed

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Carmarthen April 12th 2017

Woolly says – I kept a fearful eye on the gloomy clouds above as my paws clung onto the dashboard. I’d planned everything, the snacks, the route, the snacks, the entry times, the snacks, but the weather was threatening to ruin my plans. On my quest to find things floral in Wales I had decided that the National Botanic Gardens of Wales should have plenty to offer. The Middleton Estate had a long and rich history spanning over 400 years, from its creation in the early 1600s by Christopher Middleton, Vicar of Llanarthne, to its current reincarnation as the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Built in the grounds of the Middleton Estate, the gardens were started in the mid 1990’s from a former design of Sir William Paxton. As we bumped into the car park I ... read more
It's HUGE!
Last of the bulbs

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Kidwelly March 22nd 2017

Woolly says – the windy lanes took us further and further from the winds of Aberystwyth and firmly into the uncharted territories of South Wales and our home for the next six months. The bright yellow daffodils waved as we flashed past, the lambs bounced across the fields and Jo seemed to be driving on the wrong side of the road! It seems to be tricky remembering which side to drive on but the hour and a half journey on small lanes didn’t help much. Woolly says – Having stopped to gather supplies for a few days we were finally approaching Tanylan Farm and my new job as Woolly the Warden, after a warm welcome from the owners and having unpacked my belongings I was eager to set forth and explore, the women however were still ... read more
Heading into the gatehouse
Catching sight of the church
Hmmmm now how can I get to the money!

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Carmarthen September 13th 2016

Geo: 51.8564, -4.31054We left the Manor House after a comfortable night in the attic and headed for the hills. We went from Crickhowell to Brecon to Libanum where we went for a ramble on the moors. Earl and Ken, there were lots of sheep and some pretty yellow flowers, we have got some seeds to bring home for you to plant on the farms. The national park has roads and villages all through it and plenty of people exploring. There were little tracks cut through the bracken. Very different to the national parks in New Zealand.We carried on to the National Wool museum (surprise surprise). It was an old woollen mill at on the Cambrian mountain range with all the machinery still in pace and used for demonstrations. Unfortunately there were none today and they wouldn't ... read more
Sheeps on Brecon Beacons
Pretty Yellow Flowers
A Grown-up Spinning Wheel

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Ammanford August 18th 2016

Another reasonable day of weather ahead before it all turns to custard overnight. There are prospects for the weather then clearing tomorrow from around midday. So we will head off to the Brecon Beacons today in the hope that we can find a trail and do some hiking. While we are out and about we plan to get as far as Talgarth a town we heard about on a TV programme a year or so ago. The town was in need of some rejuvenation and the community applied to the Lottery Grant Commission and received enough money to repair a rather dilapidated building that had been a flour mill with a water mill and also built a cafe which serves bread, scones etc using flour from the mill. So we thought we would go and see ... read more
Only building remains where lime was mined,Black Hills
Sealed off lime mine
Some Welsh lamb on the hoof

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Ammanford August 17th 2016

Who the heck are Eddie Stobart and Arnold Clark? They have been following us around Europe and the UK since the BBA V3 started in March.. If you know who they are then OK, otherwise more about them later. We have survived the second night on the BBA V3’s worst and hardest bed. But only just! OK ,you will say if you pay 45 quid a night in Blackpool at the height of the English summer this is what you get. And you would probably be right. We knew the ‘cosy apartment ‘would be small as the dimensions were given on the webpage when we booked but they didn’t say anything about the bed. In fact there hadn’t been any recent comments from previous guests about just how hard the bed was! Perhaps the English ... read more
The kitchen and lounge,Blackpool 'cosy apartment' and that is about it
The rear of the apartment building and the driveway to the car park,Blackpool
Lindisfarne Holiday Apartments,Blackpool

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire September 16th 2014

Hi all! Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, but I couldn't get the wifi here to work, but figured it out this morning, so we're good to go. The drive to Wales was a bit hairy at first, but I finally figured out the three-lane highway system. The far left lane is for the really slow drivers (under 65 mph). The middle lane is 65 to 75 mph, and the 'fast' lane is everything over 100. Pretty much sums that up. Thanks to the GPS lady, I found my new destination easily. It is up in the hills of Wales. Beautiful, beautiful Wales. Very green, lots of plants (they are ALWAYS mowing the sides of the roads here. They even have this huge machine that mows tall bushes. Pretty interesting) and lots of sheep....everywhere. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Carmarthen August 27th 2014

Wales 2012 I ventured into something new for this trip. A working holiday, as it was my first, I didn't go very far lol. I simply jumped onto a direct train from London King'sCross to Cardiff, from there it wasn't that far. My job on this holiday was to care for a pack of 13 dogs on Pen Parc Farm (mostly malamutes). Walking, cleaning, feeding and playing with them for 2 weeks straight :) it was tougher then it sounds due to their size and strength but a lot of fun and exercise. I learned from the whole experience. A good start to my working holiday adventures.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire October 30th 2012

Left London on train and arrived in Cardiff last night. Very nice guesthouse - Church's Guesthouse - with a very nice looking young man as the manager who talks a mile a minute. Very attentive to our needs and wants to be sure we're happy. Haven't even paid the bill yet. Guess they do that when we check out Friday. Today we went on a tour "Mines & Mountains." Went down into an old coal mine (Big Pit) 300' into the dark. Had to put on hard hats and head lamps. Damp, wet, dark, slippery and sometimes low beams that you had to bend down to get under. Was definitely an experience, but it's one of those "done that - not again." Then we started driving through "Brecon Beacons National Park" which is 519 miles ... read more

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