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Hello 😊
I’m new at blogging but I felt it about time to put all my adventures and travels into one place . Can’t wait to experience even more and gain more amazing memories.
Travelling is a fairly new addiction for me. I’m from London originally and growing up, I would travel to Ireland every year to visit relatives. However that entailed a very long drive to Fishguard ferry port in Wales, in an over packed car with bickering family members. That’s not to bad you might say, except I suffer from car sickness and after about 2 hours it became a type of seemingly endless torture.
Then there came the ferry ride, anyone who’s been on the Irish sea will know the word “choppy” just doesn’t quite cut it and yes, yes of course I also suffer badly from seasickness.
Overall you could say, that travelling was never something I really looked forward to, you might even say it was something I dreaded and I’d feel my stomach turn whenever it was so much as mentioned.

So yes, my love for travel isn’t something that’s always been within me, it’s something developed slowly and grown inside myself in the past 5 years, as I’ve put my fears behind me and experienced the wonders of arriving somewhere that’s like a whole new world.
My first taste of this was when I found myself in Tokyo, Japan. The one place in the world I’d always wanted to visit since before I can remember. I decided one day that my life had gotten stale and I needed a big change. I looked online at a faraway land and took my first step into the wonderful world of adventure. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Europe » Portugal » Algarve November 28th 2014

Portugal 2014 Our last trip of the year, 8 days in the Algarve. We stayed in Portimão, about an hours drive from Faro airport if you avoid the toll roads, we hired a car for a change as it simply worked out easier to do so (driving on the right was rather weird for the first few hours lol) We were very off season so alot of places were closed but it also meant that we had whole beaches to ourselves pretty much everyday and we got plenty of attention at bars/cafes and plenty of good deals and offers and even some free shots at bars who were without any customers during this period :) one of the best ones was the Irish Rover in Portimao, there were loads of Irish bars around but this was ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge September 2nd 2014

Stonehenge 2014 I finally took a roadtrip to see Stonehenge. You'd think since I was born and raised in London I would have seen this important historical monument already. But no, unfortunatly it was just never something I got around to, well until now at least! ;) I'd very much recommend pre-booking your ticket before you go there, because the queue for those who didn't was way too long (though it did seem to moving fairly quickly). On arrival you get given a little audio device you can listen to at your own leisure. Seemed to me that alot of people didn't bother with it but the information was actaully really interesting, hearing all about what's known and unknown about the the stones was fascinating :) There's a few other other things to see around here ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Mitchelstown August 31st 2014

Ireland 2014 Another short trip to visit family in Ireland. We were pleasantly surprised by the nice weather, it was July but it didn't look go when we checked before our flight so the sunshine was a bonus. Stayed in the small town Mitchelstown again, nothing new here, though we did find a lovely cafe/bakery called O'Callaghan's, they make everything fresh and it's the only place in town that makes a real cup of coffee (instead of a button machine that just spits it out). It's surprisingly spacious once inside and great for lunch and good cappuccinos :) During this trip, we decided to take advantage of the good weather and the fact that we were so close to the Galtee mountains and woodlands. So we went for long walks around them, doing the Glengarra woods ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire August 30th 2014

Hertfordshire Ok this one isn't really a trip, as this is the area I currently live in, at first I thought I'd write a blog about London as I'm from there and often go there (only about 20min.s away from where I live), but after doing a quick search I noticed that almost no one had writen anything about my area, which is a shame as there's plently of hidden gems dotted around. I'll list of some of the towns in this area I like to visit and what's a good thing to see or do there :) Hatfield - it's main attraction would be Hatfield House. A massive, impressive mansion that Henry VIII's children lived in their youths. A beautiful place, with an armoury and chapel surrounded by huge fancy gardens, farms, woodland walks etc. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » Palma August 30th 2014

Palma de Mallorca 2014 This trip was something different for me, I went on it with just my dad, that wasn't the original plan, he was meant to go with his partner but in the end she couldnt make it and the place was offered to me ;) and who could say no to that? We hired a car, so pretty much travelled all the island in the week. Driving on the other side of the road was fine but going around a round-a-bout the wrong way is very strange! haha ~ its like your brain tells you not to do it :p We got used to it after a few days, though I still often opened the wrong door and accidently sat behind the wheel lol oops ;) We stayed in a lovely hotel in ... read more

Middle East » Cyprus » Paphos August 29th 2014

Cyprus 2014 A february trip to Cyprus, we stayed in the Coralbay area. The area had alot of new, big, half built houses. Just left abandoned, some with fulled fitted kitchens or bathrooms. Just sitting there in rows, left completely open and unfinished. It would seem the area was doing well with alot of new places being built before the economy crashed, now they're all just empty shells of houses sitting there, its sad really. Anyway the hotel had a great supermarket right across the street which was handy and the local shops and attractions were all walking distance. It being february though quite a few places were closed simply for being out of season, but we found this to our benefit most days, as the off season meant we would wander down to a beach ... read more

Europe » France » Limousin » Limoges August 28th 2014

France 2013 My second venture into working holidays, abit braver this time, travelled to France to stay with a host family for 2 weeks :) The work mostly involved looking after their horses, ponies and dogs. In return I got a free place to stay, free food and when there was time a car ride to another town for some site seeing. I'd never dealt with horses or ponies before so I learned alot, it was pretty tough work but the weather was gorgeous so I didnt mind being out on the farm all day, plus once you got it done the day was yours to do whatever you pleased. The local bakery was amazing, I've never eaten so many macaroons but they were just too good :D This certainly isnt something for someone who just ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 28th 2014

Italy 2013 An amazing holiday, totally loved it here. We stayed in a hotel just outside Rome, only a short train trip away in the EuroGarden Hotel, a pretty place in a small town, which was perfect for us as we could just hop off at any random train stop and explore the less visited areas. Not that we had much time to do that, Rome itself is jam packed with things to do and see, everyday we'd be out wandering about from morning til last train back. I should warn you though, there is alot of people out trying to scam you here :( the usual one is all the people offering you a free rose and then tell you its bad luck to just have one and insist you take another for a fee ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork August 28th 2014

Ireland 2012 A quick trip to Ireland to visit relatives during Halloween. My mother lives in co.Cork, so we stayed with her for just over a week in the small town called Mitchelstown. Not alot to do there, pubs are the only real source of entertainment, but theres enough packed in there that we pretty much tried a different one every night. Just outside the town however are the Mitchelstown Caves, which are well worth a visit if you can find them (you need to drive along little narrow bendy lanes and the signs for it arent great), they do guided tours through the day so you can just turn up and buy a ticket. The weather was horribly cold at this time of year though and we even ended up needing to buy thermol socks ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Carmarthenshire » Carmarthen August 27th 2014

Wales 2012 I ventured into something new for this trip. A working holiday, as it was my first, I didn't go very far lol. I simply jumped onto a direct train from London King'sCross to Cardiff, from there it wasn't that far. My job on this holiday was to care for a pack of 13 dogs on Pen Parc Farm (mostly malamutes). Walking, cleaning, feeding and playing with them for 2 weeks straight :) it was tougher then it sounds due to their size and strength but a lot of fun and exercise. I learned from the whole experience. A good start to my working holiday adventures.... read more

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